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  1. Your post started off badly, got worse in the middle and the less said about the end, the better.
  2. No still not over and miraculously we are still in with the smallest chance. It would be the great escape to end all great escapes though!
  3. Predictions for next season are pointless until we see what squad we will be going with. Keep the majority of the talent from this squad with some quality new additions then we’re looking good. Sell the quality and replace with the level of acquisitions of this season and we’ve little chance.
  4. I wonder if our fans were such bell ends when we were a PL club that signed Elliot Bennett from a small club at the time who were playing in league 1?
  5. If this is true that he’s on that sort of money then questions need to be asked, he’s an absolute charlatan and one of the worst centre forwards to play for us in years. It would also cast questions over Webber’s comments when he came here that he couldn’t believe the salaries that very average players had been given..
  6. Drmic makes RVW look world class. I can not believe we let Sberny leave and have instead given this charlatan minutes on the pitch. He lacks absolutely everything needed to be a decent centre forward and I can’t see it improving at championship level
  7. Your username would suggest that you are 48 years old and get your kicks from posting **** like this on other teams message boards. Get a life fella ffs
  8. It’s ok as Duda can follow suit and get a gig fronting a Metallica tribute band..
  9. Load of **** again. The sooner crowds are allowed back in to concerts so we can send Drmic on a promotional tour of his latest euro garbage single the better..
  10. So no one else bothered to BELIEVE then? Just me obviously. This defeat is on all of you..
  11. Maybe if we all just BELIEVE for this last 20 minutes we will turn it around...
  12. On the plus side RVW has lost his crown as the worst centre forward of the last decade...
  13. Drmic is stealing a living. Ball into the box when we’re 1-0 down and he’s nowhere to be seen
  14. If it’s the same stream I’m watching he said that about Drmic, done nothing all game, no movement
  15. The players recruited for this season would have struggled to make an impact at championship level. Drmic is laughable, Pukki is clearly struggling now but why not start with Idah? At least you know we will get some effort out of him, Drmic doesn’t put in an honest performance for me
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