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    Mourinho baffled

    I think the fact that mourinho is baffled is probably the best testament that Adams had the right game plan yesterday, or at least for most of the game.

    He expected us to run around like headless chickens being desperate for the win and therefore played two defensive midfielders who were ineffective and unable to unlock our midfield and defence (unlike most teams this season!). I didn''t even see lampard touch the ball in the first half. Adams out witted him and he was forced to change his team early as they needed to win to stay in the title race (which many seem to have forgotten here).

    Then bringing on Redmond for elmander gave us the one quality chance we were probably hoping for but sadly snodgrass had a bad touch/wasn''t quick enough.

    I too feel we should have gone for it with another striker with ten to go but will now just hope and pray WBA and Swansea allow us to perform the miracle which would make the point from yesterday priceless
  2. rock bus

    Chelsea Vs Norwich - Match Thread

    Do think we should have brought a striker for the last ten at least but still a great performance from players on the pitch. I''m really undecided on Adams would love him to get the job and be a success but that''s my heart not my head. Guess the real question is can we actually attract anyone really decent with a proven track record?
  3. rock bus

    Chelsea Vs Norwich - Match Thread

    Classic example of the good and bad on this site, phllip j fry with a good assessment and tactical suggestion. Iron Stan with unnecessary attack of snodgrass, probably the player on the pitch most likely to score for us!
  4. rock bus

    Chelsea Vs Norwich - Match Thread

    Played very well so far, Johnson getting a lot of stick but even though I''m not his biggest fan at least he gives us a bit if grit in the middle.

    Keep this going for 20 mins then to for it with the pace of Redmond and Bennett
  5. rock bus

    Manager shortlist

    For me, if Lennon is willing to come to us as a championship club he would be first choice.

    The important thing is that he would have a point to prove I.e. He can manage an English club and secure promotion.

    Malky just feels like heart ruling head and the last thing we need at this moment is any sense of sensitivity.
  6. rock bus

    Team changes for Chelsea must-win Match?

    Hooper for RVW

    Bennett for Redmond

    Tetty for fer

    Bassong in for Whittaker IF , and it''s a big if, he is prepared to fight for the team
  7. Totally agree, should be POTS so he realises how much the fans love him and want him to stay.

    Next make him team captain so he knows he has the backing of the club and manager.

    With that I think he will give us at least one year to fight our way back (IF we go down)
  8. rock bus

    So Proud

    Agree 100%

    Win or lose, premier or championship I just want to be proud of my team.

    Great effort in the second half and only a lucky deflection cost us a deserved point

    Bring on the next three games!
  9. rock bus

    Snoddy does it again!

    Totally agree, can''t believe the grief he has got on here. Totally passionate and committed, never hid even when he was going through a tough spell.

    Should be named player of the season and given captaincy to encourage him to stay IF we go down
  10. rock bus


    To be fair, I''m not sure Turner did turn his back ..I think he was trying to block the anticipated cross goal shot.

    More worrying was just the acres of space we gave them through out the first 15 mins

    Let''s look on the bright side...we got better after that!
  11. rock bus

    Team news

    Not sure I agree either.. Guess maybe just added grit from Johnson?

    Johnson been in press this week so guess he knew he was playing, did like his comment about getting in Liverpool players faces and messing things up a bit, which I agree with. Somehow we have to disturb their smooth football style
  12. rock bus

    Team news

    #NCFC team v @LFC: Ruddy; Whittaker, Martin (c), Turner, Olsson; Johnson; Howson, Fer; Snodgrass; Redmond, Hooper.

    subs v @LFC: Bunn (GK), van Wolfswinkel, Gutierrez, Garrido, R Bennett, Tettey, Josh Murphy.
  13. rock bus

    Team news

    Hoolahan and Bassong not even made squad... Interesting and brave!
  14. rock bus

    Make it happen!

    Even though we know it''s unlikely, the fact is we CAN beat Liverpool.

    Would be nice if for one day all fans could put our bickering behind us and just focus on supporting the team.

    We all have different view and opinions but surely first and foremost we all love Norwich City and want us to stay in the premier league.

    Let''s ALL get behind the lads today and give them all our support, whether at the game or cheering from afar like me.

    On the ball city!!!
  15. Agree hughton would''ve got some stick for the team but good on Neil for going for it.

    The key for me, however, will be if it''s not working or needs tweaking will Neil have the tactical ability and guts to make the necessary changes... For me that is always where hughton failed
  16. Correct decision to drop Bassong in my opinion but from the whole squad is controversial and suggest behind the scenes issues (if he''s not injured)

    Would have gone for yobo and Turner, I like Martin at centre back but not sure about Whittaker.
  17. rock bus

    Four hours to kick off.......

    I share the nerves of others and not sure what I will do. Normally join in the live pink un chat but not sure I can stand it. Have tried out all the lucky superstitions this season but none have seemed to work.

    Mind you, last time we needed to beat Fulham I couldn''t handle it so escaped by going swimming with the kids and then not getting back in the car until final score... And we all know how that turned out :(
  18. rock bus

    Match Thread V West Brom

    No real issues with the team

    See Pilkington missing from the entire squad again, which is a real pity as he is a quality player on his day.

    Not sure what''s happened with him, anyone heard of any behind the scenes issues ?

    Sadly not sure we will see him play for us again :(
  19. rock bus

    Swansea Away Fans Refunded!!!

    I think it''s a great sign of solidarity by the players for themselves, the club and most importantly the fans.

    The timing is also good as it shows a very different mentality when compared to the details of player unrest at WBA.

    However, it will be an empty gesture if they don''t show their true commitment to the cause on Saturday.

    Win or lose the one thing I want from the players is commitment and passion.
  20. rock bus

    Fulham well beaten.

    Admitedly I only saw the highlights, but from them I thought Fulham actually looked pretty good, especially given their positon  in the league. Arguably the score line flattered Everton as Fulham had a real go at them (now there''s an idea for Hughton!!) and the third was a classic sucker punch as Fulham searched for the equaliser.

    In fact, it just made me even more convinced we are highly unlikely to get anything there so puts even more pressure on Saturdays game :(

  21. rock bus

    We are not safe!

    At the moment it is all in our own hands over the next few games.... if we win two out of Swansea, WBA and Fulhan we are sure to be safe.

    The issue of course is that if we lose one of those games it is not only points we lose but we give them to a rival and it will give them more hope and willingess to fight to catch us and the others in the mix.

    Whatever happens, and no matter who the points come against, if we dont earn enough to stay up then we deserve to go down it''s as simple as that. You can moan about difficult run ins, bad decisions, injuries etc but our fate is decided by the whole season not just this last bit.

    I desperately hope we do survive and then push on so that next season we can have a boring, relaxed, never in danger mid table finish!!

  22. rock bus

    How Stupid is Hoolahan

    I think it''s obvious now that he is very stupid.

    How thick do you need to be to ''forget'' how to celebrate after a goal!?!?!
  23. Does seem crazy, there are no doubts over Hart and he has loads of experience. Why not give Ruddy or even Forster some time just so they can build up some experience.

    Also then should Hart be injured it wouldn''t be seen as a major issue bringing a total rookie in.

    Hodgson looks even less of a motivator than our own beloved hughton :)
  24. Surprised no one has mentioned bryan gunn??

    If you forget about the manager bit,, was a great player and legend at the club
  25. rock bus

    wes to start last games

    I think yesterday was a clear example that Hoolahan just isnt up to it and just flatters to decieve.

    The goal was great and indeed he showed a number of equally nice turns and touches. However, on numerous other times he was so easily robbed of the ball and he was ineffectual  in trying to win it back.

    I am not saying there is not a place for him in the squad (well there would be if he actually wanted to play for us!) but he is no longer worthy of a starting place in a premiership team. If we are on top and surging for a win with the need for a killer ball then yes but when the going got tough yesterday he just went missing (not that he was the only one!)

    Hoolahan has been brilliant for us and I will always be glad to have had him as a player but what we need now is a better replacement (something we should of sorted out in the Summer)