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  1. Now I am not a pant wetter or an apologist but I am getting worried about Hughtons management technique so I kinda think the HTTT went a little like this.... CH - OK lads take a seat. Well I think the old 4-5-1 is working a treat boys but blimey the little number 7 is good isnt he. Dont worry chaps as I said after Palace match we arent good enough to beat Liverpool anyway. You''re all doing your best so don''t be down hearted you just aren''t as good. Hooper - Why didnt I start boss...I think as I have two good feet I might have put Wes'' chance away. Can I come on for the second half?? CH - It''s too late now Gary so we''ll save you for a game we might win...maybe Sunderland at home. Team - Boss, can we just go for broke and attack them, try and get something out of this? CH - Easy boys...this is Liverpool remember. Just try and keep the goal difference down lads and we''ll have a think about the weekend against WBA...have you seen them? Blimey they''re good, better then you boys!! What do you guys think??
  2. Nice one Daz...with our combined betting skills we should be safe for another season at least !!
  3. 15-1 are great odds.. I signed up to a new internet account to get a free bet matching my initial bet so have in effect got 25-1. Obviously hoping its money down the drain but at least i''ll have a grand to soften the blow if it does. I dont like to say it but our current form those odds look pretty generous.
  4. Ok so i am ready to get a slating for this but i have just bet on us to get relegated. Now i will be absolutlely gutted if we go down so to numb the pain i took 12-1 on us getting relegated so i can do something nice to take my mind off it if it does happen. I am so worried about where our goals will come from due to our defensive setup. I will be more than happy to loose my cash for another year in the prem....ps. I am an awful gambler that never wins which is another reason i did it so we are bound to stay up!!
  5. Sounds like it was a free advert for the sale of Grant TBH.  I guess he is not for sale in the same way that Chris Sutton wasn''t. Not that i mind..if Holt is unhappy here then no need to try and keep him here against his will. Let''s get players in that want to be here and will give us 100%. As for Lambert...i still don''t understand what the big draw was at Villa apart from his wages ?
  6. Keys and Grey had some Norwegian guy on the show today (might have been Ole''s manager..can''t remember now) that said Ole is heading to Villa 100% but not until the 1st of June. Whether this is true or not who knows but just passing on the info. My gut feeling is that Holt and Lambert will both be here at the start of the season. I hope they address Holties concerns, sounds like he didn''t want it to go public but it got leaked. He has behaved in a professional mannner so good luck to the guy whatever the outcome as far as i''m concerned. HE and the other lads got us from Div1 to the Prem so i will always wish him well.
  7. My only source of comfort at the moment is that everyone had Harry Rednap odds on to be England boss and it turned out to be Hodgeson.   Hopefully they players and the club are begging Lambert not to do a "Mike Walker"...stay where you are treated as a king Paul !!
  8. I have to say that i have never been overly impressed with Morrisons attitude. Yes he has scored a few goals but he really does seem to be taking the Ballotelli route here. The whole reason we have done so well this season is that we have been working as a team and it is seriously looking like Morrison just doesn''t want to fit in. He and Holt looked to have fallen out a while back. When i have mentioned before that i thought Morrison was lazy i was told that "he isn''t that kind of player" well i want players that bleed Yellow and Green in our team and he just doesn''t.....he really can''t be arsed like it''s all beneath him. I will not shed a tear if he is gone in the summer. Ps...Vaughan looked very lively today :-)
  9. If we stay up i hope they put aside some of the £40m+ that the club will gain for Delia and Lambert to have a massive p*ss up and run around the pitch as naked as the day they were born to celebrate :D   Stop living in the past and enjoy the now !!
  10. I''m with Lappin on this one. Running a football club in the lower leagues is not easy task. People love to throw abuse and critise Delia. We have a club at the moment that is on the up and look like it could have a good stab at staying in the Premier League. There is a real buzz amongst the players, staff and supporters which makes carrow road a great place to be on a match day. I say the least we can do as fans is give the credit where credit is due. Delia, many thanks for sticking by the club and making us what we are today. I for one would be happy to buy you an Xmas drink !!
  11. Does anyone know of any pubs near the station that will have the Villa match on? Getting into Norwich on the train around 14:30 and fancy a few beers watching the match. Ta.
  12. The Wonderstuff are still going...i saw them in Shepards Bush in April the day after James played the Royal Albert Hall. They were fecking awesome still :-)
  13. [quote user="Montgomery Bumpkin"]Booo! A backward step and a kick in the teeth to REAL fans who actually bother to turn up to games. A victory for the morbidly obese fairweather bigrade. A sad day![/quote] Well done, you have a 9-5 job selling tea cosies in Jarrolds and can make every game. Some people through no fault of thier own cannot make it to Carrow Road every other Saturday as much as they would like to. I would love to be at Carrow Road tonight and not stuck in the middle of the North Sea without TV or Radio coverage so no matter how bad the text coverage is i am truely gratefully for it.
  14. Loved reading this ! (Sorry if it has been posted elsewhere) http://www.bbc.co.uk/blogs/paulfletcher/2010/01/lambert_returns_to_heap_misery.html#186236
  15. I went to Portsmouth Uni in the mid 90''s and worked for Ladbrooks (The bookie''s) in Fratton Park. This was the time that Jim Smith was the manager and Pompy were in the 1st division (Championship). Turned out to be a cushie number to be honest, took bets for about 2 hours before the match then got to watch the match for nowt. Most Pompy fans were ok to be honest but there was a group called the 657 crew who regularly trashed pubs in the area. I remember watching the Bayern Munich game in the TV room at Bateson Hall with a couple of Norwich fans that were down there studying as well. Happy days !!
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