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  1. Oli

    Match Thread

    [quote user="technika"]should have played the fringe/2nd string & youthdont see the point in risking fitness of the first team for this competition[/quote]

    To win something? You know, the whole point of football!
  2. Oli

    Match Thread

    [quote user="kick it off"][quote user="Oli"]Oh well we''ve deserved to lose after this performance. Hopefully it will act as a kick up the arse, far too complacent tonight![/quote]

    We''ve hit the bar about 4 times, had one ruled out for offside, missed several one on ones and various very good chances. Im not sure how you can say we''ve deserved to lose.[/quote]

    The performance has been poor, too many players look disinterested, too many hit and hope long balls, misplaced passes, poor decisions etc If we played like we''re capable of playing we''d have won this. 1-4 this is f*cking disgraceful!
  3. Oli

    Match Thread

    Oh well we''ve deserved to lose after this performance. Hopefully it will act as a kick up the arse, far too complacent tonight!
  4. Oli

    2nd Teams

    Arsenal, they were actually the team i supported (my dads team) for the first 9 years of my life until I got a season ticket at Norwich and i''ve been hooked ever since i first walked over the steps and saw the stadium for the first time, I think we beat Grimsby 4 nil as well which helped :P . I still follow them and hope they do well but they''re a VERY distant second team nowdays!
  5. I love watching those old videos. I started following football in our first play off season 01'' I think, football looked so much more competitive and gritty back then, I imagine Holt would have absolutely ruled in that era!
  6. Oli


    Ruddy struggles with long range efforts, he might have saved that but then again it may well have still been a goal, in the end it didn''t matter thankfully! Bunn is going to need a while to grow into the position after so long being a no.2. Lets not forget Ruddy was pretty poor in his first few games for us so lets not write Bunn off yet.
  7. Yep because big name/celebrity players are the only way to achieve success. QPR''s players are well known and were signed to excite foreign fans and boost Fernandez''s profile in Asia with no thought to team cohesion HOW COULD THEY POSSIBLY BE BOTTOM OF THE LEAGUE WHILE NORWICH WITH THEIR LESSER KNOWN TEAM BE DOING WELL!!!!!??? Oh yeah it''s because Mark Hughes suddenly became the worst manager ever the night before he took over QPR.....
  8. Oli

    Need to change things

    This season we just need to grind out results and survive. We haven''t exactly got the best attacking players in the league and with our balanced/defensive set up we are relying on them to create something out of nothing or score on the counter without any pace. I''ll take piss poor performances all season long if we carry on drawing away and winning most at home so we can add some real quality next year to suit this style of play.

    Ps very happy with a point tonight, it was much harder fought than the one at Goodison.
  9. Oli

    Southampton v Norwich match thread

    This had 1-1 written all over it from the start, I just wish I had the balls to stick a £20 on that score now :@ Another case of decent result, poor performance. I''m sure nobody will care when we beat Sunderland this sunday though!
  10. Oli

    Southampton v Norwich match thread

    If anyone''s found a decent link a pm would be great! All the ones i''ve managed to find have been painfully slow
  11. Oli

    Southampton v Norwich match thread

    Anyone else watching a slideshow tonight? So annoying!!!!!
  12. Oli

    Southampton v Norwich match thread

    And just like Stoke we score from a set piece :D
  13. Oli

    Southampton v Norwich match thread

    We''ve been like a really sh!t Stoke tonight. Seen absolutely nothing from our attacking players. We lack so much creativity in the final third.
  14. Oli

    Mark Bunn

    If Bunn does well enough then he has to stay the no.1 until he slips up. It''s not good for squad moral to drop a player who doesn''t deserve to be and is playing well.
  15. Oli

    1994 all over again?

    We''d have probably been fine in 1994 if we had good experienced back up like Bunn...
  16. Oli

    Ruddy out for 3 months!!!!!

    Typical! As soon as we get the back 5 set perfectly 2 of them go and get injured. Bunn is more than good enough for this league but this bad luck really does take the piss!
  17. Definitely the crap side of Hampshire, I went there a few weeks ago and it''s like a giant Great Yarmouth xD Grim, grim place!
  18. Oli

    Danny Graham

    I''d have him here in a heartbeat, works hard, good link up player, very good finisher and can play the lone striker role well. 5M is a steal is this comes off!
  19. Oli

    Everton match thread!

    [quote user="technika"]nigel youre a bellend

    good point, 5h1te performance, negative tactics all the way and took way too long to make the changes, like i said, same negative style as the reading game, funny how we switch to an attacking formation and then scoresnodgrass and hoolahan should have gone off at half time. they were rubbish

    if hughton set them out to win games from the off then they are more than capable of doing it[/quote]

    And Everton would have probably put 3/4 past us. We need to play this way to survive, people forget we wern''t great the second half of last season playing attacking football. This is how you consistently get results at places like this away from home, frustrate for 70 mins then attack at the end and once again it''s worked.
  20. Oli

    Everton match thread!

    Yeah shame about Ruddy but Bunn is an excellent keeper so I''m not worried at all.
  21. Oli

    Everton match thread!

    Hilarious :D It''s nice for these stupid things to go our way for once! I don''t care how we play, we just need to grind this season out and add more quality in the next few transfer windows. Hughton is doing brilliantly to be on 15 points at the moment as lets be honest here, we''re one of the poorest teams in the league. Happy, hope Arsenal tonk Villa next!
  22. Do the right thing and set them straight! Take them to a few games at FCR and they''ll come around, and it may really piss the dad off which would be a bonus! (Y)
  23. Oli

    man yoo match thread

    Same story again, excellent defensibly, neat passing, looking like we could score as well but SO FU*KING wasteful all the time! :@ it''s infuriating! It''s not a lack of ability but poor decision making! It''s Man Utd so I''m thrilled to be level but it''s so frustrating! We need Bennet on for Snoddy to inject some pace on the counter. Still I''m confident of a result tonight as we''re not playing badly and we''re making Man Utd play very flat.
  24. Oli

    Van Persie thigh injury

    If anyone''s going to trouble us on Saturday it will be Hernandez. For some reason our defence hasn''t been able to deal with the Hernandez/Suarez/Aguero type striker since we''ve been in the prem. Also, I wouldn''t feel any less satisfied getting 3pts of a team with Welbeck up front! :P
  25. Good result but that ''performance'' was shocking! I''d be furious if I had just paid to go see...that. We desperately need more attacking quality in January!