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  1. Stats may be OK for a coach or performance chap but I find them irritating at times. I really couldn't care less about possession. Overall we were clearly the better team yesterday and made it uncomfortable for Wolves second half. Even with my bias. Stats could tell me something else. But I am not bothered what Shearer, Stelling or Morrison say about my team. Its what I perceive for my own benefit hat counts for me.
  2. Really delighted with that performance. Yes we probably should have won but the way we played was a real treat. We kept attacking in that second half and believed we could do something. Rashica terrific and that is the most crosses into the box since forever. It gives us belief that we can still make something of the season. If there is any money left then if we can get another striker in then we have a chance. And even if it doesn't work out, this type of display is worth celebrating.
  3. Decent half. Probably created the more chances against a top 6 side. Hope we can keep the intensity up. Rashica doing some good work bringing the ball forward. Someone tell Hanley we aren't pishing about in our box anymore.
  4. Mrs KG likes a BMW. Baileys, Malibu and Whisky.
  5. Lets wait for the first "imagine what Labour will do blah blah blah" comment then.
  6. You're a bit behind with that. I walked into Boots (no, not marched) and within ten minutes I was walking out again having had the flu jab. No point going to the local surgery. Its barricaded. You've had your fuel allowance already I take it
  7. Do people really expect cooperation from EU countries when we spent so long slagging them off?
  8. How's that? I judged Kyle on when he left the military but went to New Orleans to shoot looters. It seems to me, his judgement was blurred by the fact that after killing, his total says 320 the military 160, so many people, from distance in so many cases, he was conditioned to taking life if he thought, according to his values, it was the right thing to do. I have a son in the military who has taken life. Not with a rifle but with an LMG. So probably any number of killings. That was his chosen profession and he followed orders as well as protecting the lives of his men. But he finds it upsetting still and never wants to talk about once he got it out of his system. Its not a matter of where you live. I don't see your point about me not being a jurist. The good people of Wisconsin, the original swing state, gave their verdict, which you acknowledge was based on the narrowest jurisprudence. That does not mean those jurors did not believe, as I do, that he was guilty of premeditated murder. But that wasn't the choice they were offered. I don't know what they discussed in the jury room or what they thought. Maybe one will write a book soon and tell us.
  9. Bleddy got one at the mo, Lateral flow says you can still kiss me.
  10. I am not sure what you are getting at there. I judged it on the facts presented to me. But maybe my upbringing, values and believes would always see him differently to others. Just like a jury.
  11. You are correct. We can argue about this forever. As an example. Chris Kyle, the "American Sniper" is revered in many quarters for what he did in Iraq. Others find him a cold killer after what, he alleges himself, he did to looters in New Orleans during Katrina. From reading about him, I have an opinion of a man who enjoyed shooting people. Because he could. Not who they were but just where they were at the time. Clint Eastwood obviously thinks the man is a charming, brave patriot who was angered by attacks on the US.
  12. This has been debated several times before. And each time it has ended up with conflicting data. Sport and football in particular are no different than any other walk of life where masses take part. When kids were dropping E's in the 90s, one or two died and the furore led to a Czar being appointed. Heard of them since? Apparently, and I can't prove this, 5 million spliffs are smoked each day in the UK. Some go on to be junkies others continue to mellow and carry on their mundane life. A cave explorer gets trapped and the world screams that these people are looneys. The amount of players involved in top flight football is probably double when the beer swilling lads used to play. Anyone ever go into the Cave on POW Road and see all the lads tucking into fryups before going to the bookies? But the players today are told and instructed to reach a certain level before they are considered. No more injections before they go out. If they don't reach a level then they don't play. So the law of averages says that certain players, 4 in 2000 say, cannot sustain the level required by their clubs. Its just something they have to come to terms with. Fleck for instance should now consider his future. It may not be at that level any more.
  13. Met her at away games and it seems daft to say but I felt kind of honoured to meet her. Nobody knew who the hell I was but Lil attracted a crowd.
  14. If we start with the same tactics and line up from last week's 2nd half then why would we want to change it? We totally dominated that 45 minutes. Its the first time all season and some want to change it?
  15. Its OK saying offload players but it isn't as easy as that. No doubt DS might wonder why we bought certain players. And after last week's second half, I doubt he will be looking at any of them to start, So we could end up with a few squad members not good enough for us and too expensive to loan out.
  16. Keep Charlies Angels and Scott and Bailey off the telly then.
  17. No reason to panic yet but I think they were wise to do what they have done. Once again some have said the vaccine is not quite good enough against this mutation. I hope they are wrong.
  18. Not so my friend. It wasn't self defence because there is a scale of self defence. Necessary force etc. It was about the state of Rittenhouse's mind at the time. Was he in imminent danger. The word danger would depend on what the alleged attacker was planning on doing. But it still came down to Rittenhouse, despite every other piece of evidence presented on his intent, telling the court he believed he was in danger. It doesn't even matter that he was illegally carrying an assault weapon. Jurisprudence at its narrowest.
  19. But there will be varying degrees of treatment even for antivaxers should they catch it. Its just not worth getting annoyed about those who will not have the jab even though I have not heard one reasonable argument not to.
  20. That is not correct. I am not going to keep explaining if you don't understand.
  21. Nobody can be excluded or asked to pay for health issues. Where would you draw the line?
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