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  1. [quote user="Icecream Snow"]That interesting question makes a mockery of the whole "professional foul" rule. Chop a player outside the box to get a definite red. Or let the keeper get sent off, and get a penalty to boot.[/quote]Or deliberately trip a player to break up an attack but look innocent and shrug at the referee and avoid a second yellow card because the referee is horribly inconsistent.The Ruddy incident shouldn''t have happened because Torres should have been warming the bench by then.
  2. [quote user="Bethnal Yellow and Green"]QPR were stupid and poorly managed, but not cheats. That''s how I see it anyway.[/quote]Yep, I''d agree with that.
  3. I just hope that PL stays with us.  Much bigger shop window, excellent manager, Fergie due to retire sooner or later (or possibly when his nose explodes)...[:-*]
  4. [quote user="Salopian"]In the end the FA copped out and created a precedent that could cause all sorts of problems in the future.[/quote]Surely the precedent was set when the FA fined West Ham £5.5m and didn''t dock them any points for fielding Tevez, then docked Luton 10 points for using an unregistered agent.According to the BBC, there were 7 charges against QPR and they were only found guilty on 2 of them so the penalty is going to depend on which charges stuck (which is not in the BBC report).  Besides, the season that QPR fielded an uneligible player wasn''t this one, it was the last one and as QPR weren''t promoted then, it''d be a bit much to penalise them now.
  5. And to think, at the start of the season I said I''d be happy if we finished mid-table, to consolidate following promotion from League 1.Brilliant season, great result, very well done to PL and all the players! [:D]
  6. I''m still waiting for the announcement of Malky''s signing following the game last week.
  7. [quote user="GJP"][quote user="Boyo"] Korey Smith was our best midfielder last year other than possibly Hoolahan and all of a sudden he has been dropped for a League 1 player!  [/quote] Korey Smith''s only real experience in football is as a League 1 player. He still has it all to prove, same as with many of the others.[/quote] Lambert may have already made up his mind about Korey and wants to see what cover he has for the position.  Friendlies mean little, especially as we have new signings to fit into the team.  Personally I''m happy to keep the faith until after the Watford game.  I''ll prepare two banners, one proclaiming Lambert as the new messiah and the other calling for his head, just in case. [;)]   Thanks for the write-up, Jim [:)]
  8. Found a quote from Ruddy on Sky Sports back in March.[quote]"I''ve resigned myself to the fact that my time at Everton is at an end, but I''ve enjoyed it and I''ve got nothing bad to say about them. "I''d prefer to go back down south. My family are living around Cambridge so I''d prefer to go down towards that area, but we''ll have to look at what comes up this summer and weigh up the options.[/quote] Link here.  Obviously doesn''t mention Norwich but could be a factor in our favour. Right, I''m off to edit Roy Keane''s Wiki page to say that he''s allergic to the smell of fish.
  9. YES!Brilliant season capped with 6 minutes of heart-in-mouth extra time [:D]
  10. [quote user="bristol_canary"]do you also think that clive tyldesley is a complete %&*£!?[/quote]The one thing Tyldesley is good for is that you can run a sweepstake on any Man. U. game he''s commentating on for the first minute he mentions, "one night in Barcelona".The man''s an arse.
  11. [quote user="I.S."]If they are not providing adequate moderation, and effectively allowing their users to do what they want including posting libellous information, and importantly, profiting from it then I think they are partly responsible for at least attempting to vet the content.[/quote] Wouldn''t that be analogous to holding the landlord of a pub responsible for people slandering public figures in a discussion over a pint? Facebook won''t introduce moderation as the implied message would then be that you can have an online presence provided you abide by our rules, which is censorship. The law hasn''t caught up with the internet - it''s not a print medium but it is a textual one with a saved history; it''s new and attempting to apply old laws to it won''t work.
  12. [quote user="First Jedi"]... Good point - there is a lot of cases of people doing things in fear of things that aren''t necessarily correct. Not to say that it isn''t correct to do it - still waiting on Cam to actually link me up to a single example or where a website is sued for comments provided by the public ...[/quote] I was a member on a motorcycle forum that was threatened with legal action for libel after a model put up pictures of herself and then got snippy about some of the negative comments that came back.  Turned out that she''d carried out similar action in the past against other message boards, resulting in one car forum closing down and, IIRC, making a token compensatory payment. Thing was, in her action she referred to a particular libel act that had been superseded by a later act, which contained updated terms and I believe that her case didn''t hold water under the updated act.  Apologies for not providing a link but the thread was removed by the moderators and her name was added to the site''s auto-replace text.  Just goes to show that some people (in the case of the car forum) aren''t sure of their position so will fold rather than taking the case further, which goes back to First Jedi''s point above.
  13. [quote user="Camuldonum"]You can either call it arrogance or confidence in your own ability.[/quote] I think it''s considered confidence until he loses a couple of games, then it''s arrogance.
  14. Easy way to find out if you''re fit to wear the shirt - pop on down to Colney and ask for a trial!
  15. I''d agree with that appraisal of the situation. Might also be worth remembering what Hairy Kneecap has done with a bunch of old crocks and has-beens at Portsmouth recently...
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