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    Re: Watch Norwich

    all ok for me -as indeed is the game!!


  2. rock bus

    Re: Watch Norwich

    and me please!


  3. rock bus

    Jackson starts

    Apart from "the miss" I think he has done well -some nice touches and works by being a very different player to Holt -Bristol defenders have to deal with both types of threat
  4. rock bus

    Jackson starts

    No striker on the bench just shows where we are short

    Only MacNamee on bench to allow any real change in attack

    Lets hope nothing happens to Holt

  5. rock bus

    barnsley thread

    anyone else tempted to click "to see the rest" just to round off a great afternoon!!
  6. rock bus

    barnsley thread

    stream working fine -but not sure how many russian wives Ive ordered
  7. rock bus

    Our luck has finally ran out.

    Maybe not completely -Preston last minute equaliser v forest
  8. rock bus

    Lansbury's Celebration

    Fact is that most of the best players (at least in more recent history before someone starts giving back in the day examples!) has some form of arrogance about them.

    Its that air of self confidence which means they are willing to try things that others arent,

    In my opinion this streak just needs to be harnessed in the right way but not surpressed (our own Chris Martin is a good example of the need and difficulty in doing this)
  9. rock bus


    Through work I went to the Leicester v Milwall game today and have to admit Yakubu looked very good.

    Heard rumours he was over weight and not match fit. Fact is he just has an air of quality about him and is clearly too good for the championship.

    Appears to be just one of those players who will scare the defence and score goals.

    Basically made what was a decent ish Leicester team look very good.

    Can definitely see them moving up the league with him leading the line.

    Must admit it did make me think the final piece of our jigsaw would be a similar player who can give us that ability to kill a game off with one goal (although were not exactly doing too bad at the moment!!!)
  10. rock bus

    Askou Sent Off!

    By co incidence I was at the Leicester game today (invited via work)

    I therefore spent a lot of the time watching Askou

    Couple of points for me

    Sending off was a bit unlucky, it was a poor challenge but not really a straight red- that was more the case of ref trying to balance out having awarded two penalties for Milwall and failing to give Leicester a clear penalty.

    In terms of Askous performance for me he just flatters to deceive. He didnt really do anyhting wrong and was not at fault really for any of the goals. In many ways that is the point - he really doesnt get involved in the game. He just tends to " hover" around taking the right sort of positions but not actually getting stuck in.

    I suppose it could be argued that this is just due to lack of games and therefore he is not up to match speed but I wasnt at all convinced by him (and I wanted to support him today)

    On the whole it is quite clear that he is rightly down the pecking order against our other centre backs

    On a final issue - Leicester looked ok but more worryingly Yakubu looked like the bit of class that could make an average team get some very good results. He has a quality above most other championship players and will score some goals
  11. Overall a really good performance and we probably deserved more

    Have to say Russel Martin is a real hero!
  12. rock bus

    Going for it...

    As much as I would love us to "go for it" but we have to be realistic - we just dont have the money

    I know that with 2 or 3 real quality signings we have a real chance of winning this league BUT sadly we dont have the £2/3m + that would cost

    We have to just build on the team spirit and fight which just might be enough
  13. Commented before the game if Lambert is willing to risk Whitbread ahead of JBA when he has no match fitness/experience for months it says it all

    JBA might as well go home today and start packing. This shows how far we have come in the last season as he looked class when he first came but is now nowhere good enough to be in the team
  14. Amazing result today given players out - also strange that Nelson and Whitbread keep clean sheet unlike the "messiahs" Barnett and Ward have done -thoughts?

    Like most would rate the latter pair as the classier/reliable players but this is now up to debate.

    Only listened on radio but appears excellent performance from Nelson and Whitbread today especially when you consider lack of match practice.

    I say these two to continue until it ''goes wrong''
  15. rock bus

    Team news & Match Thread

    Amazing result given players out - also strange that Nelson and Whitbread keep clean sheet unlike the "messiahs" Barnett and Ward have done -thoughts?
  16. rock bus

    Team news & Match Thread

    How tense BUT a fantastic result -what a start to 2011
  17. rock bus

    Team news & Match Thread

    All far to nervy now - fans and players
  18. rock bus

    Team news & Match Thread

    very very good start -need to keep this up
  19. rock bus

    Team news & Match Thread

    Think its pretty safe to say that Lambert really doesnt rate Askou!

    Whitbread has been out for how long and yet still goes in ahead of Askou. If I was Askou i''d be packing my cases now!
  20. rock bus

    Its all going wrong, or not

    Its funny how you can use statistics to look at it both ways

    on the one hand thats only 1 win in 8 or alternatively we are on a 4 match unbeaten run!!

    Overall, the way I see it is - if at the start of the season I was told this is where we would be at this stage Id have taken it
  21. rock bus

    Favourite Players

    I think the best thing about this post is that we actually have a choice!!

    Going back a couple of years ago we just about had 5 players we actually owned on the pitch and most of them werent favourites!

    For me its

    1) C Martin -home grown and Quality (and I like his arogance!)

    2) Grant Holt - a battler and goal scorer

    3) Hoolahan -bit of class

    4) K Smith- 100%

    5) Croft - way he has risen to challenge of Championship and contributed to our great start
  22. rock bus

    N & P Stand

    Sorry for those who defended the N &P in this thread earlier but must admit the atmosphere (or lack of) was appaling on Saturday

    I know the dire game and performance wouldnt of helped but even at the start and during the post match celebrations it was so flat.

    Made even more dissapointing by having to sit and watch all the fun in the Barclay opposite.

    Must admit will only ever sit their again if I cant find anywhere else in the ground
  23. rock bus

    Damp squib!

    Must admit I agree with OP

    I know we were already champions but the game meant a lot to me.

    Was the first time I took my son to a game and involved a 6 hour round trip.

    Given my son is 4 and had been looking forward to seeing his first football it would have been nice to at least see the players make an effort.

    Never mind guess it will just prepare my son for the joys of being a norwich fan
  24. rock bus

    N & P Stand

    Unfortunately I only go to the occasional game and must admit I normally opt for the Barclay

    However this Saturday I''ll be in the N &P stand and will be singing. Its a monumental day for me -not because of promotion but will be the first time I take my 4 year old son to a game

    So what ever the rest of the stand is doing I''ll be cheering as a proud dad!!
  25. rock bus

    Anyone listening to Canary Call?

    Live in Leamington myself and must say sun has never seem brighter!