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  1. I received 2 tickets through the post for qpr away today. Nice you might think but very strange considering I hadn''t even ordered them!

    They''ll be sent straight back to the box office in the morning but I still find it a bit worrying that this has happened. Someone is obviously waiting somewhere for those tickets and they''ve probably already had the £70 taken out of their bank account.

  2. I have to say it''s getting more and more predictable and pathetic when it comes to selecting the England team. If a young gk who has ZERO experience above league 2 in domestic football can get selected above a gk who has just finished a solid season of PREMIERSHIP football then what''s the point of ever hoping to become an England international?

    I admit butland has a lot of potential and has just had a decent olympics, but surely the fact that hodgson has seemed to have bought into the mass media hysteria regarding butland must feel like a massive kick in the balls to ruddy and possibly any other player hoping that a decent season of premiership football might get them an England shot.

    Also would the likes of Bertrand or caulker be anywhere near the england squad if they played for say wba or stoke? I highly doubt it.

    Rant over!

  3. I was told tonight by a respectable source that we''ve got a budget of 7mil for this transfer window. That includes transfer fees, wages, signing on fees and agent fees. We''re apparently having a big issue with the wages players are asking for and It''s already scuppered 1 deal so far. Lambert is reluctant to buy players for the short term and doesn''t want to put the club at risk of signing players on too bigger wages in case the worst happens and we get relegated.
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