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  1. must admit i am also getting q bit frustrated with the number of changes, a couple is fine but 4 or 5 every game is too much. this is particularly true when there have been no new injuries Also tends to suggest we are now changing things for the opposition rather than taking the initiative against teams
  2. just feel the diamond is totally reliant on hoolahan great if he is on from but if its one of those days when things dont work for him we struggle
  3. must admit, have some concerns and does look very cahmpionship like. i like the threat of both pilkington and bennet and woukd rather see them at the expense of crofts and dare i say it hoolahan having said that, put a lot more faith in lamberts judgement over mine!!
  4. not one to normally get involved in all this rumour/ conspiracy theories BUT ..... not only not in squad but also no comments on twitter from him tonight which is strange. pilks obviously loves twitter and after every game even when he is not involved there is some sort of well done lads comment tonight nothing but sure just coincidence ( or at least certainly hope so!!)
  5. am i the only one who is starting to question the faith being shown in hoolahan?
  6. im certainly not saying today was a bad result and agree we could all be over criticising BUT there is no doubt that some work still needs to be done its not all doom and gloom but reality is that we have a team built on courage and desire, a loss of confidence following a run of defeats could seriously affect this suggesting changes and need for improvement doesnt mean i dont still have faith in lambert and the team
  7. what concerns me is we seem to have lost faith and confidence in what is our best team and even formation. defence is just patched up with both barnett and martin. midfield we dont know which players (fox or crofts) and what system up front morrison is doing enough but can we get holt in same team as for hoolihan - its the same old question. i know he is great but im not convinced he still so good we can build the rest of the team and formation around him lambert needs to do some work and make some tough decisions to keep us in a good place going into next year
  8. agree arsenal fans giving a good account of themselves (on tv sound at least) fair play to them
  9. de laet missing from bench is odd one especially given everyone calling for his return
  10. holt back on the bench and crofts for bennett what do we think? shame for holt but i think its the right decision. we were far too open v villa and cant afford to do that aginst arsenal wouldnt bet against holt coming on and scoring the winnet though!!
  11. I know not much of a chance but I am after a ticket for the away game at Man City and if possible in the Man City end!! I''ve been succesful in getting a ticket for the game but my brother is a Man City fan and they have apparently sold out (he thought he would get one with no issues - obviously under estimated the attraction of playing the mighty Canaries!!!! - or maybe loads of Norwich fans have bought them!) Its a long shot, but I know lots of fans will have missed out on Norwich tickets and bought in Manchester stands, so if anyone has a spare ticket then let me know (he will be safe to sit next to!) Cheers
  12. i was at the game and felt barnett was by far the weakest link. mistake for their goal was very bad and his distribution during the entire game was very poor. fact that martin who is playing out of position looked the better centre back says it all. de laet has now had time to settle so would give him another chance. agree re bennett as well, he was dissapointing today despite all the above still feel we have more than enough to compete in this league
  13. it was a cetainty bellamy would score still time to turn it around
  14. struggling to get a stream. relying on pink un coverage and twitter!
  15. last time i used a internet link computer picked up a bad virus so been reluctant this season anyone else have any issues with links?.
  16. ive got restricted view as well (block p10 row uu) -bit annoying really, especially as have got a family ticket so expect will be especially difficult for my young son also applied for another child ticket which i havent got so will lead to arguments in the house!!!!
  17. i think its the right decision. having achieved our first win they deserve the chance to go again- why change a winning team if it doesnt work, just use the subs and change it
  18. firstly im not johnsons biggest fan BUT i think he played well today true he doesnt have fantastic skill but he gives us some bite and aggression which we need in the team i think he played much better than crofts today. for me its johnson or crofts with. fox depending on opposition. hoolahan should be first name on team sheet as he is our only real class player. i think he should always start and then if its one of those days when its not working for him (as happens) then bring him off
  19. i dont see an issue with johnson. hes no ronaldo but without him we would be very light weight and even wba would of steamed all over us
  20. absolutely fantastic rudd, well done lad!!!
  21. am i the onlyperson on here who thinks martin is a good player??? i think lots of people miss the little knocks and lay offs he makes to keep us going forward johnson and tierney have also impressed more than i expected so far
  22. more worryingly i understand no sub goalie. have total respect for lambert but if true this is a huge and unnecessary risk surely even a youth gk would be better than an outfield player should rudd get injured or sent off big big risk
  23. Hi I live in leamington in Warwickshire Would be good if there was a group for meeting up/sharing lifts Not that I''ve got any chance of getting a ticket!!!
  24. If this is true Surely there must be a way of viewing over Internet??? On related subject is there a way of getting radio Norfolk through an app so it doesn''t cut out when commentary starts like it does on BBC player
  25. Know we will all be too busy celebrating and getting pixxed but just thought I''d mention his post match interview Really garcious in defeat and way he spoke about Delia suggested may be he''s been interviewed before?!?! He came across as a real 1st class gent so well done to him Ok enough sentiment back to the beer - we are premier league!!!!!!
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