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  1. Is McNamee starting?  I have never seen him have a good game when he''s started only when hes come on as a sub.
  2. I think Chris Martin has played quite well but badly needs a goal, I just hope Jackson can step up to the plate because to be fair I think he needs to show us a bit more.
  3. Under Chase (and yes he did do some good things) he got away with selling our best players for large profits and replacing them for cheaper an inferior players, topped up with a good youth policy bringing through young players that he could go on and sell for yet more profit.  What Chase failed to see was this was a policy that would eventually come back to bite us big time in the arse.  We kept putting together great teams only to dismantle them as soon as there was a bid on the table for any of our players whose stock had risen.  As pointed out Chase had that little old Norwich mentality and I and I''m sure many other fans fans used to dispare at the time, there really was no reason why we couldnt continue to compete if we could manage to hold onto some of our better players and please dont tell me it was because they all wanted to leave for bigger and better clubs because that was not the case, it was just down to "show me the money."  More importantly Chase also failed to see the changes coming, how big the Premeir league would become and therefore how important it was to stay in it and the amount of money involved in competing in what was to become arguably the biggest league in the world.  His attitude was "Ah well if we do get relegated no worries we will come back up next year"  The rest they say is history, and a stance we have yet to fully recover from.
  4. The boy can play, lets hope he starts today. Christ I''m a poet and didn''t even know it!
  5. [quote user="ZippersLeftFoot"] Many of our goals have been due to the central partners allowing the strikers too much space and not tracking properly.  They have performed well across the season but have had positional errors, moments of indecision and lapses in concentration  punished.  The Cardiff goal came from Whitbread being out maneouvred (lost header then turned & reacted slower) by Parkin and Barnett not being close enough to Chopra to allow the sweet effort by parkin - watching the goals we have conceeded over the last three months does show a repeated patten of a soft centre in the back 4 despite the overall good impression they create.  The rotation in partners does have a part to play in that but I would expect to see both individual improvements to cut out these errors as as well better understanding of each others positioning to reduce the amount we conceed.  2 from Whitbread, Barnett or Ward I think will be enough as long as they do sharpen - and there are signs this is impoving so no purchase needed for me. Up front we need to take a shot - not sure how we compare to other club but the proportion of efforts to the % of possession feels low - we should shoot more instead of trying to walk the ball into the net?  That seems to be a philosophy rather than a problem with the strikers.  We have 4,  getting anyone a step improvement better is likely to be very expensive.   The demand for me is more creativeness for better openings and more contributions from midfield to our goal tally.  Surman and Lansbury back would help that I think.   [/quote] Agreed to many soft goals and sometimes we over play it when whats needed is for someone just to put their foot through it.
  6. You know when you put it like that it just goes to show how tight it really is and gaining promotion is far from being a pipe dream.  This is really what I have referred to in earlier posts about the atmosphere at certain games, all our games from now on we as fans should turn them into cup finals, this really could be our year again.  Come on city!!
  7. sorry I put my post in the middle of yours!
  8. [quote user="RUDOLPH HUCKER"] Ten wins, six draws and four defeats would give us 80 points when 78 might be enough for automatic.   We need to up our home form as nine of those games are at home. We need to keep clean sheets (only six so far) and be patient while we seek to unlock deep defences with the bulk of possession.   If we stay in the running, April has some huge games and even now each game feels like a cup final. Ironically, the margin to miss the top six from an automatic spot is likely to be very small. This promises to be a real nail biter.   Lambert goes for the win both home and away and our away form is definately promotion standard. The analogy is simple, this is cup football and we have to look to win, win, win beginning with today.   You know when you put it like that it just goes to show how tight it really is and gaining promotion is far from being a pipe dream.  This is really what I have referred to in earlier posts about the atmosphere at certain games, all our games from now on we as fans should turn them into cup finals, this really could be our year again.  Come on city!!   Eight clean sheets between now and the end of the season would probably be enough because we almost always score. The answer lies with our defence and with four quality fit centre halves, Ruddy finding his feet and with our quality full backs we have to be optimistic.   The run in has begun. Sheffield United deserve to be doubled. Come on City! [/quote]
  9. [quote user="IncH_HigH "] I like old cloggers. Hucks, Dublin, Iwan etc [/quote] So do I, just not in short skirts!
  10. Is it possible for us as a team to still play the way we do with attacking football, add to the squad with another goal scorer to help out Grant (or even someone to supply the ammunition) and still be able to tighten up at the back without distracting from the way we play?  We know we have good center halfs, full backs, Ruddy''s coming good and we do score alot of goals but still I believe we concede to many and often end up chasing games.  Can we have our cake and eat it or is it one or the other?
  11. Shuck you make some very valid points, we all love the idea of young hungry players or the big name players but there is alot to be said for experience. If it had been Gunn talking about it I would dispare as its Lambert I think I''ll trust his judgement whether it is Brown or someone else.
  12. I have a sneaky feeling that Surman might get a run out, hope so!
  13. 1) Firstly no one knows how much money we really have to spend. 2) However much that is I''m am sure Lambert will get in the best possible player he can for that, whether thats Bennet, Morrison or whoever 3) No one is suggesting we spent more money that we can afford or to put us into serious financial trouble 4) We do however have a real chance of getting back to the big time and surely thats worth "going for it" 5) Worst case scenario we end up with a quality player that we might have to sell if we dont get promoted. 6) McNally can give us 90 million reasons why I believe we should go for it. 7) With the Championship as it is this year with no one running away with it you tell when we going to if ever get a better chance at promotion.
  14. City till I die, Christ what is it with all these negative vibes!  McNally and the board aren''t stupid and I''m sure they realise what a great chance we have of getting promoted if we can add just that little bit extra.  Who that might be, on a loan or permanent even possibly 2 players I dont know but I am quite happy to leave those particular decisions down to Lambert.  I think some people on here are missing the point/bigger picture and just want to split hairs.  Anyone watch Britains worst neighbours last night, know what I mean?
  15. Darren I agree but I''m hoping we get a new signing for that, Lansbury just adds that little bit more quality than say Korey in that position.
  16. If we do complete a signing  today/later in the day would that be in time for the weekend, presumably if they have passed their medical they could go straight into the squad for the Sheff game?
  17. Lansbury is a quality footballer with a killer pass and an excellent footballing brain, he reads the game well, gets stuck in and has a good shot. Personally without sounding harsh Lansbury over Korey all day long, much better end product.
  18. Good luck and I hope he comes back a better player for it.  In days gone by we have produced some fantastic young players but at the age of 21 he needs to be stepping upto the plate if hes going to make at this level.  Recently many of our youth player have flattered to deceive and have fallen down the leagues but producing our own players for a club like Norwich I believe is the best way forward and opening up these new centres can only be a good thing.  If you are good enough then your old enough and when players like Edie, Bellamy, Sutton, Green, Fox etc etc broke onto the scene you just knew how good they were going to be.  I''m not sure I can say the same for many of our young home grown players which is a shame but I would love to be proved wrong.
  19. Simply put, he gets the best out of every player, gets them playing for each other and as a team, believing in themselves and what they can achieve and in turn they will run through brick walls for him.  In one word he''s a "Winner" 
  20. Me too and I think he''s a real handful and for a big man he''s got a good touch.  Can unsettle defences, hold the ball up, good in the air and scores goals.  Whats not to like, unless your picking up the food bill!
  21. Now Mello Yello if that isnt value for money I dont know what is!
  22. Why do people think I am moaning about the atmosphere at Carrow Road?  We have a great stadium, fans, team, manager etc but all I''m saying is with that all in place how bad as fans do we really want it?
  23. But thats not true is it Dreamteam, there are some grounds that are well know for being intimidating and Carrow Road on the odd occassion can be also, but not often.  Lambert is hardly going to say any different in all fairness is he.  You say pointless thread but I beg to differ, when exactly was the last time we have had such a great oppotunity to get back to the land of milk and honey with no teams in particually running away with it?  If we as fans can get behind our team just that little bit more that in turn could possibly bring us an extra point or two then surely that cant be a bad thing?
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