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  1. rock bus

    Scrap goal music at Carrow Road

    Probably have no right to comment as unfortunately as I dont live in the area I only go to a few home games a year but must admit I like the music and I think it helps to prolong the goal celebration.

    Most importantly from a personal perspective it has now become a sound that me and my kids assosciate with Norwich success. I cant count the number of times over the past few years we have had this blasting out at full volume as me and the kids dance around like idiots celebrating an important win.

    As said, however may be if I heard it every week I would be sick of it (although that would at least imply the team is doing well and scoring lots of goals!)

  2. rock bus

    "Villa – technically insolvent"

    I dont think there is any doubt Lambert would have been "assured" a large transfer budget and you would expect it must have been larger than we proposed.

    However, as I''m sure we all know, hearing one thing in an "interview" or from a new employer can be very different to the reality of the situation.

    One thing I am pretty sure of is that if Lambert has in someway been duped by Villa and the transfer funds are not made available he will be out of there quicker than you can say "its amazing what weve achieved over the past 3 weeks!!"

  3. For me I think we now have the best opportunity to resolve this matter and hopefully keep Holt.

    Hughton can now speak to Holt and (unfortunately) his agent and address what ever the problem is and hopefully reach an agreement. The fact that Houghton is a "new party" to discussions will allow both Holt and McNally to move on their positions without losing face i.e. McNally can justify on the basis that he wanted to be as flexible as possilbe to assist the new Manager and Holt can be flexible on the basis he liked what Hughton said and was keen to work with him.

    Potentially  a win/win and despite current feelings I am sure the majority of fans will be pleased if Holt stays and the remaining will forget about it once a couple of goals go in.

    If this doesnt happen then we will have to move on and go again ;) with a new striker!

  4. No one able to confirm or care?!?
  5. rock bus

    Lambert < Lambert with Culverhouse.

    Throwing another angle on this

    What if Lambert is interested in the Villa job and then chats this through with Culverhouse who says he is not prepared to leave Norwich for Villa - given the bond between the two may be this could lead to Lambert seeing the light and deciding to stay put

  6. Apologies if I''ve got this wrong but sure I read before yesterdays game that we had not won a Permier league game on a Sunday?

    If so again another ghost laid to bed by Lambert and the team. Also worth noting another clean sheet and with no Whitbread so overall a great end to what has been a fantastic season.One which has made me very proud to be a Norwich fan

    Also apologies for starting a thread highlighting something else which is a positive rather than spending my time just focusing on if he or wont he leave ;)


  7. My brother is a Man city fan so i have been telling him that if they win the title he has us to thank!!

    might as well try and share a bit of the glory with him;)
  8. rock bus

    Elliott Ward

    I live near Coventry and when the rumours started about Ward joining I asked some of my cov supporting mates what they thought.

    the over whelming opinion was that he was a decent defender BUT he thought he was better than he really is. Many mentioned that rather than doing the simple thing he would always over elaberate which too often resulted in a mistake or error which inevitably caused a chance or goal.

    It would appear they were right, although having said that we have done a lot better with him than they have done without him so cant be that bad!
  9. rock bus

    Safe today?

    know i am panicking for no reason BUT just checked fixtures for next week and all the teams near bottom who can catch us have relatively easy games

    3 points needed tonight so can calm down and celebrate!!
  10. rock bus

    It's no coincidence....

    reallly wish we could all ignore idiotic post like this and leave it with no comments

    (says me posting a comment -doh!?!)
  11. am i dissapointed with the score.... too right i am - my brothers a man city fan so not great for family rivalry!!!

    But fact is we didnt deserve that scoreline, beginning of 2nd half we were very impressive and at 2-1 looked the better team. this is against a multi multi million pound opposition

    so yes dissapointed at score line but not the team

    theyve done me proud all season
  12. rock bus

    Bennett finally has his goal!

    probably a REALLY good player as well as rally!!! doh
  13. rock bus

    Bennett finally has his goal!

    have been really impressed with Bennett this season, has shown a great deal of passion and commitment. He really deserved that goal and with this confidence boost could see him becoming a rally good player
  14. Like everone else I am a huge fan of Lambert and I am grateful for him making me proud to be a Norwich fan again

    But that doesnt mean he is beyond any sort of criticism. The way he changes things often works but I would still like to see an element of consitency within the team selection and formation. The players have all performed brilliantly this year but the defenders in particular are still not the type of truely class players who can comfortably shift formations this easily.

    Although still wouldnt bet against a Lambert rollicking at half time and a famous come back!!!

  15. rock bus

    Where is Ryan Bennet

    pretty sure i read a quote from lambert which seemed to suggest that howson had done really well but that bennett was struggling to match the pace in training.

    in my opinion would not make sense to throw him in early as it could shatter his confidence. i would be happy to wait and give him a full pre season with the team
  16. rock bus

    stop changing the team!!

    must admit i am also getting q bit frustrated with the number of changes, a couple is fine but 4 or 5 every game is too much. this is particularly true when there have been no new injuries

    Also tends to suggest we are now changing things for the opposition rather than taking the initiative against teams
  17. rock bus

    Wigan team/match thread

    just feel the diamond is totally reliant on hoolahan

    great if he is on from but if its one of those days when things dont work for him we struggle

  18. rock bus

    Wigan team/match thread

    must admit, have some concerns and does look very cahmpionship like.

    i like the threat of both pilkington and bennet and woukd rather see them at the expense of crofts and dare i say it hoolahan

    having said that, put a lot more faith in lamberts judgement over mine!!
  19. rock bus

    Spurs want Pilkimgton

    not one to normally get involved in all this rumour/ conspiracy theories BUT .....

    not only not in squad but also no comments on twitter from him tonight which is strange. pilks obviously loves twitter and after every game even when he is not involved there is some sort of well done lads comment

    tonight nothing but sure just coincidence ( or at least certainly hope so!!)
  20. rock bus

    Fulham thread

    am i the only one who is starting to question the faith being shown in hoolahan?
  21. rock bus


    im certainly not saying today was a bad result and agree we could all be over criticising BUT there is no doubt that some work still needs to be done

    its not all doom and gloom but reality is that we have a team built on courage and desire, a loss of confidence following a run of defeats could seriously affect this

    suggesting changes and need for improvement doesnt mean i dont still have faith in lambert and the team
  22. rock bus


    what concerns me is we seem to have lost faith and confidence in what is our best team and even formation. defence is just patched up with both barnett and martin. midfield we dont know which players (fox or crofts) and what system

    up front morrison is doing enough but can we get holt in same team

    as for hoolihan - its the same old question. i know he is great but im not convinced he still so good we can build the rest of the team and formation around him

    lambert needs to do some work and make some tough decisions to keep us in a good place going into next year

  23. rock bus

    Arsenal - 4-4-1-1?

    agree arsenal fans giving a good account of themselves (on tv sound at least)

    fair play to them

  24. rock bus

    team v arsenal

    de laet missing from bench is odd one especially given everyone calling for his return
  25. rock bus

    team v arsenal

    holt back on the bench and crofts for bennett

    what do we think?

    shame for holt but i think its the right decision. we were far too open v villa and cant afford to do that aginst arsenal

    wouldnt bet against holt coming on and scoring the winnet though!!