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  1. rock bus

    team news v liverpool

    i would like to see snoddy in the gap supporting holt, but given he has been best player in lastfew matches not sure its right to move him

    good to see Hughton making a few changes but Liverpool at Anfield not really place to take risks especially with sturridge and suarez in their starting line up!!
  2. rock bus

    team news v liverpool

    no bassong in squad

    hoolahan andd pilkington dropped for howson and bennett

    Bennet deserves the chance, and hoolahoop and pilks probably not been at best recently

  3. rock bus

    strike force for newcastle

    whilst i think Holt is great and no doubt our best striker (although hopefully someone will at least be challenging him at the end of Jan!)

    I do have a concern that throwing him straight back in to the team will send the wrong message to him. After the summer contract fiasco, and with his reputation for not exactly keeping fit pre season and taking a few games to hit his stride I dont think its healthy to make him think he is totally indispensible (even if he probably is!!)

    I love the guy but he has a hint of arrogance (as all good strikers do) so i just feel hughton needs to temper this.

    For me i would give Jackson the chance to prove himself, which he must be desperate, to do and then if necessary bring Holt on.

    Might also be an idea for any potential new signings (Hooper?!?) to see that Holt isnt always guaranteed a start!

  4. rock bus

    Sacked in the morning...

    really, really finding it hard not to laugh at him and villa, esp living in Midlands where know lots of villa fans.

    But going to bite my tongue until they are actually knocked out and then really going to give them some grief :)
  5. rock bus

    Ryan B plays

    Seems strange decision and on which will surely really hack off Tierney.

    As a professional footballer must be really annoying to have someone chosen to play out of position rather than you.

    Expect he will be seeking a transfer out this month which will be a shame as he did well last season and is certainly adequate back up
  6. rock bus

    no Holt tomorrow

    Holt posted his Happy New Year post about ten past midnight tonight.

    All the other players sent out a message at least an hour before midnight, presumably on a team orders basis.

    Being an amateur inspector clouseu i would guess this means Holt hasnt even travelled and wont feature tmw.

    Would be happy to be proved wrong but, if not, hope Harry Kane sets the premier league and 2013 alight, starting tomorrow!!

    happy new year all!!
  7. excellent point, well made city til i die

    Given the start we had we are in an excellent position :)

  8. rock bus

    match thread

    fact is we kwpt fighting to the end which is a sign of a good team and something that some suggested was only because of Lambert

    Game against westham will be important but if we win that can see a good second half to the season as well
  9. rock bus

    Racist in the N&P

    sorry great Drinkell can not agree with that, there is no place for a racist comment like that and the passion of battle is no excuse

    Its not being PC but showing respect for another person
  10. rock bus

    Has anyone....

    my sons middle name is Iwan after the legendary Mr Roberts

    Mrs wouldnt go for it as first name :(

  11. Nope i live in leamingon not too far away :)
  12. rock bus

    Southampton v Norwich match thread

    Of course we would all like to have seen a win but lets not forget that Southampton have hit good form themselves with two very good wins.

    On the basis of that whilst not necessarily over joyred we should be at least content with this draw
  13. rock bus

    best stand for kids

    thanks for the responses

    my first choice would be the barclay with the kids but appeared sold out on line

    if not might give the jarrold a try
  14. rock bus

    best stand for kids

    As an armchair supporter ;) i dont go to many home games (mainly due to distance and fact i coach a girls team who play on saturdays) but i am planning on taking advantage of the Wigan game decent prices.

    I have historically sat in Barclay but believe it is sold out and also not convinced very kid friendly.

    which other stand would people recommend (children are 10 and 6) - do want somewhere with some atmosphere but not where i spend half my time covering their ears ;)

  15. rock bus

    Some Positives.

    [quote user="kellybrook"]A win against Arsenal and a good point against a Villa side who shut up shop for 40 minutes of the game.  Attacked all game, Tettey allowed Wes to roam, we created a ton of chances that on another day we would have converted.Reality check over, back to the normal whingefest.[/quote]

    Great post.

    Are people forgetting we lost this game last season and then we had the MESSIAH Lambert and apparently all those defenders who never made a mistake unlike Turner
  16. But we would of needed 2 goals if it wasnt for his great tackle to prevent villa having that one on one!

    give the buy a break
  17. really cant believe some of the over the top negative comments here.

    Villa are very poor, but we dominated all the game and their keeper made some very good crucial saves.

    Also those slagging off Turner, yes he was at fault for goal but it was a great equaliser and he made a great tackle to prevent a one on one early in 2nd half

    Suggest some of you should listen to pundits on sky who are saying we were by far the better team And played well (and were meant to be the ones supporting the team!)

  18. come om guys lets be a bit more positive

    Not a geat game but we look comfortably the better team

    we can still win this
  19. my daughters team came back from 3-0 down to win 4-3!!!

    to make me even more proud i am the teams coach

    maybe i should add my name to the list on the person to replace hughton thread!?!

  20. rock bus

    Villa or Leed in the next round?

    yep me, home against tottenham
  21. One of my favourite goals was Marc Libra on his debut against Man City at home.

    It was just about his first touch where he lifted the ball over his shoulder, turned and then hit it on the volley in to the back of the net (or at least thats my hazy recollection!!)

    Really thought it was the start of something special

    Was particularly important from a personal level as I was sat in the stands next to my Man City supporting brother!

  22. rock bus

    Michael Owen

    I would be amazed if we actually end up having a choice between Michael Owen and Defoe!!!

    Would love Defoe and would not be opposed to Owen provided payment terms are right.

    Whilst I admire and continue to support the young and hungry philosophy the club has adopted I do feel we could do with that little bit of pure quality and unforunately this is more likely to come from a loan signing or someone who has an element of risk.

    It could pay off whilst we continue to develop the likes of Vaughan, Jackson and Morrison alongside them

  23. rock bus

    Tweeted David McNally 8 times...

    Couldnt agree more with the OP

    McNally is useless - what happened to that fantastic Neil Doncaster chap we had, he was brilliant always responding to fans emails directly instead of wasting time negotiating contracts for players and sorting out the financial needs of the club.

    To see the extent of his loss to this club you only need to look at the wonderful job he has done in taking the SPL from strenght to strength

    McNally out ;)

  24. rock bus

    Villa fan with big news

    As already stated cant see this happening at all.

    At the game at Villa park I thought he was the one real quality player which seperated Villa from us in that game (although obviously over the course of the season we proved we were the better team!!!). I have a feeling Lambert will bring out the best in him and he will be back in England set up soon

  25. rock bus

    Connor Wickham!!!

    Despite the Ipsh** connection I wouldnt be opposed to have him here as he clearly had a lot of potential at one point.

    BUT would want it to be a permanent signing and not on loan. No point in getting him on loan for a year, if he did fulfill his potential with us then we would end up not being able to afford him (and make a shed load of cash for Sunderland having seen his stock rise again) and then having to try to replace him in the squad.

    This is kind of the position we are in with Naughton (but contradicting myself, was still pleased he was here last year!)