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  1. rock bus

    spurs matchchat

    Take it back, let''s keep snoddy on for the start of the second half!!!
  2. rock bus

    spurs matchchat

    I don''t think we''ve been that bad, have been as good if not better than spurs.

    We do miss a cutting edge and really not sure where goal will come from.

    I agree pilks for snoddy (and I''m a snoddy fan)

    I would give Ricky 15 more mins saying chase everything at full pelt because hooper will becoming on then
  3. Really great point but more importantly for me is we have got back some pride and unity in the club.

    Well done to the lads, and dare I say it...well done mr hughton!
  4. This is driving me mad....why the hell won''t he make changes earlier and try to influence the game!!

    Think he has lost confidence in himself as well, clearly time to go.

    If he was as decent as everyone says he would resign with dignity in tact
  5. rock bus

    Ok, just imagine.....

    To be fair, I actually think Hughton has a good eye for buying a player - Olsson, Fer, RVW, Redmond, Hooper etc are in my opinion all good players and purchases.

    The problem is that he doesnt know how to use them, pick the right team or perhaps most importantly inspire them.

    So I would be happy for him to spend the money as a glorified scout called a Director of Football but I would want a different manager who can then get the best out of them

  6. If he wasn''t interested in the summer, after a decent league finish and some good signings... Why the hell would he want to come now given our current predicament?!?
  7. [quote user="Deptford Canary"]

    [quote user="Jimmy Smith"]I think you may be right. I said after the fulham game we needed to get 3 unexpected points to make up for that shambles and i''m still waiting. We need 6 from the next 3 now.[/quote]

    ''Unexpected'' is the key word here, we aren''t getting unexpected results... it''s all getting very predictable, and not in a good way


    Agree with this, it''s correct to say that Everton away is a tough game but must admit I just had no hope before the game that we were going to win, it was more a case of lose by how many. Sadly there is no confidence amongst the fans or most importantly the team. May be he is different behind the scenes but hughtons dour, conservative and unemotional approach just doesn''t inspire confidence. I still think we have a decent squad with players capable of playing in the premiership and it is for this reason I think hughton needs to go
  8. Think if ref saw it and took what he considers appropriate action then nothing fa can do
  9. rock bus

    Half way, not great BUT

    Of course we would all love to see entertaining games every week and a stylish team

    Fact is that whilst we remain in the premiership there will be more hard fought wins or draws (although I admit Swansea and Southampton may be the exceptions to the rule).

    I would still rather see us stay in the top league in the world rather than seeing us once again drop down two divisions to have that magnificent exciting run back.
  10. rock bus

    Half way, not great BUT

    Ok, exactly half way through the season..it ain''t been great and it sure ain''t been pretty BUT

    If with 19 points, if this is replicated we will have 38 which is higher than the average need to survive for last 6 seasons.

    Also, we are out of the relegation zone so again if it is replicated in the second half we will be safe.

    Now I know lots of you will moan about lack of ambition and Little Norwich mentality but at the moment I would certainly settle for another season in the premier league!
  11. I''m not the biggest hoolahan fan, mainly because I feel he is often a luxury player that we unfortunately just can''t afford to have.

    However fact is that every manager tries to find a system to play without him but inevitably have to revert to including him to make us tick. Don''t get me wrong I would love us to include him and continue with this level of performance.

    Just need a goal now :)
  12. rock bus

    Whats so bad about distant fans?

    There has been many times when I have thought that the NSPCC might end up getting called in due to my influencing the kids to support Norwich.... maybe at a later date I will end up getting sued by them for ruining their lives, or at least every other sat/sun of their lives ;)

    But there have been fewer prouder moments than me and my son and daughter dancing around the room together when we were promoted to the premier league or reading some of their school work with Norwich related comments i.e. My daughter putting Grant Holt down as her hero!

  13. rock bus

    Whats so bad about distant fans?

    I am a Norwich fan even though I havent lived there for some 30 years. However, my dad took me to games for two seasons when we lived there and I have supported them ever since.

    Sadly due to distance, time, money etc I only get to see them a few times a season and it''s normally an away game but I still love the club and consider myself a fan.

    My son who is 7 is also already a huge Norwich fan and has to stand his ground against all his mates who are Man U,Man City, Arsenal, chelsea fans etc. After our thrashing by Man City he was really worried about going in to school as he knew his Man City fan friend would give him a really hard time. I asked him if he would ever stop supporting Norwich, he answered "never, well unless they went in to the very last league in the world and kept losing every game!"

    Having read some of the replies here though, maybe I should tell him to join the other glory hunters as chances are he will end up just being attached by other "real" Norwich fans who are fotunate enough to live in the local area!!!

  14. rock bus

    Transfer Window

    Seen comments about tom ince to Tottenham for £5m

    We won''t be able to compete with them wages/profile wise but if their interest isn''t genuine, worth a bid at that price
  15. Some might say we should be scouting for a manager not more players
  16. rock bus

    Ruddy not starting according to sky

    I think the playing of Forster instead of Ruddy last night is really bad news for us unless Ruddy sees some action against Germany.

    If it is clear he is behind Forster and foster then the temptation to move to a bigger club in January will be even greater. The fact that it is a World Cup year as well means he should be doing anything he can to make that squad. Sadly even sitting on a bench for a big club may even help.

    Are only conciliation may be that as we have the England coach in our set up it gives him the chance to make an impression every day
  17. Great to see that snodgrass made it in to the team of the week.

    Still think Howson was m.o.m yesterday but Snodgrass also ran his socks off and his free kick was absolutely brilliant.

    Great response to all of those giving him unnecessary abuse on here


  18. rock bus

    One for you wiz !!

    Fair place to wiz, a fair and decent response.

    Let''s try and keep that approach on this and other threads everyone
  19. rock bus

    Norwich v West Ham Match Thread

    I really can''t understand what''s happened to Leroy fer. Against stoke and even Chelsea he looked a class above all the other players. Composed and quality on the ball, today he looks hopeless.

    It''s this for me which suggests hughton doesn''t have the ability to pick players up and bring the best out of them
  20. rock bus


    [quote user="Le Juge"]Apparently he lives in Leamington Spa.

    If I were driving from Norwich to Leamington Spa I wouldn''t choose to go anywhere near Swaffham, instead I''d go up and down the A11.


    Well, I live in Leamington too so let me know his address and I will pop round and have a chat should things not work out Saturday ;)
  21. Posted this on the west ham line up thread:

    Why alll the calls to drop Turner and replace him with Bennett.

    Surely Bassong has been the weakest centre back this season??

    Best pairing has been Turner and Bennett at Stoke.

  22. rock bus

    West Ham line up

    Why alll the calls to drop Turner and replace him with Bennett.

    Surely Bassong has been the weakest centre back this season??

    Best pairing has been Turner and Bennett at Stoke.
  23. rock bus


    There has been quite a few posters having a go at Snodgrass and also questioning why he hasn''t been dropped.

    Whilst admitting he hasn''t been at his best, I was surprised to see that in the observers statistic session he is listed as the fifth highest player for cresting chances this season. Although admitedly not sure where the figure of 19 has come from!?

    The other thing I would mention is that I really think his value to the team was demonstrated by yesterday''s gutless performance. One thing you have to say for him is that even when off form he doesn''t hide and plays with commitment. I am sure he wouldn''t of rolled over like so many of the others did yesterday and would at least have shown some passion.

    I certainly hope he is back for west ham and would even suggest stripping Bassong and given him the captaincy (or at least give it to Martin instead)
  24. rock bus

    Another head count?

    Sadly, now an out
  25. Yep I have joined the outers now

    Losing to Man city is one thing but being humiliated and showing no fight is just too much.

    Sadly I just don''t think hughton has the character to turn things around. He may well be nice but just don''t think he can inspire the players or restore their confidence