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  1. Aren''t people missing the point here that slating players and then bigging them up to the stars are two of the main pleasures of being a football fan. The reason football is fun is that there are ups and downs, good days and bad days, promotion seasons and relegation seasons, players playing brilliantly and players having shockers. It''s what makes it interesting. If football fans can''t have a go at players for being pants one month and then call for them to be called up to their international squad the next, the game will be a less interesting place. It is a football fan''s prerogative to change his mind!  
  2. Good point, well made. I''m an idiot. Like many on this forum I''m living several years in the past!
  3. Cody McDonald! Good hands and nice distribution. Better than Theo!
  4. Getting beat was always likely but the amateurish defending is unacceptable. Going forwards we look useful but it looks like we''ll ship goals against anyone
  5. You''re forgetting that he''s a Cafu-esque right back. Minus the skill, of course!
  6. He still looks okay going forwards but we don''t need that - we need a solid right back, not someone who thinks he''s Cafu!
  7. Okay, Jones is a monster and very talented. But does Doc give you confidence? The defence worries me a lot but the young ''uns going forwards give me hope. Holt looks just what we needed too
  8. We have to get rid. Loving Lappin though!
  9. Theology on the Pink''Un website. Who ever said that we''re not highbrow in Norfolk?!
  10. Theology on the Pink''Un website. Who said we don''t do highbrow!
  11. Recall seeing this posting a few weeks ago, so maybe a link: http://www.pinkun.com/cs_pinkun/cs/forums/3/1774214/ShowPost.aspx And I''ve seen loads of chinese guys in Asda. It must be true!
  12. Porkyp - money has everything to do with it.   We have a wafer thin squad - with many of our players on loan from other clubs - that is clearly going to struggle for the rest of the season. No half-decent manager is going to want to come in without being able to bring in some new players. This will cost money – money we haven’t got unless the board put it in themselves. Meanwhile, sacking Roeder would require compensation.   Keeping Roeder is the cheap option as there would be no compensation and he already knows we haven’t money for transfers, so won’t be banging on doors for cash.   Don’t get me wrong, I’d like Roeder out (and Boothroyd in, for what it’s worth). However, I’d be surprised if the Board have the guts and the cash (in the current climate) to do it.
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