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  1. Northern Suburbs of perth here been here for 10 years went back 6 years ago to get married at Carrow rd
  2. Was Working in a Retail store in Perth Australia when Gabrielle Batistuta Walked in only me and one other guy realized who it was but he was a very nice guy very polite and humble apparently was playing in the local amateur league under an assumed name just imagine turning out for you local team and having to mark him would be a little daunting.
  3. Give liejerhis due when hes fit he is a good player and i belive the tern is beggers cant be choosers
  4. Being an exiled fan in the land of Oz the is a guy named Mark Milligan is a holding midfield player/CB Played under Chipy at sydney a few years ago ozzes class and two young Wingers who play for Queensland Taj Minnechon and Robbie Cruze
  5. due to the time that the australian season finishes the teams that quailified for this Asian Champions league did so last season Newcastle Jets finished dead last this season!!
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