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  1. In this really a serious suggestion? Why would we sack hughton and replace him with someone who has just been sacked by a championship team and never managed in the premier league?!?! What is there to suggest he would be better than hughton other than the fact his dad was a great manager?
  2. [quote user="norfolkbroadslim"]If Lambert ''masterminded'' this comeback, you''d all be creaming yourselves!!! [;)] [/quote] Best comment of the night!
  3. Does it go to penalties?!? No snodgrass, so bets on bunn snatching the ball off hooper for the final one!! Although joking aside does it??
  4. Ok, still not a great performance But does this put to bed the rumours hughton has loss the dressing room?? Players have at least kept going to the end and surely wouldn''t have if they also wanted him out??
  5. Hughtons yellow and green army!!! Get in hooper!!!
  6. Regardless of any concerns I have over hughton, I still want us to win this
  7. Spartacus. You''re right it''s the lack of faith which is now the problem. Hughton certainly seems to have lost the fans faith and I am not sure about the players
  8. I''ve used photon so allows flash player browser Can be a bit hit and miss but eventually get a stream
  9. Would have agreed Pilks one of first on team sheet but he is going to have one hell of a job getting the starting spot off Redmond Unbelievably could be better targeting snod grass!! Great to see genuine competition for places
  10. Not worried about RVWs work rate. He is clearly a natural goal scorer we just need to get it to him in the right areas. As much as I loved Holt and his work rate, used to be so frustrating seeing him battling all over the place but then had no one in the box
  11. Out of interest, how come some post on here rather than live feed Or do we all do both??
  12. Strenght of squad is now shown by bench Agree would be good to see Olson on there but who then misses out?? Doesn''t bode well for Becchio when hooper is back
  13. Absolutely gutted, been a hero to me and my kids. However, have to concede, time is probably right and he leaves as a great . Best of luck Holt and lets hope McNally can work on getting some new heroes in OTBC
  14. Suppose that appears a fair comment, but if you ask my wife what sort of mood ive been in for the last few weeks you would know how much Norwich means to me Anyhow call me a plastic as much as you like, i''m in too good a mood to argue :)
  15. Just got tickets for me and two kids, bloody expensive but couldnt resist Didnt want to get before today as couldnt face us being a bad luck omen and the kids see us being relegated Now, its party time!!!!
  16. To be fair villa are doing very well, but come on chelsea!! Draw here and no benteke for final game is bad news for us
  17. I am not so sure Lambert would like to send us down. Been a lot of bad blood but we really gave him the reputation which he will now build his whole career on. Most importantly he is a stubborn winner and just doesnt like losing!
  18. Please No!!! I remember when darel russel scored that one great goal and then for the rest of the season everytime he had the ball the crowd would shout shoot. Sadlly, he seemed to listen which left to numerous rubbish ''johnsonesque'' shots ;)
  19. Like many on here, i have been frustrated by the constant references to what Lambert would have done better than hughton this year. However, there really would be an irony if we managed to stay up because of his Villa beating wigan. Whilst i was gutted when he left and like many thought he went about it totally the wrong way, i still regard him as a legend for taking us from league one to the premiership. Lets hope he can be a hero for us just one more time!!
  20. [quote user="ron obvious"]Don''t understand why Tettey not starting. Let''s hope Howson justifies his selection today.[/quote] Hasn''t this board been full of people moaning about two defensive midfielders. I am not the biggest Howson fan but he does have the capability to be more adventurous and a better passer
  21. My only concern is that this is the team and players that Lambert knows best. Not sure what Becchio must be thinking other than might as well start packing his bags
  22. [quote user="Mr Brownstone"]Sorry, but that''s rubbish. Anyone who thinks Holt doesn''t want to be scoring goals every week and earning himself an England call up should check themselves into Hellesdon immediately. I''d suggest his recent performances are down to frustration rather than him resting on his laurels.[/quote] I am sure he wants to, but In recent games he hasn''t shown the effort, motivation or skill to do so! The passion may be there but it is certainly not being channelled in the right direction!
  23. Never thought I would say it, but it does look like it was a mistake not to cash in on him when he wanted to leave. I probably agree that some blame can be laid at the managers feet in terms of motivation and team formation. However, I can''t help thinking that after the contract saga there is a hint of holt feeling he proved he was bigger than the club and has sat back on his laurels a bit this year. Fact is once a player says he want to leave you should probably let him. the absence of any genuine competition for him has probably not helped either. Having said all that, in the ideal world he could still turn it around in the next few games to ensure our safety. He could then leave with his head held high and quite rightly leave as a legend.
  24. Christ, shows how bad the situation is if Jackson might be the answer!! What''s worse is its probably worth a go!!!
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