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  1. Try getting a quote for fully comp..sometimes works out cheaper than third party fire and theft..put a named driver on,that is older than you,and shop around...
  2. easton coaches might be worth a try..sorry dont no their number.
  3. Round Auntie Jeans...Followed by fish and chips...Seeing that you asked.
  4. Yellow rubber rings £1.00Green beach balls..£1.00Multi coloured lilo''s£3.00Go on you know you want to...
  5. [quote user="LocalDerbys"]didn''t realise aggregate counted in the league dear boy?[/quote]Go away...
  6. [quote user="canarydan23"]We will not take 3,000 fans to Portsmouth on a Monday night when the game is on Sky. We''ll get close, but anyone who wants a ticket, whether you have 10 away stubs, 100 away stubs, no away stubs, a Swansea away stub or an Ipswich Town season ticket, will get a ticket. The club are offering cheap travel to Swansea. Good on em. Stop moaning.[/quote]PRECISELY!!!...Well put canarydan....
  7. [quote user="marvin the martian"]Is it just a coincedence that none of our other strikers can score when they play with Holt ? If Holt is spending his time all over the pitch ( he turned up at right back at one point ) then the other striker is effectively playing up front on his own. I''m not saying whats right or wrong, just an observation. If Holt spent a bit more time playing down the middle then he could get a relationsip going with whoever his partner is.[/quote]Thank God...I am not alone..With you all the way on that thought Marvin...Best be careful though,we just might upset a few folks.It a''int a coincedence its FACT..Especially in this leaque, this season..
  8. [quote user="Norfolk Mustard"]Duncan Forbes is polishing his boots as we speak...[/quote]Six foot two..eyes of blue.Duncan Forbes..Is after you... Larger than life itself..!
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