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  1. Excellent point southstand I think sometimes we are our own worst emeny, Leeds fans do not and I''m sure never will think of themselves as a small club even when they were in the 3rd tier. Yet when we were finishing 3,4 and 5th in the early days of the prem, playing in Europe I feel alot of our own fans thought as though we were doing well but I suspect secrectly just being happy that we were in the same league as the Man u''s etc of this world.  I think an attitude which alot of is actually of our own making that has done us no favours. Christ just look at the Wigan''s, Blackburn''s, Bolton''s etc of the prem, I believe a club of our size should be in the prem and not be ashamed of saying so.
  2. So its not just me then, and I''m afraid to say I to remember the 70''s. Not sure if I''m a moron or not, is that ok?
  3. And then of course we ran out of good home grown talent to sell for fat profits and as mentioned early we brought nothing but lower league players and guess what we ended up a lower league team after years and years in the top flight, which in the last 15 years or so have only managed to get back too once!
  4. Oh and the next time a little old lady tells me to keep it down (Sheff United) I will, cause we dont want to wake anybody up do we.
  5. Yeah thats right I mean the snakepit was full and jumping against Orient
  6. I dont care for Leeds and I''m glad they might of over done it and if we can take advantage of that over the weekend then all the better but if you went to the Orient game where not only the players but the fans couldnt be bothered (in fact at times it was almost embarassing) and even some of league games this season you would know exactly what I mean. I know it takes two to tango  but regardless of our performance or score, players do feed of the crowd.
  7. So your not that bothered about creating that sort of atmosphere at Carrow Road then?
  8. Now I know we all love to hate Leeds but I think its fair to say that it was a cracking cup match and Leed''s goal was an absolute screamer!  I think the gap in quality and class was there for all to see, but to Leeds defence they gave it everything they had (much like Norwich performing better than its sum parts, in other words the complete opposite of England!)  Yes they found another 15,000 fans for this game, but the noise level and atmosphere they created was fantastic, win, lose or draw the fans and the players clearly werent going to give Arsenal an easy ride.  It reminded me of the atmosphere we created when Bayern came to town, games the neutrals want to watch you cant help getting caught up in the vibe its addictive.  This season some of our games with virtually full houses its been like a morgue, but if we could get behind the team just that little bit more maybe just maybe we could help push them over that promotion line and if not at worst we will have shown just how much we care an that we can be as passionate as the Leeds, Newcastles, Liverpools etc of this world.  Christ I remember one away cup game in particular against West Ham where we didnt stop signing the entire game "David Stringers yellow and green army" and everytime there supporters started to sign we just got lounder and louder and completely drowned them out.  Ah the good old days!
  9. Nothing to do with Norwich I know but I have always taken a keen interest in our local teams.  I dont really know which club is in a higher league now as Lowestoft  have done extremely well in the last few years and Kings Lynn went backwards when they went into adminstration/broke and had to virtually start again.  I like to think that perhaps we could have another proffessional league club or two in the not to distant future, with the predicated population growth of the county more than capable of supporting them.  Surely that could only be good for the area and Norwich City, forging closer links with those clubs and with hardly any reserve games anymore the loaning of youth/fringe/coming back from injury players to get real game experience, match fitness etc.  In answer to the original question Kings Lynn or Lowestoft?
  10. Great report and much appreciated, but why do talk about yourself in the third person?
  11. Nice though it is, the GW stand is clearly to small when compared to the rest of the ground and would definately be the best option for redevelopement having said that trying to move some of the season ticket holders in there could be interesting (last time I sat in there against Sheff United the old lady sitting in front of me told me off for being a bit too, shall we say excitable!)  
  12. Nice though it is the GW stand is, clearly it is to small when compared to the rest of the ground and would definately be the best option for redevelopement having said that trying to move some of the season ticket holders in there could be interesting (last time I sat in there Sheff United the old lady sitting in front of me told me of for being a bit to, shall we say excitable!)  
  13. Thats what I heard as well but unfortunately I believe it was decided not to bother to put in the extra foundations etc needed to do this although at the time it was stated that there would have been little if any extra cost to do this.
  14. Call me crazy but did how did we miss out on signing Parkin who is exactly the sort of player we needed not just as cover for Holt but a potential starter in his own right for the same money we paid for Wilbraham, or is it just me who was surprized that Cardif'' managed to get him for that money?
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