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  1. But gives the ball away or gets caught with the ball too much too
  2. Given a few games Josh Martin has the potential to be ahead of them all bar Buendia just needs to get stronger physically and game time.
  3. The only 2 players last season that did well were Krul and Aarons
  4. Honestly, no great loss. Massively overrated player. Couldn't agree more lived too much on the local boy theme, hope he fits in better elsewhere but fear he may be another Murphy type sale.
  5. Not talking about Kenny Mclean anyway playing totally different positions but Mclean does show a lot more effort imo
  6. He played 1 clever ball against Preston think thats good enough?
  7. Why do people think Cantwell should start he was poor on Saturday not much better at Huddersfield?
  8. Doesn''t hurt me they are obviously better than us
  9. So I am an idiot he will get better and in the right formation has a sweet pass and dead ball potential, How many games have you seen this season Hoola not many i suspect
  10. [quote user="City 2nd"]Following the debacles at Villa and Millwall, this messageboard went into meltdown re our defensive frailties and the need to address the problem. It gets addressed, we play two defensive midfielders and keep two clean sheets, yes, likely at the expense of any creativity. Then this board goes into meltdown once again! Two clean sheets, we move to about halfway up the table, and still you moan. There has to be a balance, the coach is getting there, but patience is needed. Too many of you want instant success. That isn''t going to happen. A side has to be built to win, we don''t have money for the instant success so many crave, and never will have.[/quote] City I was at both of those games and agree Millwall was awful I left at 4th goal, however poor our defending was at Villa i was impressed with the way we kept going and tbh at 3-2 had we equalised our attacking display with Nelson on could have won that game. We must not get too many beatings, this team wont cope with that. I am convinced we will get there, it might take two seasons but lack of investment might make it longer.
  11. [quote user="Baldyboy"]Looks an absolute waste of money and to think loads on here were raving about him before the season started![/quote] He also had one of our two shots on target last night albeit was deflected wide, so what would you say about the other 8 on the pitch?
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