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  1. [quote user="TheCanaryFan"][quote user="The Puppet Man"]based on the fact you''ve played 39 years of a game im going to say no[/quote] I can do an entire season in one day if Ive got nowt else on! So thats not as bad as it seems.... [/quote]it is considering than 39 whole days do nothing else
  2. based on the fact you''ve played 39 years of a game im going to say no
  3. my friends little brother whilst we were in the premiership saw all of the wins, saw no loses and i think the only draw he went to was middlesborough 4-4.the only game he''s been to since then is sheffielf united this year
  4. [quote user="Georgie Bless"][quote user="The Puppet Man"]grounds upfront and cureton leftback problem solved[/quote] Left back in the changing rooms [:P] [/quote]i was waiting for that one and can''t we leave him in qpr dressing room for the rest of the season
  5. grounds upfront and cureton leftback problem solved
  6. ---------------Marshall----------------semmy---doherty---shackell---groundscroft-----------clingan-----------lappin--------hoolahan------adeyemi-------------------------cort-------------------
  7. [quote user="Largey"]There were 2 players who were clearly and are clearly a cut above the rest, and that was Clingan and Hoolahan. Clingan is very smart, if we lose him in the summer we will be in serious trouble.He is creative, aggressive, great passer (you dont see him blast a pass past the teammate and into the stand behind), and for a small lad he has a big part to play in the game.   Same for Hoolahan basically, creative, good crosser, great skills and dribbling around players. He was the only creation we had out there.     [/quote]thats 2 players we wouldn''t have next year
  8. w[quote user="lucky green trainers"]i''m not voting for any of the *******!!! shower of ****[:@][/quote]well aren''t you in a good mood
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