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  1. Being reported that spurs have accepted a bid from Swansea for kyle naughton. I guess that this''ll mean there''s no move in the pipeline for olsson.
  2. Linked with him today as a long term replacement for Redmond. Sure he''s got potential but not exactly what we need right now in my opinion. They make it sound like Redmond is about to retire! Then again I suppose it is the Sun.
  3. Just seen in the sun that Neil has refused to send grabban back to Bournemouth on loan. Must want to give everyone a clean slate I guess. Good decision I think.
  4. So supposedly we''ve got a 3 man shortlist Who could they be? Obviously phelan. After that maybe sherwood and garcia/rosler Warnock is not being considered from what I read.
  5. Just read elsewhere that the booing was from the Watford fans. I still stand by my earlier statement though!!
  6. Because unfortunately some of our "fans" don''t have many brain cells
  7. Can''t make the game today due to work but is there anyway to listen to the game live on the internet?? Help would be much appreciated
  8. I have a spare ticket available for tomorrow. Let me know if you''re interested
  9. Someone was talking about it on the coach to the game today. As I said it''s probably a load of rubbish. Just wondered if anyone else had heard anything similar.
  10. Re hughton getting sacked. I''ve heard today that if we''re in the bottom 3 and sack hughton, we don''t have to pay him any compensation but if we''re out of the bottom 3 and sack him it''ll cost us 4 mil. Probably a load of rubbish but could go some way to explaining why we''ve yet to act.
  11. Due to work I now have a spare ticket for tomorrows game Lower barclay, block E Anyone interested please let me know
  12. along with extended highlights too I''d hope (although I''m not sure it''ll happen)
  13. Some fantastic goals there. I hope no one missed them
  14. about to be shown on ssn Whether they show our game yet I don''t know
  15. More of the same on Sunday please A left footer on the left and a right footer on the right!!
  16. So it took Murphy to spark us into life. He''s obviously not been Hughtonisd yet!!!
  17. [quote user="Dr.Pepper"]It''s like Glen roeder is back! No creativity and our players don''t seem allowed to go out of their position areas. Once you see any manager ever play a player like hoolahan on the wing you have to realise they know nothing.[/quote] and then center mid as well! Why would you change his position at half time when he was the best player in the first half? Square pegs, round holes Hughton clearly isn''t an attack minded manager and has no clue whatsoever on how to change a game
  18. This is getting embarrassing!! Has Hughton lost the players confidence or did he ever have it in the first place? What''s tonight''s excuse going to be I wonder?
  19. According to the Scottish express I imagine we''re testing the water before going back in with a higher bid. Personally i wouldn''t want to see us pay anymore than 6mil.
  20. I read that the original offer was 3 mil upfront + 2 mil in add ons. An insulting offer if there ever was one! It wouldn''t surprise me if the 2nd offer was along similar lines but with a bit more cash upfront. All seems like dirty tactics to unsettle ruddy and make him demand a transfer if you ask me.
  21. Good. If they really want him then they need to stump up the cash and stop messing around with all this 3mil +add ons rubbish. Pay 10mil+ up front or feck off and stop unsettling our number 1 !!!
  22. Sorry for another Holt thread but Holt to Wigan for 4 mil is the newest rumour today if you believe what you read in the papers ( which I don''t)
  23. Huddersfield close to tying up a deal for the pair for a combined fee of 2.5mil according to one of the morning papers. Surely vaughan should command that fee on his own. I don''t think that either of them have a future here but surely we have no need to sell any of our players on the cheap.
  24. 26 6ft 4. I wonder if bassong had a word?
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