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  1. My Dad grew up in Suffolk so when he was  in his teens and thru to his twenties he supported his local team (Ipswich) they were doing alright in the 70''s.Well cause my Dad was in RAF i was born in Norwich when my Dad was at Coltishall and have lived in Norwich all my life.My Dad has a strong belief that you should follow your local team.Unfortnately for him he had to let me be a canaries fan as all my school friends were.Also he used to work in the old city stand in the Bar on match days before it was burnt down (I still blame him for the fire).It was difficult for him to persuade a 6 year old boy from not supporting NCFC. I wanted to go to watch football were daddy worked and also i wanted to follow the more successfull team bearing in mind one of my earliest memories was us winning the milk cup.And for all the ups and downs i have always followed the team ever since.I am getting quite excited about sitting in with the scummers on Sunday.Can i keep myself quiet and calm. I do sometimes get quite animated at games.Oh well i cant wait. Come on you Yellows.
  2. Me for one but i have seen on here that a few others are.Shocking they cant even sell out on derby day.
  3. Well i will be sitting in the scum end but i am going with my Dad so bring it on scummers.Actually my Dads an Ipswich fan so i am hoping he will protect me if i start singing along with the yellow army.A work colleague who is a scum season ticket holder got me the tickets. He said he has chosen a safe area of the ground for me :)
  4. My work colleague is a scummer season ticket holder. He can get me a ticket for the game on Sunday in the Ipswich end by the Away (City)fans.Ha Ha they cant even sell out a derby game :) My Dilema is as a beloved Norwich Fan should i take up the offer just so i can watch us beat them or should i stay at home and Listen to Neil Adams ?????????????
  5. So that means worthys new favourites are MLJ and Hughes plus old favourite flem Worthy too often picks on favouritism not form
  6. Its still better than Palace or Soton. If you look at this way you can say we have adjusted better to playing championship footie again. On last nights game the plus side of things were: 1 - Safri is different class and will make a huge difference even if he misses a few games for ANC this season 2 - Second half even the opposing manager agreed we outplayed them 3 - Greeno is worth at least 10 pts a season with his saves 4 - Most teams fear us and will always come to carrow road and try for the point 5 - Another night crewe would have lost by two or three goals 6 - In Marney we have someone who can deliver quality into the box On the negative side : 1 - Andy Hughes shows loads of commitment but no appreciation he may break someones legs 2 - Huckerby needs a megaphone so his team mates can hear him calling when he keeps getting into space. 3 - Without safri the midfield were not giving sufficient cover to the back four. So 2 pts not the start we wanted but the performances are improving and the palarse game cant come sooner.
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