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  1. just a quick reminder folks well be back on friday for smackdown
  2. true true id rather nowich be in blue square than support scum
  3. [quote user="Camuldonum"] [quote user="CanaryJames"]What I mean is what are the chances of what could well be the bottom 8 all playing each other on the final day? Mystery may have been the wrong word, perhaps intrigue would of been more suitable? Or something else? Likelihood, feasibility or probability do anything for you?[/quote]   Can''t help.  It took seven and a half million years for Deep Thought to come up with 42 as the answer to Life, The Universe and Everything. You could feed it in to Deep Thought and hang about for the answer. [/quote]   if only 42 points was the answer to how many we needed to stay up would be a much brighter situation then
  4. [quote user="Dr. Downs"]His name works f*cking great to the Gabby Agbonlahor song tune though! Good times on FIFA, i miss my Xbox, bloody UPS havent picked it up yet. Anyway back on topic why did Fulham take Omuzusi back?  He may have been lacking in the middle but was a great RB and now we really need someone like him to put a challenge in. He''ll be seeing his old team mates from Crewe next year though! [/quote]   indeed those time on xbox are good arnt they[:)] they better hurry up and pick it up and on topic yeah  why did they take him back he was playing a hell of alot better than otsemobor
  5. cheerleaders all match would be more interesting and possibly even worth paying money to watch
  6. i thought when he first started in his first few games he was an excellent signing as him and crofty were linking up and playing with each other very well but then he just got lazy and coudnt be bothered like the majority of team and board for that matter
  7. haha i agree it would be worth getting relegated to get rid of delia she has ruined ncfc [:(]
  8. :o those fixtures dont look like to much good news really but hopefully we will be out of this situation by then
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