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  1. He is nowhere near good enough to make it for Norwich City, the academy realised this but somehow made him a scholar. I played with him last year. He could make it in conference at a hopeful push.
  2. Paulo Maldini of course! He was originally right footed when he started his career for Milan.
  3.   He''s in charge of the information the club recieves from ProZone. Thats a lot of statistical stuff about their performance e.g. successful passes completed, their fitness e.g. recovery rates during the game, and effort e.g. how much they run off the ball, etc. He sits down with the players (or some of them at least) a day or two after the games and they watch their game, analyse themselves by discusing stuff and talk about what the statistics show e.g. too few passes fowards. I was on some sports leaders day at Carrow Road a while back and he did a presentation. Aparently the ball is normally out of play for something like 45 minutes each game, which shocked me as that shows you how rubbishly lacking injury time is.    ProZone or other performance analysis is amazing and it''s an essential part of any professional football club nowdays. If you check out Prozone''s website you can see what I mean looking at the testimonials section. 
  4. Aidy Boothroyd, Ian Dowie and Paul Ince were candidates I think. But this has been talked about all before. Can''t see any of them wanting to manage us now.
  5. Otsemobor as a right winger; I can see potential in this but he''ll just get completely lost and absent unless there is loads of space for him to run into. It''s worth a try maybe as a one off late in a game next season. I can see obvious problems in his crossing abilty as a winger as every time he crosses the ball normally its from a standing position. The only reason why he''s been suggested as a winger is because of his pace, but I can''t see him delivering the ball effectively to someones head on the move after beating an opponent. Otsemobor as a right back; I think he could do us a job at full back for us next season in league 1, and not many clubs are going to risk wanting to take him off us for whatever Norwich want for him money wise anyway. I may be mistaken but someone told me he was named in the league 1 team of the season at Crewe sometime ago. I think he would be a much better player if he was to push up and mark the opponents winger more tightly. Not many can beat him for pace so I can''t see him getting caught out too much as he can just recover. This would also encourage him to get stuck in and tackle more often, but that might be a flaw as he doesnt look to eager to make tackles normally, this has probably been trained out of him so he doesnt sell himself, but I think due to his pace he can easily make it back. This is one of his problems when defending in and around his area he stands off opponents too much and doesn''t get a foot stuck in front of the ball, so getting him to mark more tightly may improve him. Obviously he still needs to keep marking the space and position as before, but he needs to really get stuck in, pressure his opponent and tackle more to improve his confidence and thus his game.       Despite his frustrating lack of work rate and effort, he could be a good player in league 1. At CR he often can''t win with the fans as they shout at him to run everytime he gets the ball and when he does he just runs into dead ends. I am not a big fan of otsemobor to say the least but with the right encouragement he can do us a good job in league 1 next season.
  6. I am outraged at the possibilty of ref''s stopping games. High scoring games is what youth football is all about, and a large defeat can really show you a lot about a team. It is essential character building stuff. When I was playing at u-13 level we entered the u-14 cup as there was no u-14 team at my club at the time. At that time we were just a mid table average B league side and the older team we came up against were full of county standard players (I think). We lost the game 27-0 to Dereham Town yet we wern''t to downbeat about it as we lost as a team. The next season at u-14 level we won the B league giving out drubbings to other teams, with our biggest victory beating Red Rose 15-1. After that we remained a respectable A league team untill youth football leagues ended after u-16 level. Children must learn how to lose and it''s the way we react to these things which makes a player and the person who we are.
  7. Carney should not merit a place over Hoolahan in any team. It''s a shame how hoolahan was rated 14th best player in the football league last season by four four two and since joining Norwich he isn''t even nominated for this season''s list. From what I''ve been told by an Australian, Carney is fairly versatile anywhere down the left but is a one trick pony. Apparently the only reason he has got anywhere near the national team is because off australia''s distinct lack of naturally left footed players. We might as well try Lappin. Still, I havent passed my judgement on Carney yet as I havent seen him play. Hoolahan is one of the only players that has the ability to create chances/assists in our team. Carney is more of an out and out winger compared to Hoolahan who is more suited to a free role. There is no reason why they can''t be used in the same team. 
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