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  1. Although initially I didn''t like the idea of Gunny as the gaffer, I''m now starting to warm to the idea. The most important think we need at the moment is an element of stability. Gunny offers us that. Next, and just as important is that the players seem to be behind his appointment and want to win for him. He''ll have sound advice from Deehan and hopefully Chippy has learnt a few tricks on his travels. Finally I wouldn''t be surprised to see him turn to Sir Alex for a little bit of help. I can see our next signing being someone like Danny Welbeck on loan

  2. I''ve no idea when the right time is. I''m just sharing what I''ve been told with you. These are the facts I know.

    1) My source  is good friends with 2 senior players at the club

    2) One of these players told him yesterday that Boothroyd is going to be the new gaffer and it''ll be announced today at 8:45am

    3)I''ve spoken to my source again today after there was no major announcement and he assured me that the info is still correct but the club are just waitin for the right moment to announce it

    I believe what my source is telling me and really hope that it''s the truth

    Time will tell, but I wouldn''t keep posting this if I didn''t believe it to be correct

    Why would I want to make myself look a dick by posting utter tosh???

  3. Not often I post on here but I thought that obviously this is worth sharing

    There should be an official announcement made today at around 8.45am stating that Aidy Boothroyd has agreed to become our new gaffer

    My source is a guy at work who is good mates with a few of the players.

    2 senior players told him this info yesterday and he told me as soon as he saw me tonight

    I would have posted earlier when I 1st found out but I''ve only just got in from work.

    Also apparently this whole Worthy story has just been a load of mis-interpreted bollocks which has been blown way out of proportion by the press

    The bonus of it all is that it''s allowed the Boothroyd deal to be finalised quietly behind the scenes

    I''m 99% sure my source is correct and hopefully I''ll wake up in the afternoon to find out that all the info I''ve given you is true


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