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  1. From what I heard tonight from a customer at work, Russell''s move to Burnley should be completed by Thursday for a fee of 650kLast week Preston had a bid of 500k accepted by Norwich, which was then matched by Burnley but Norwich rejected Burnley''s original offer as they''re now a premiership club and Norwich felt they should be able to squeeze a little bit more out of them.Luckily Burnley have upped their offer and it should all be concluded shortlyI feel that we were lucky they did up their offer and should''ve been more than happy to accept the original bid of 500k as the whole deal could have collapsed over 150kHopefully the money received will go straight into the transfer kitty

  2. Just like I posted a few days ago mate. Neither Clingan or Russell wants to leave put the club wants them off the wage bill.Russell I''m not fussed about but it''s a tough one with Clingan.Do you keep him for 1 more season and lose him on a free or cash in on him now and hopefully improve the squad with a couple more players?Personally I''d go for the latter

  3. I see where you''re both coming from.

    The only reason I believe this guy is because I know for a fact that he knows the player in question and speaks to him on a fairly regular basis

    He also told me a while ago about the fact we were supposed to be getting Boothroyd as manager way before anything came out in the press

    The only reason this didn''t happen was because Norwich decided to only offer him a deal until the end of the reason.

    I''ve no probs if people don''t believe what I''m posting as there''s so much rumour flying about at the moment, but believe me I have no intention of posting rubbish and making myself look stupid.

  4. Even though it''s fairly obvious to all that Russell and Clingan will both be leaving for pastures new soon, I thought I''d share some info that I found out last night.

    Apparently neither player wants to leave but the club have told them both that they''re being sold regardless to reduce the wage bill and bring in some much needed transfer funds.

    Both players are stalling on deals offered from various clubs as they don''t really want to leave and are settled in the area.

    The fact that they''re both on a decent wage probably has something to do with it too.

    Supposedly most of the rebate money has already been taken up by player wages thus the reason the club are desperate to get both players set up with new clubs.

    Personally I couldn''t care less if Russell was to go but I''d like to see Clingan stay.


  5. I heard tonight from a guy at work who does business with a couple of players that both Russell and Clingan will be leaving shortly.Clingan will be going to either Coventry or Cardiff for 600kRussell will be going to either Palace or Sheff UtdNorwich are trying to do a deal with Palace involving Lee but there''s still a couple of details to be worked outRussell wants to go to Palace as it''ll take him closer to his family but he''s got the Sheff Utd offer on the table in case it all falls throughBoth deals should go through by the end of the week

  6. I''m not overally happy with his appointment but I have felt for a long time that this would happen as it was the easy cheap option.It''s obvious that we couldn''t afford to pay off the management team and start again from scratch.The only way this will work is if Gunn is backed 100% by the board and is given every penny possible to spend on assembling our new squad.I believe that this will happen as the board are now drinking in the last chance saloon as far as most fans are concerned and surely realise that they can''t mess things up again.Some of us already believe that last orders has been called!I''ll still be at the games giving the team 100% support, but that doesn''t have to mean I like/agree with all the recent decisions that have been made.I''m willing to give Gunn and his team the chance to get us back up into the championship but I feel that if after 10 games or so we''re not in the top 6, then the shit will really hit the fan

  7. I have to say that last night the support was the best I''ve seen for a long time. Despite the players giving it a good go in the 1st half, the lack of quality in the team was there for all to see.

    As you rightly said, even if the fans give their all for the team, it''s the players that either win or lose and unfortunately all season we haven''t been good enough.

    I''m sure the players would prefer to hear us encouraging them rather than booing, but if they''re simply not good enough, the loudest support in the world isn''t going to make the slightest bit of difference to the final score.

  8. How will Gunn play it for the big game?

    Will he try and keep it tight whilst getting the Barnsley score relayed to him or go all out for the win?

    I''d personally like to see him go for a 3 pronged attack of Gow, Lee and Mooney/McDonald and play Lappin, Russell and Clingan in a 3 man midfield

    Carney should never be seen in Norfolk again, let alone a Norwich shirt

    Although I suspect we''ll see Gunn keep a similar team to last night and just pray for a miracle

  9. Does anyone know for sure who our highest earners are at the club?

    I''d imagine the likes of Marshall, Drury, Clingan, Croft, Fotheringham and Cureton are all up there

    Will the club have been smart enough to have put a relegation wage drop into there contracts, or could they just sit around next season still picking up a decent wage if we fail to offload them?

    Also does anyone have an idea of what an average wage bill is for a league 1 team is?

  10. What kind of deal do you think it would take for her to call it a day and sell up?

    I personnally can''t see it happening in the near future as I don''t believe she wants to sell.

    From what I''ve heard from a few people, she feels responsible and wants to be the clubs "saviour" and turn it around herself (with her husband too)

    With this kind of attitude I really can''t see where any changes are going to come from

  11. Just a couple of things I heard at the match yesterdayFirstly Croft really wants to stay in Norfolk and is just waiting to be offered a new contract, but Norwich are waiting until they know what league they''ll be in next season before they offer another dealSecondly Gunny is just a smokescreen manager who is just filling in until Butterworth takes over fulltime next season

  12. I''ve been going to Carrow Road for quite a few years now and I have to say that I thought yesterday''s vocal support was probably one of the worst efforts I''ve seen for a long time. I''m not sure whether it was nerves or a lack of passion shown by the team, but it seemed the most lacklustre atmosphere in a long timeI realise that sometimes all us fans need some enthusiasm from the players to get us going, but surely sometimes we should take it upon ourselves to try and start an atmosphere. It seems like this season we only bother to sing 2/3 songs and are generally quiet for long periods of the game.I really think we need to make the next 2 home games a cracking and intimidating atmosphere regardless of how the team is playing

  13. In the last 2 games I believe that Gunny hasn''t helped us one bit with his poor substitutions.Against Burnley, why he took Cort off when he was our best chance of getting something out of the game I don''t know. He didn''t look injured or tired. Then after he''d took off our targetman, he decided to bring on our young pacey striker. What was the point when he was never going to get a chance to run on to any flicks from KillenThen once again yesterday he left it far too late with his subs. After we''d scored , we had a good period of pressure up until the 60ish minute.The crowd was behind the team, we were and the up and it was crying out for Gunny to bring on the young kid Daley in place of Cureton so we could really try and take advantage of the pressure.But no, yet again he waited until we had lost the momentum and were on the back foot until he made the changes.I firmly believe that had he made changes in both games earlier than he did, then the outcome of both games would have been different.

  14. Even though it seems the majority are a bit annoyed at his sale, in reality it makes good sense.The player wanted to move for personal reasons.Even though I don''t doubt his commitment, it''s better for him and us that he''s moved on.In our position we don''t want players in our ranks that are unhappy, for whatever reason.His sale allows us to pay the remaining money owed to Luton, offer Crofty a good new deal and fund signings for new player/s.Even though I doubt we made much profit on him, it''s still a good deal if you can see the big picture.Hopefully before the deadline passes we''ll have managed to secure the signature of Purse + a striker and have Crofty signed up on a new deal.I don''t believe that would have been able to happen unless we''d have managed to bring in additional funds.Hopefully it''ll all turn out for the best in a few days time.
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