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  1. Considering maddison himself has liked the post linking him with Leicester I think it''s safe to say that he won''t be around much longer.
  2. https://www.thesun.co.uk/sport/football/6083509/james-maddison-profile-premier-league-transfer/amp/?__twitter_impression=true Good write up about the main man. I guess that his agent is drumming up interest for a summer move. All that can be said is that it''s been a pleasure watching madders do his thing this year in what''s been an otherwise uninspiring season.
  3. That was definitely the case on Sunday but in general I think it could be a boost to the team to kick towards the Barclay in the 2nd half
  4. I believe that on Sunday Ipswich won the toss (That''s all they''re ever likely to win!) and chose to make us kick towards the Barclay in the 2nd half. Is this something that we should be looking to do on a regular basis and does it really make a difference or not? Personally I prefer it as I feel that it seems to get the more vocal fans involved in the 2nd half when most of the time the team really needs the crowds support.
  5. A lot of what you say is in agreement with the recent Jake Humphrey podcast I watched. It''s good to see fans talking sense. Here''s the link for anyone wanting to watch. https://youtu.be/zATolh1awBs No idea how to make a clicky I''m afraid.
  6. https://twitter.com/BBCSport/status/952319096409931776
  7. So it now seems that it''s official according to mashiter on Twitter. Such a shame that once again we''ve undersold another potentially top player. Oh well, let''s get used to championship mediocrity
  8. He''s been talking to the fans in the terrace today. Says that he won''t be involved under farke again. Will go out on loan, there''s a plan in place for him to be involved with the club after his playing days are over and that Hanley will be a future club captain. Maddison will stay till at least the summer.
  9. Hasn''t that been included in the transfer deadline?
  10. Possibly yes, but it would seem that in two summer transfer windows he''s been massively under backed by the board and left to deal with the consequences. Will he feel that it''s worth continuing to work with 2 hands tied behind his back?
  11. No backing from the board ( in this window anyway ) Has the board lost faith in him and vice versa. Have the board purposely not backed him as they''ve lost trust in him? Would it be best for both parties to part ways?
  12. Ssn reporting that we''ve rejected a 3mil bid from West ham Surely worth more than that! He''ll be a major player for us this season in my opinion
  13. Has tweeted that we''re looking at getting a cf in from the French league to replace hooper when he goes on loan to sheff wed. No names mentioned though.
  14. [quote user="Fuzzar"][quote user="super dave"]That''s what we''re looking for according to james nursey on twitter. Adobe + Walters/murray + cb +? That''s what I''d guess anyway.[/quote] I hear he''s also a bit of an acrobat. [/quote] Quality! Bloomin auto correct. I never even noticed :)
  15. That''s what we''re looking for according to james nursey on twitter. Adobe + Walters/murray + cb +? That''s what I''d guess anyway.
  16. A site on twitter is now saying that we''ve made a substantial bid for him. Footy accumulators. Normally quite on the money.
  17. I would be very surprised if he goes anywhere this season. If a move does happen it''s very likely to be either Leeds or Huddersfield
  18. We''ve just put in a 4mil bid according he SSN
  19. There''s about 75 threads on the 1st page alone ;)
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