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  1. rock bus

    Mike Phelan.......

    As everyone has said a brilliant appointment and a good job done by the club.

    Despite his pleadings in the quote, I doubt Adams has sought out to bring him in, far more likely McNally and the board have made the decision.

    It would appear to be the right one though and lets hope that the holy trinity of Adams, Phelan and Holt work some magic and get the players playing to the levels they are clearly capable of!

  2. rock bus

    Nigel Worthington

    People are knocking the OP for this but I think its a really good idea.

    It is not really relevant that his last post was at York, the fact is he knows the club well and has a huge amount of footballing knoweldge having managed at the top level both as domestic manager and also been an international manager.

    He is certainly in no worse a postion than Joe Royle to at least provide Adams with a wiser old head to assist given his own inexperience.

    Yes the game has changed a lot but it is still basically just about trying to score more goals than the other team!

    Not sure what the downside would be, surely any help is better than none (unless of course the decision is taken to actually get an experienced manager in!!)

  3. rock bus

    Throwing Promotion Away With Neilio

    I wouldn''t be surprised if there was a clause in adam''s contract that if we are out of the play offs he can be dismissed with a much lower payment. McNally is no idiot and Adams would''ve been so desperate for the job he would''ve accepted it, might also account for some of the delay in sorting out his appointment
  4. rock bus

    Lennon wants Hooper

    Doesn''t matter wha he wants, it''s what norwich want that counts!!!
  5. rock bus

    Team for Tues..

    I can honestly say I had forgotten that we had Elliot bennett!!!

    Shame as he did show good promise but perhaps shows how far Murphy has come.

    I agree hoolahan''s injury may be a blessing in disguise, I would like to see Murphy given a start and Lafferty in somewhere
  6. rock bus

    Bassong to Watford?

    On face value it does seem a strange one and could easily come back to bite us if he is brilliant at Watford and they are promoted ahead of us.

    BUT there could also be advantages - he hasnt played since April so will clearly not be match fit and given his apparent attitude could actually be someway off being fit. Therefore, he might not be that great for Watford, where last season we saw the perils of having a quite not on his game Bassong in the team.

    Even if he is great for Watford, it may assist us in them taking points off other rivals. Finally, if he is brilliant they will be reliant on him and then we can just refuse to extend the loan when it expires which would leave them in a bit of a mess defensively.

    So it may actually work out very well, lets hope!!

  7. rock bus

    Love Our Club

    Wow, fantastic, moving video makes you really proud.

    Which player called him over for the photo, was it Lafferty ? If so top bloke as is russel martin.

    Also liked Adams reference to hopefully championship winning season...good confidence.

    Well done the club
  8. rock bus

    England and the small crowds

    Trying to put a desperate positive spin on the dire state of the England team, I have at least been able to get tickets for my son and me in the family enclosure for the qualifier against Slovenia for £30 (thats for both of us!)

    Incredibly good value given a premier league ticket could cost me alone £60. Granted I will have to sit through another depressing 90 minutes but well worth the £30 just for the excitment of my son who is already counting down the days until he sees england and visits wembley for the first time. Oh for the innocence of youth!!


  9. rock bus

    RVW starts!!

    Oh dear, perhaps it wasn''t just hughtons management after all?????

    Still hope one day he refinds he''s touch...hopefully then comes back to us.
  10. Not sure about best, but my favourite is genuinely Marc Libra!!

    Yes, it is purely due to that debut wonder goal, one of the best I''ve ever seen.

    Will always have a place in my heart because my brother is a man city fan and he was stood next to me in the Barclay when it was scored. It''s a a goal I will therefore remind him of for the rest of our lives :)
  11. rock bus

    Gary O'Neill

    Rather than the experience angle, could he be another leader to assist on training ground and particularly when matters get tough on the pitch.... we desperately needed someone with that kind of character last year.
  12. rock bus

    OGC Nice

    I know it''s only a friendly but must admit this result has began to get my expectations up. What I am particularly pleased with is that lots of midfields are getting on the score sheet which suggests exciting and attacking play...something missing all of last season.

    4-1 up at half time with our three main strikers not even in the squad has got to be a good sign
  13. rock bus

    Question for exiles.

    I haven''t lived in Norwich since I was 10 so 32 years ago, but have never been able to or indeed felt the need to support another team really.

    My three children have all been brought up as ardent Norwich fans but I have always said IF they decided to follow the local team rather than a ''glory'' team like Chelsea or Man City etc then I would take them along. Thankfully no signs of that yet!

    I am tempted, however, to on occasions take them along to my local non league team, Leamington Brakes, so they can at least see some live football.

  14. rock bus

    Goals from this evening.

    Must admit, I like the new kit, nice to have something a bit different.

    Also enjoyed the goals, pub team or not, still pleasure to be had in seeing Norwich scoring that many goals :)
  15. rock bus

    Rhodes linked again

    The only way I can see this happening, or would want it to happen, would be that we basically reach an agreement with West Ham that yes we will sell you Hooper (IF he does indeed want to leave us) but only if you match the price that Blackburn want for Rhodes and the deal is contingent on both transfers happening.

    I think Hooper and Rhodes are of equal quality and as likely to succeed in the championship, so we would be swapping like for like at no cost and with the added advantage of losing a player who doesnt want to be here but gaining one who has chosen to join us.

    Simple ;)

  16. Tend to agree we do seem to be missing the combination of a strong vocal leader but who will also be first name on team sheet. At present we seem to have one or the other:

    Ruddy - def starter, but prob too nice and not vocal enough

    Martin - good captain qualities, prob starter at right back but if wants to be centre back not sure better than Bennett and turner

    Turner - dark horse contender for me

    Howson - has. Ability but not sure vocal and will he always play if we keep tetty and fer? Esp if we can''t decide in best position.

    Given the attacking players are struggling with form or new then none real plausible options.

    Not even thinking about Bassong, even if he was to return to his best form then I can not excuse his poor attitude last season and inability to rally the troops

    Think it''s likely to be Martin but it''s certainly a dilemma for Adams
  17. rock bus

    Olsson Bid

    Wouldn''t be so sure, local paper up here says WBA were interested in cresswel and having missed out could turn their attention to Olsson :(
  18. I''m not that concerned to have missed out on him but strangely the fact he decided on Bournemouth actually makes me more dissapointed. The fact he has chosen them shows that actually playing is more important than being at a bigger club and earning more money something very rare with young players today, but to be admired.

    I say good luck to him and hope he has a great season (against everyone but us!!!)
  19. rock bus

    The significance of this forum

    I tend to agree, what is really annoying is when a relatively decent thread descends in to two or three parties just taking pot shots at each other and making personal insults. Whole thread then just gets hijacked and degenerates in to a slagging match whilst the original point of the thread is forgotten.

    Know it happens on every forum but we are all at least supposed to have the common cause of supporting Norwich City F.C.!

  20. rock bus

    Callum Wilson

    Just spoken to a mate who is a huge coventry fan, according to him "if we pay £3m we have more money than sense. He''s ok but we have never got a full season out of him, he only scored about 4 goals when Clark left. He''s got pace but little else to offer other than that".

    Doesn''t bode well as trust my mates opinion and he isnt just showing the usual sour grapes from a fan when a player wants to leave.

    Although, unlike some on here, I will of course get behind him and give him a chance to prove himself if he does join

  21. rock bus

    Dave Watson...

    Strangely I see this as a positive indicator that Ruddy will stay.

    He couldn''t have been happy that his/the clubs own coach decided to choose both Ben Foster and Fraser Forster to go to the World cup ahead of him. Surely, even if he didnt have the final say he must have had a huge influence on Roy Hodgsons squad choice.

    This is bound to have upset Ruddy and questionable if he would be prepared to work with him.

    I''m hoping that it''s a case of Ruddy saying I really want to stay but its him or me - or am I just being optomistic?!?

  22. Just a thought but could we already have this player in shape of Surman?

    Certainly skilful enough and maybe more suited to central role in championship??
  23. Even recognising all his faults, he is both mine and my eight year old sons favourite player so will be gutted to see him leave. Always gave his all and even when not playing well never hid from the ball which players with arguably more skill have done.

    I concede anything over £6m is a decent price given last year of contract.

    Probably don''t need to replace him in terms of playing position but we do need that iconic player who shows commitment and passion for the shirt ..could lafferty be that man and become the new holt????
  24. Haven''t seen this posted anywhere else but int the observer on Sunday they had the usual end of season review. This included some stats where Norwich players appear.

    John Ruddy was the goalkeeper with the third highest number of saves (David Marshall was top). Not really a surprise but just shows how ridiculous it is that he has been left out of the World Cup squad.

    What may surprise some here is that snodgrass was the ninth best ''creative'' in the league! He created, including assists, 65 chances. It has surprised me how much grief he has got on this board when he was easily our best player last season.

    If we could somehow manage to keep those two I feel we have a great chance of coming back to the premiership next season
  25. rock bus

    Mourinho baffled

    I think the fact that mourinho is baffled is probably the best testament that Adams had the right game plan yesterday, or at least for most of the game.

    He expected us to run around like headless chickens being desperate for the win and therefore played two defensive midfielders who were ineffective and unable to unlock our midfield and defence (unlike most teams this season!). I didn''t even see lampard touch the ball in the first half. Adams out witted him and he was forced to change his team early as they needed to win to stay in the title race (which many seem to have forgotten here).

    Then bringing on Redmond for elmander gave us the one quality chance we were probably hoping for but sadly snodgrass had a bad touch/wasn''t quick enough.

    I too feel we should have gone for it with another striker with ten to go but will now just hope and pray WBA and Swansea allow us to perform the miracle which would make the point from yesterday priceless