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  1. I''ve just been listening to the Npower Football League podcast and I feel it''s raised an interesting point..There was an interview in the podcast with a guy called Dave Allison (sp?) who''s the head of the football league referees.During the interview, Dave was talking about how clubs now have the right to contact him if they''ve got a problem with a refereeing decision made during a game.He would look at the incident and then explain to the manager why the referee made the decision, regardless of if it was the correct one.He then mentioned how decisions are highlighted from many different angles on tv which the ref doesn''t get to see which can prove if the correct decision was made or not and he was alluding to our recent derby game with Ipswich.Steve Claridge then said that it had recently happened during the Norwich v Ipswich game, obviously regarding the Jackson penalty incident. It was said that the ref couldn''t have given the pen from the angle that he saw it, but basically when it was seen from another angle that it was the wrong decision not to give it.Dave Allison then said that when things like that happen, he''ll sit down with the ref in question and go through ways he can improve his positioning, etc... so that if the same kind of incident was to arise again, the ref would be able to have a better chance of making the correct decision.My point is that surely if this kind of scenario arises when clearly a wrong decision has been made, shouldn''t there be some kind of retrospective action taken to try and correct the wrong decision that was made? Shouldn''t Jackson get his yellow card for a supposed dive resinded as it''s been proven afterwards that the wrong decision at the time was made.Obviously Jackson getting wrongly booked could have led to a suspension meaning the team would have been punished twice. Once for the incorrect decision during the game and secondly for having to be without a player for a game due to a suspension when they shouldn''t have been.The interview was around 45 mins into the podcast if anyones interested.

  2. Tonight I had a chat with a current player from our club at my

    workplace. We came onto the subject of Lansbury and if there''s any

    chance of us keeping him till the end of the season.He said that apparently Lambert has already spoken to Wenger about this and that the signs are looking good.Supposedly

    Wenger is prepared to let it happen as long as Lansbury stays in the

    1st team picture and keeps getting exposure to the game.Lansbury

    is more than happy to stay as he already knows the area and realises

    that staying will be of long term benefit to his career.Fingers crossed it all works out well.

  3. Does his yellow today now mean he''s out for Tues jpt game with Swindon?Seemed to me that it was a planned booking as we all suspected he might try and do last weekI bet Lambert wanted him available for today just in case the potential banana skin scenario came true and he views Tues game as less important.

  4. Apparently he was on the show last week trying to get viewers to vote for his sister in x factor or whatever show it is. The deal was he had to sing himself on the show, which he did.This week he sent in a video of him and some teammates singing again. Mcveigh was playing guitar but did anyone else work out who was in the background?Next week soccer am said they will send a camera to film them properly and if Russell wants people to keep voting for his sister then he''s got to get Delia to do some mc''ing and say lets be havin you!!!

  5. It could well have been me that you saw!!I was trying to be reserved and well behaved in the box, but it''s never that easy when you''re passionate about the team.Also when you''re used to sitting in the Barclay snd singing all the songs then it''s even more annoying to try and behave yourself.I like to think that yesterday I managed to bring a usually dull box to life, at least for a little bit

  6. I had the fortune to be invited on a works do yesterday which was part of a sponsorship package. We had a tour of the stadium, free drinks all day, a meal in Delia''s and got to watch the match from the directors box.I was a little bit apprehensive to start with as I thought it''d be rubbish compared to sitting in my usual seat in the Barclay, but it was a really good day out.I was sitting 2 rows behind Delia and Michael Wynn-Jones and the one thing I''ll say about them is that they are both true, passionate Norwich fans. They were both clapping and singing and getting involved in the action. Wynn-Jones went crazy at the ref when he did nothng after Bailey kicked out at Holt. The view we had from the box was amazing and you could clearly see he meant to do it and it should definately have been a straight red.A few other things I noticed from our view was that Lambert and his assistant are both really motivated and determined and we are definatelt lucky to have them in my opinion. Lambert was kicking every ball and him and his assistant were constantly giving out orders and instructions during the game. It''s obvious that Lambert has set the team some really high standards. I did see him get warned by the 4th official after about 20mins or so for throwing his water bottle to the ground in disgust, but I wasn''t sure was had annoyed him.Forster''s kicking and general distribution was very poor today and for me he looked short of confidence and his defence didn''t seem to have much confidence in him either. Drury was as steady as ever and Askou didn''t really do much wrong either. I don''t think Spillane is the answer to partner Askou. He''s better than Nelson but I feel we could do with getting a player in on loan as his pace isn''t great and his height really lets him down in that position. I''d like to see him given a decent run at right back.Otsemobor was up to his usual tricks again. Both goals came from players he should have been marking and had lost. He seems so disintertested at times and on many occasions Lambert was screaming instructions across to him. He surely must be drinking in the last chance saloon.The central midfield was very good today and totally outplayed Charlton at times, although to be fair it seemed like Charlton were happy for us to have the ball all day long and to try and break them down as they knew we didn''t have much creativity and they could hit us on the break. Both wide players were poor for me today. Lappin must have played his worst game of the season. I lost count of the amount of times he gave the ball away and for Daley I just can''t see the point of playing him at the moment. He was totally anonymous for most of the game. I''m sure he''ll turn out to be a decent player but I don''t think he''s ready for 1st team footy yet. I''d have him on the bench to bring on when the opposition defence is tired.Hoolahan had a good game and it was a close call between him and Holt for the mom award. He played well considering he''s been out of the 1st team picture for a while. As always he looked our most creative player.Holt''s work ethic and commitment was great again and I''m sure he''ll end up with 20 goals for us this season. The problem is that he needs some help. He can''t be expected to try and do everything every game. He needs someone to run off him and I feel that he needs to have the ball played into his feet more often. He''s ok in the air and is always going to be a threat from set pieces, etc... but I don''t feel that constantly pumping high balls up to him for 90 mins is the way to play him. His jumping isn''t great and most defenders will be able to deal with him in the air.The main thing I could notice from being in the box was how much we look like a team of midgets and how much we are lacking in pace. I''d love to see us start getting it on the ground more often, but I don''t know if we''ve got the players capable of doing it. I''m not sure we''ll keep with yesterday''s formation as it''s clear Holt needs someone alongside him. I''d still like to see Wes in the team but I''m not sure where to fit him in. Possibly left wing looks the best bet.Overall it was a good team performance and the future definately looks better under Lambert than it ever did under Gunn
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