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  1. totaly agree,he was overated,made alot of mistakes and is scottish!!!!!!!!!!
  2. thought the video was depressingly brilliant
  3. 11 men against 11,good omens dont come into it,we either have the minerals or not.
  4. I for one won''t be watching this rubbish next season! Look at the gates Norwich get, and the season ticket renewals they have had even with the chance of Div 1 football next year. B Inners
  5. hope he goes back and haunts blackpool sat,come on city!!!!!!!
  6. we could quite possibly be relegated before we play them,so why would anyone want to stand for the embarassment of going,boycott the match and let the players take all the stick they deserve
  7. its a sell out,we are taking 8000 down there
  8. [quote user="Say Hello To The Angels"]If you fancy doing a bit of shopping or a bite to eat I would recommend visiting Anglia Square it''s a very pleasant area of the city. Also whilst your in the neighborhood drop into the Cat & Fiddle for a pint or two it well worth a visit.    [/quote]    ha ha love it!!!!!
  9. u must sit in the river end u fucking muppet,shut up!!!
  10. call yourself a fan????????? you r a w****r thats what u are!!!!!!
  11. hes big,hes tall he cost us f**k all carl cort carl cort!!!!
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