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  1. Commented before the game if Lambert is willing to risk Whitbread ahead of JBA when he has no match fitness/experience for months it says it all

    JBA might as well go home today and start packing. This shows how far we have come in the last season as he looked class when he first came but is now nowhere good enough to be in the team
  2. Amazing result today given players out - also strange that Nelson and Whitbread keep clean sheet unlike the "messiahs" Barnett and Ward have done -thoughts?

    Like most would rate the latter pair as the classier/reliable players but this is now up to debate.

    Only listened on radio but appears excellent performance from Nelson and Whitbread today especially when you consider lack of match practice.

    I say these two to continue until it ''goes wrong''
  3. rock bus

    Team news & Match Thread

    Amazing result given players out - also strange that Nelson and Whitbread keep clean sheet unlike the "messiahs" Barnett and Ward have done -thoughts?
  4. rock bus

    Team news & Match Thread

    How tense BUT a fantastic result -what a start to 2011
  5. rock bus

    Team news & Match Thread

    All far to nervy now - fans and players
  6. rock bus

    Team news & Match Thread

    very very good start -need to keep this up
  7. rock bus

    Team news & Match Thread

    Think its pretty safe to say that Lambert really doesnt rate Askou!

    Whitbread has been out for how long and yet still goes in ahead of Askou. If I was Askou i''d be packing my cases now!
  8. rock bus

    Its all going wrong, or not

    Its funny how you can use statistics to look at it both ways

    on the one hand thats only 1 win in 8 or alternatively we are on a 4 match unbeaten run!!

    Overall, the way I see it is - if at the start of the season I was told this is where we would be at this stage Id have taken it
  9. rock bus

    Favourite Players

    I think the best thing about this post is that we actually have a choice!!

    Going back a couple of years ago we just about had 5 players we actually owned on the pitch and most of them werent favourites!

    For me its

    1) C Martin -home grown and Quality (and I like his arogance!)

    2) Grant Holt - a battler and goal scorer

    3) Hoolahan -bit of class

    4) K Smith- 100%

    5) Croft - way he has risen to challenge of Championship and contributed to our great start
  10. rock bus

    N & P Stand

    Sorry for those who defended the N &P in this thread earlier but must admit the atmosphere (or lack of) was appaling on Saturday

    I know the dire game and performance wouldnt of helped but even at the start and during the post match celebrations it was so flat.

    Made even more dissapointing by having to sit and watch all the fun in the Barclay opposite.

    Must admit will only ever sit their again if I cant find anywhere else in the ground
  11. rock bus

    Damp squib!

    Must admit I agree with OP

    I know we were already champions but the game meant a lot to me.

    Was the first time I took my son to a game and involved a 6 hour round trip.

    Given my son is 4 and had been looking forward to seeing his first football it would have been nice to at least see the players make an effort.

    Never mind guess it will just prepare my son for the joys of being a norwich fan
  12. rock bus

    N & P Stand

    Unfortunately I only go to the occasional game and must admit I normally opt for the Barclay

    However this Saturday I''ll be in the N &P stand and will be singing. Its a monumental day for me -not because of promotion but will be the first time I take my 4 year old son to a game

    So what ever the rest of the stand is doing I''ll be cheering as a proud dad!!
  13. rock bus

    Anyone listening to Canary Call?

    Live in Leamington myself and must say sun has never seem brighter!
  14. still a good result for us and we cant really complain about last minute goals
  15. Fair comment Rudolph

    But my argument is that Hughes would be replaced by Smith anyhow

    Agree Hughes was poor but he apparently has quality and if he was given a run of games in a wider postion and not central he may offer something. Seems too weak/light weight for central midfield to me

  16. Ive always liked Lappin -as much for his integrity and passion as well as skill

    But it has to be said we played well without him tonight

    Gives more support to the proposal of replacing him with McNamee or Hughes (although wasnt that impressed with him tonight) especially if we have Smith for the fighting spirit

  17. rock bus


    Agree with Drury

    He really is a totally quality player

    One question -Did we even miss Lappin?

  18. Shame to see Chris Martin on the bench

    Rate him higher than Elliot -but guess Lambert knows best

  19. rock bus

    Re: Anyone know what these mean yet?

    Expect it would be easier just to PM everyone on here!


    But ...if you could send to me as well would appreciate it -cheers

  20. rock bus

    Unofficial Match Thread!

    chris martin -man of the match!!

    great strategy by Lambert winding Martin up!

  21. link 2 very judder for me -which is everyone else finding best??
  22. rock bus

    Unofficial Match Thread!

    can someone pm me the stream link -spent 30 mins trying to find??