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  1. Ive always liked Lappin -as much for his integrity and passion as well as skill

    But it has to be said we played well without him tonight

    Gives more support to the proposal of replacing him with McNamee or Hughes (although wasnt that impressed with him tonight) especially if we have Smith for the fighting spirit

  2. rock bus


    Agree with Drury

    He really is a totally quality player

    One question -Did we even miss Lappin?

  3. Shame to see Chris Martin on the bench

    Rate him higher than Elliot -but guess Lambert knows best

  4. rock bus

    Re: Anyone know what these mean yet?

    Expect it would be easier just to PM everyone on here!


    But ...if you could send to me as well would appreciate it -cheers

  5. rock bus

    Unofficial Match Thread!

    chris martin -man of the match!!

    great strategy by Lambert winding Martin up!

  6. link 2 very judder for me -which is everyone else finding best??
  7. rock bus

    Unofficial Match Thread!

    can someone pm me the stream link -spent 30 mins trying to find??