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  1. What a pathetic thread, but whilst on topic, I have heard of a bunch of raucous fans who were called the Yarmouth Boot Boys who attended games many years ago. However, this whole "firm" business is a load of tosh and should be left to Italian thugs and Leeds or Milwall chavs etc.
  2. [quote user="Nexus_Canary"][quote user="RUDOLPH HUCKER"]Bring on Zak and put Doc up front in place of Oli who is still probably just an impact player and not a starter.[/quote]Jeez now you have proven once and for all your stupid...........[/quote]Says the douchebag that used "your" instead of "you''re". As if you''re a teacher!
  3. i was at the game and was pretty sure it was Doherty''s header, although a lot was going on at the time so i could be mistaken. haven''t seen video footage yet.
  4. If I were McVeigh I wouldn''t have let them post that online!
  5. The commentator on Canaries World this evening is tewible. Is he an O''s fan or a binner?!
  6. haha, that photo made my day! love the expression on the bloke''s face. :D
  7. Am I the only one who doesn''t want those dirty b*stards buying our club?
  8. [quote user="Pboro_Canary"]He may have been the most hopeless individual to play up front for us since Dean Coney but you would have to be heartless not to wish the guy a full recovery. Besides the British pie industry would not be able to stand the loss... [/quote]Harsh
  9. [quote user="Lincs CR"]Happy Birthday to the big man... I wonder if he ever check this board...[/quote]I find it highly unlikely that Stephen Fry is a reader of the Pink''un message board. Come on, he''s hardly a fan, he just makes the occasional appearance in an ill-fitting Norwich shirt and a scarf, and has a chin wog with Delia and Wynn-Jones!
  10. [quote user="LQ"]All goes to show how people take you if you don''t conform to the immediacy of the black and white attitude that the Big Bad Club is constantly and purposefully out to deceive, mislead and swindle all us fans out of our right to European footie every year I suppose. Yep, that''d make me a ''Board lover''![/quote]Now hold on a minute, just because someone dislikes the way the board is taking this club it doesn''t mean they''re misguided and simple-minded as your retort here suggests. I don''t consider the club (the board specifically) to be "big", "bad" and self-destructive, I don''t think they have the capability of running Norwich City successfully. I''m pretty sure that is quite a commonly held stance.
  11. ruddy good! Norwich youngsters win on penalties. Rudd saves 3.
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