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  1. Damn, I wish Hucks was immortal! Watching the video just reminded me of that feeling of sheer excitement and anticipation you got whenever he touched the ball. Awesome, Thanks for the memories Darren and I hope this takes off the way you want it too! Good luck!
  2. i went last year and enjoyed a beer pitchside! plastic ''glass'' of course but there didn''t seem to be any problem with it!
  3. This time next year newsnow will have us nicely slotted between newcastle and stoke!
  5. Spillane, no pace? Really? You actually ever seen him? To me, he looks pretty quick, very tough in the challenge, "two" good feet (which is a rare commodity these days), he''s strong in the air and whats more he seems to have a little more desire to make an impact when he gets forward! I haven''t seen Russell Martin have too many great games either, he seems lethargic to me and certainly clueless going forward. I just think that because Otsemobor was so dire that we''d think bollard positioned in the right back slot would be a God send! Spillane is a better player, i''m sure of that. Haven''t seem enough of him but when i have he''s impressed me with the above mentioned attributes! I think had he not pulled up with a hamstring injury he''d still be in the team to be honest as lambert seemed keen.Also, having an opinion that a bench player is a better option than a current first-teamer doesn''t mean he''s being scapegoated as far as I''m concerned. I''d never boo him, or slate him at the game, however, i would prefer Spillane to be playing!
  6. Has anybody got tickets for the home section. Really want to go to this one but being sold out, a "home" ticket is the only option i guess
  7. No brainer for me, Spillane all day long
  8. looking at the photo of that trophy, i can''t believe we put lee crofts name on last season! gutted!
  9. yep, for me he''s a bigger hero than hucks (sorry hucks). Actually feel quite lucky to have seen him play for city to be honest. I''ll never forget seeing him run towards the city fans to take a throw at Leeds when we were relegated with tears in his eyes. Compare that to the charlton lot last year!
  10. I would be truly gutted to see him go. Was pretty much in tears when i knew he was coming back. He was my boyhood hero and an absolute genius with the ball at his feet. The best footballer i have ever seen in a city shirt for me!
  11. 6 wins mathematically, 4 or realistically i reckon!
  13. any news? is it bad? will he be out for long? what has he injured?P.S. apologies to the thread police if this is already out there somewhere!
  14. leeds scum spainboy, what a wazzock what a wazzock, leeds scum spainboy, what a wazzock, what a wazzockHEY, even IF you win your 2 in hand, that''ll put you 3 points ahead of us and with you to come to fortress carrow road! be afraid spainboy, be very afraid, you''re gonna finish 3rd, lose in the playoff final and you, and your team know it which is why they''re capitulating!!!!! hahaha, couldnt happen to a nicer club!
  15. FFS, no need to be so menstrual. If the question in the OP offends you that much just ignore it. It''ll reduce your stress levels!!!!!
  16. are gonna end up regretting their greedy, "i''m too good for league 1" attitude within a couple of years or so i reckon. I genuinely don''t think i would even put croft on the bench in this current squad, marshall would be behind forster and rudd for me. Clingan, well, i''ll give in on that one, it''d be a tough call between him and russell for me, but since he couldn''t wait to get out either, then i''ll stick with rusty!I know this is a bit irrelevant but it pleases me when a player jumps ship only for that ship to soon pass them by and if we can keep together i can easily see us surpassing coventry, derby and cardiff in the not too distant future!
  17. ellow nayel, woss gorn orn up coeney nayel, what doo thee doo? My point is, ellow nayel, nice carmentry nayel, an that rob noomun, i jus dont know why evrybardy get off on is back, he''s juss brilliant an i love im! well done to all the boys nayel
  18. They were all men of the match yesterday, and the spirit and desire they showed, summed up by the goal celebrations, it looked like they all joined in just about, was a real credit to each and every one of them. However a couple of those saves by forster were immense, he had no right to save them and is the first time i''ve seen a keeper perform like that in a city shirt since greeno in our championship title season. He deserved it today as did many others.
  19. don''t really see where the irony is there to be honest!
  20. When you look back now at his time here and compare that to how effective McNally comes across, the gulf is incredible on all levels, and, to be honest i almost feel grateful that we came out of Doncaster''s stewardship having only fell as low as the third division i think.
  21. there are certainly a lot of people on here living in fantasy football world. There is no way, even if he were on a 3 year contract right now that you''d get anymore than 750k for him. No way. Not many players leave league 1 clubs for more than a million!
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