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  1. Doesn''t hurt me they are obviously better than us
  2. So I am an idiot he will get better and in the right formation has a sweet pass and dead ball potential, How many games have you seen this season Hoola not many i suspect
  3. pliff

    Maddison added to the list

    Lewis Grabban
  4. pliff

    Changes for Brentford?

    Franke for Zimmerman i think
  5. pliff

    So where do we go from here?

    [quote user="City 2nd"]Following the debacles at Villa and Millwall, this messageboard went into meltdown re our defensive frailties and the need to address the problem. It gets addressed, we play two defensive midfielders and keep two clean sheets, yes, likely at the expense of any creativity. Then this board goes into meltdown once again! Two clean sheets, we move to about halfway up the table, and still you moan. There has to be a balance, the coach is getting there, but patience is needed. Too many of you want instant success. That isn''t going to happen. A side has to be built to win, we don''t have money for the instant success so many crave, and never will have.[/quote]

    City I was at both of those games and agree Millwall was awful I left at 4th goal, however poor our defending was at Villa i was impressed with the way we kept going and tbh at 3-2 had we equalised our attacking display with Nelson on could have won that game. We must not get too many beatings, this team wont cope with that. I am convinced we will get there, it might take two seasons but lack of investment might make it longer.
  6. pliff

    Mario Vrancic

    [quote user="Baldyboy"]Looks an absolute waste of money and to think loads on here were raving about him before the season started![/quote]

    He also had one of our two shots on target last night albeit was deflected wide, so what would you say about the other 8 on the pitch?
  7. pliff

    Always good to see ex-players doing well

    [quote user="hogesar"]Its amazing what playing in a sub standard non physical league can do![/quote]Dont Switzerland have a higher world ranking tha England?
  8. [quote user="kingsway"]Very true Year of the Tiger!

    Pinto seems untouchable cause he foreign and goes on social media!

    In reality he has his weaknesses as you state!

    I seem to remember Garrido a few years ago being the darling of many fans and being completely shielded from criticism. He was competent but he wasn''t as wonderful as many made out![/quote]So would I be nervous playing beside Russell Martin and while we are on the subject of defending watch the hole he left for the first goal, and why have we let Ben Godfrey go on loan when he is a better option at RB cover than Martin beggars belief, unless we are signing more players.
  9. pliff

    Ben Godfrey Loan

    [quote user="Lessingham Canary"]He s still only 19, so not such bad news. Hope he does make it to our 1st team, have liked what have seen from so far.[/quote]

    Me too LC not sure its the right thing for us unless DF is lining up more experienced cover for RB. Saw him at Leeds in cup last year at RB thought he looked decent. Game time will be good for him
  10. [quote user="Jim Smith"]This would all be fine were it not for the fact that we will then be told we have to sell Maddison, Pritchard, Murphy and Oliveira in the summer because we''ve lost our parachute payments. We are being asked to be patient in the one season where we actually don''t really have the time to be patient.

    Delia and co have wasted every opportunity we''ve had and now I fear will preside over a slide to real mediocrity for years.[/quote]

    Jim not a fan of our owners but how do we get rid them are majority shareholders and wont sell!!! As for the panic posts, there was some poor defending on Saturday, Martin wont get a kick when Klose is fit, Wildschut could cover Pinto as well as being an impact player, Stoiperman can play left back I thought when he moved more central in the second half he looked a decent player. We played some decent probing football second half, and with more luck could have won the game. Steve Bruce said we were a decent sid, work on the defence and midfield so that when we play a high line the midfield keeps hold of it so then the defence is not immediately put on the back foot. Zimmerman needs more work done with him and imo Franke could become avery good defender. One more signing is required a pacey striker, thats all
  11. pliff

    My last ever Russell Martin post

    The second goal was he backed off and the guy curled it into the corner and the first was from his side too, we''re you There?
  12. pliff

    Hang on in there

    Great post Sony I thought we were good second half today just unlucky with deflected 3rd goal and possible hand ball for 4th. Too many people on here worried about Ipswich being 8 points ahead of us I will say now we will finish above them
  13. pliff

    Bonkers game at the Den

    Do you have a family or are you in a relationship because if you are I feel sorry for them all you seem such an arsenal and an angry deluded man
  14. pliff

    Bonkers game at the Den

    Who the fuck do you think you are you prick grow up and get a life
  15. pliff

    Bonkers game at the Den

    [quote user="Darth Canary1"]And the fourth, scum must be going crazy for this attractive football[/quote]

    Why do you call them scum you half-wit they are just another opposition football team, you are why I will not go to Ipswich away again after last season it was a vile experience and instigated by moronic City fans