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  1. Evil Monkey that is 100% correct. Eloquently put! This board does seem to house many of those "i speak my mind so i''m cool c*ck types" for sure! But.......... my feelings are invalid cos i''m not up to 4 figures on my post count!
  2. well, glad you got that of your chest old boy! You could apply that viewpoint to the recruitment of absolutely any manager of staff! So? whats your point?
  3. you''ll be fine jacky boy. You''ve proved yourself as worthy of an opinion, you''re in triple figures on your post counter!!!!   The brigade will leave you alone!  
  4. oh no!!!! the "regular posters brigade are coming" What is it you all say????      "This message board is for opinions" or some rubbish like that. I''m offering an opinion on a subject that to be quite honest has to take some sort of blame, if only small for the current plight. To compromise the validity of my opinion based on a silly "post-counter" is really rather sad don''t you know? 
  5. what a shockingly rubbish analogy.  the differences between the job of football manager and aircraft pilot in terms of skill requirement cannot be compared. You made yourself sound a right plonker there my friend
  6. why the big fuss about experience? Glenn Roeder - very experienced - VERY crap, plus countless other examples i''m sure that i can''t be bothered to be sad enough to think of and list. Get over the whole whingey "we need a man with experience" thing
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