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  1. A supporters association that has a membership of less than 1% of the fanbase?What a force!It''ll take me a while to get my head around the fact that the new Chairman, like the old Chairman, is in his 60s given some of the twaddle both of them like to employ to attack anyone online who may not completely agree with them.
  2. "Subscribers will get all this and more for just a ONE OFF £4.99, with more features to be added as the season continues."Given that it took the club the best part of half a decade to sort out Canaries World so it was accessible on a mac and actually worked for over 40% of the PC subscribers I''ll take that with a shovel of salt.If you''re really going to shell out £4.99 for an unspecified promise of features yet to come you''ll buy anything I suppose.[:|]
  3. [quote user="The Butler"][quote user="nutty nigel"] I don''t really go along with that Morty. Do you honestly believe that an independent group of fans really do know more about managing a team than Worthy, know more about owning a club than Delia or know more about running a club than Doncaster. (OK maybe the last one) [;)]   [/quote] Just think back to St Andrews and the reasons for that meeting and you answer your own question Nutty. Yes NCISA do give money to Foncy to help with the costs. [/quote]If NCISA do give money to FONCY you''d think they (FONCY) would at least acknowledge that on their website, wouldn''t you?It''s always a good thing to be open about where the money goes and comes from.
  4. I thought FONCY raised money for FONCY?Very successfully too!I didn''t think NCISA had anything to do with FONCY.[:|]
  5. I knew I''d seen it somewhere before.From ''On The Ball'' on the offy site 29th August v Hartlepool:"Get in!!!! That was Admirable Nelson" - Lisa
  6. This thread might explain things http://www.pinkun.com/cs_pinkun/cs/forums/1836114/ShowPost.aspxBring back LQ [:)]
  7. He was always telling everyone that administration was a good thing.
  8. Spot on! Top squad member and we''re lucky Roeder didn''t manage to force him out like so many others.
  9. Mr Carrow I was addressing it to The Butler but the time I spent looking for the NCISA statement about the St Andrews Hall meeting meant that more posts appeared in between. Quotes don''t work for me. The statement doesn''t seem to be on the NCISA site anywhere but the invitation to St Andrews is. Odd.You''re right my figures were out. I had £1.2 million in my head for some reason as being the amount the rebate plus Foulgers money contributed. Actually the 34% who didn''t take it plus Foulger came to about £700k didn''t it. That means it only cost the club £1.4 million. That''s better!
  10. This is classic! After all the pieces in the press and interviews on the radio from NCISA urging people to take the rebate you''re now saying that it was nothing to do with you. Either you''re an influential group or you''re not. Which is it?I saw something the other day that said NCISA had raised about £12k over the years for the academy. The rebate along with the money Foulger would have stumped up means the club lost £2,400,000 this summer. But of course all the press coverage and statements meant nothing did they.
  11. [quote user="Yellow Rider"][quote user="Lambo"]To me that says McNally VERY quick to grasp how tactically inept Gunn was.[/quote] Just proves how totally inept the Stowmarket Clowns and the Chicken Farmer are at understanding FOOTBALL doesn''t it!! To think that there are STILL fans out there who just can''t see beyond the celebrity rubbish that accompanies Smith. McNally clearly drove a hard bargain when having discussions about the Chief Exec. job. So much so that The Smiths have been effectively silenced on the Board and now have pretty much zero influence on the footballing side of things (thank God! But 11 years too late though). Lets face it there is absolutely zero chance of them WANTING to sack Gunn based on ....''the 7 months'' as they have been backing him all down the line! Unanimous? No chance! Smith had been sidelined and reluctantly went along with it. What else could she do?   Lambert is a potentially positive appointment but I shudder at the memory of what happened with his Celtic midfield mate when he was in charge at CR just two years ago! [/quote]What complete crap that is. The only people who can''t see beyond the celebrity rubbish are people like you. They obviously brought in McNally and Bowkett so that they could take more of a back seat and put people in place who weren''t scared to make the big decisions but only someone who can''t see beyond the celebrity rubbish would fail to grasp that fact.
  12. [quote user="7rew"][quote user="AndyJR"][quote user="NottsCanary"]For the other friendlies they have covered them, but only with updates, not a complete run through of the game like they would league and cup games. Best thing to do is just before K.O tune in, they usually mention something then![/quote]The problem is you have to listen to endless songs by Status Quo and the like before you get an update.  :)[/quote]That''s a problem?[/quote]Only if you haven''t already lost the will to live.
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