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  1. rock bus

    Van Wolfswinkel reportedly joining

    Would presume if it is sorted now and we pay £3m up front the club will also take out an insurance policy in case anyhting happens before the summer
  2. Brilliant 2nd half performance, lads should be proud of that performance.

    Credit to Hughton as well both for the original selcetion as we had Sunderland on the ropes. Also for bringing in Lee Camp a move that is now up there with the original buying of Bunn.

    Perhaps sometimes a conservative approach isn''t such a bad thing!!!
  3. Bunn handball debateable but def not sending off.. As already said Graham was a few yards offside so Bassong should have been able to catch the ball as linesman should have given us the offside.

    Worse thing is at 1-0 up we had the game under total control

    Lets hope we come out with some passion and give it a go, but its going to be a tough ask
  4. rock bus

    Goal Music.

    think for the first time ever there may be a 100% agreement from everyone on here that we would ALL love to hear more of the goal music over next few home games!!!!
  5. rock bus

    Match thread v Saints.

    whilst snoddy may be having a mare, he is just about the only player i have faith in doing something special in a game at the moment so hoping he will turn it around 2nd half

    Must admit I am becoming concerned about Holt, could be time to give Bechhio a run out. But it should be a few games so he gets a real chance, will also remind Holt he must fight for a place and its not guaranteed
  6. rock bus

    Ricardo's report v Everton

    seems wrong to feel emotional about a cat that I dont even know but we have all enjoyed your reports Ricardo and the references to snowy always gave it that personal feel.

    Glad to see that the team came up trumps with a fitting result today

    all the best
  7. rock bus

    Unbeaten Run

    strange how stats can change with one result. Now in pre match no one can quote the havent won in 10 and as you rightly say, unbeaten in 4 which includes relatively big and established teams like Newcastle and Everton it sounds very good

    Bring on Man u!!!
  8. rock bus

    Oh no not Howson

    what a great positive reaction from a "fan"

    Just get behind the players amd the team
  9. Must admit I do see this as a bit strange. Recent results suggest time would be better spent on the training ground with shooting, crossing, and free kick practice.

    I know they can still do this but a lot of time will be spent training and it smacks of a works outing.

    Hopefully will at least build team spirit and allow them to come back fired up again.

    Although i do seem to recalll the idiot Roeder did a similar thing at this time of year and it led to a complete loss of form and we plummeted down the league!?!?
  10. rock bus


    [quote user="ron obvious"]I thought today'' game was going to be the most important game of our season?[/quote]

    great minds think a like!
  11. rock bus


    thought todays game was meant to be the most important game of the season!?!?

    Agree we need a win soon, but why dont we try to be positive - we are now 2 games undefeated!! that constitutes an unbeaten run :)
  12. I think the guy is a legend

    I know you can be cynical about how he doesnt need the money and due to the good PR it will improve brand Beckham and make him even more money etc etc

    But end of the day a kids home will get a load of money which is a great thing.

    Also compare his actions to all the mercaneries going to QPR from better clubs just for the cash
  13. rock bus

    Official Norwich vs Spurs Match Thread

    Spurs are a good team and Bale world class so no shame in getting a draw.

    Lets all just sit back and enjoy a good performance rather than the normal barrage of too negative criticsm

    Hopefully buy a quality striker tomorrow and we will be fine

  14. good to see celtic winning and hooper not scoring

    might make them think they could actually do without him?!?
  15. rock bus

    Team for tonight

    morison not on bench, still injured or ar leeds?
  16. rock bus


    Feel a bit sorry for Morison - just hasnt worked out for him here and the fans have just never really taken to him.

    I would not be surprised if he signs for Leeds and goes on to prove lots of the doubters here wrong.

    Sometimes players and clubs just seem to fit and sometimes for no apparent reason it just doesnt work

    Good luck to him and hope deal works out well for all in the long run
  17. rock bus

    Kei Kamara Signs On Loan

    Seems a bit strange his loan ends before the season actually finishes?!?

    IF (and for me at moment it''s a big if) he is a brilliant success in the premier league and becomes our star player BUT we still need a win in those last two games, his loss could have a big impact on the morale of the team and us supporters

    Anyhow for now wish him all the best and hope he is a huge success and we cruise to premiership safety with plenty of games to spare!
  18. rock bus

    Simon Lappin has left

    i want to wish him all the best

    whilst i am sure he earnt a good wage at the club i admire the way he conducted himself with such dignity when faced with the actions of that prat Roeder.

    He was never going to set the premiership alight but it has to be said that whenever he was called in he was always commited and gave his all. Showed the dedication and determination that many of the more skilfull players left at the club would do well to follow as we face the rest of the season

    Also brought a smile to my face when my son would query why the king of spain plays for Norwich :)

    Good luck to him
  19. rock bus

    team news v liverpool

    i would like to see snoddy in the gap supporting holt, but given he has been best player in lastfew matches not sure its right to move him

    good to see Hughton making a few changes but Liverpool at Anfield not really place to take risks especially with sturridge and suarez in their starting line up!!
  20. rock bus

    team news v liverpool

    no bassong in squad

    hoolahan andd pilkington dropped for howson and bennett

    Bennet deserves the chance, and hoolahoop and pilks probably not been at best recently

  21. rock bus

    strike force for newcastle

    whilst i think Holt is great and no doubt our best striker (although hopefully someone will at least be challenging him at the end of Jan!)

    I do have a concern that throwing him straight back in to the team will send the wrong message to him. After the summer contract fiasco, and with his reputation for not exactly keeping fit pre season and taking a few games to hit his stride I dont think its healthy to make him think he is totally indispensible (even if he probably is!!)

    I love the guy but he has a hint of arrogance (as all good strikers do) so i just feel hughton needs to temper this.

    For me i would give Jackson the chance to prove himself, which he must be desperate, to do and then if necessary bring Holt on.

    Might also be an idea for any potential new signings (Hooper?!?) to see that Holt isnt always guaranteed a start!

  22. rock bus

    Sacked in the morning...

    really, really finding it hard not to laugh at him and villa, esp living in Midlands where know lots of villa fans.

    But going to bite my tongue until they are actually knocked out and then really going to give them some grief :)
  23. rock bus

    Ryan B plays

    Seems strange decision and on which will surely really hack off Tierney.

    As a professional footballer must be really annoying to have someone chosen to play out of position rather than you.

    Expect he will be seeking a transfer out this month which will be a shame as he did well last season and is certainly adequate back up
  24. rock bus

    no Holt tomorrow

    Holt posted his Happy New Year post about ten past midnight tonight.

    All the other players sent out a message at least an hour before midnight, presumably on a team orders basis.

    Being an amateur inspector clouseu i would guess this means Holt hasnt even travelled and wont feature tmw.

    Would be happy to be proved wrong but, if not, hope Harry Kane sets the premier league and 2013 alight, starting tomorrow!!

    happy new year all!!
  25. excellent point, well made city til i die

    Given the start we had we are in an excellent position :)