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  1. [quote user="singing canary"]i really hope you have a pi** poor season .   [/quote] Even if we fail to get promoted (unlikely) we will still be two divisions higher than you.  [:D]
  2. [quote user="Bigus"]Get in people! Well done.   [/quote] YAY!! Your greatest ever achievements as NCFC supporters!  [:D][:D][:D] Well done!  [:D]
  3. [quote user="Tim Dawson"]P155 off u retard Blue pride, or i`ll squish u, tit[/quote] See that no 14 shirt in your avatar? It was having a good game until a body put it on [:D][:D][:D][:D][:D]
  4. [quote user="lappinitup"]A statue of Marcus Evans isn''t going to be so easy is it![/quote]   It''s Evans''s money we want and are getting, not an embarassing celebrity promoting herself.
  5. It wouldn''t matter if you had 40,000 season ticket holders. You''d still be where you''re at.  [:D]
  6. Here''s a reality check concerning Alan Lee: He''s one of our shite cast offs and you can''t afford him.  [:D][:D][:D][:D][:D] oh dear god my sides are aching [:D][:D][:D]
  7. [quote user="bluemike"][quote user="blue pride"]Greetings blue mike!!  [:D][/quote]Hiya Blue Pride, im just reading all the envy and jealousy on here, really rather sad. They seem to forget the population difference between us and them is quite a lot, based on that fact we are better supported in terms of % of population.[/quote] Sad but highly amusing [:D][:D] I felt sorry for them the day they went down. for about 5 seconds. [:D]
  8. [quote]Just listen to every interview Hucks does and his passion and commitment for the club is evident for all to see.This is reason why he should never have been allowed to leave the club, you can argue whether he''s past his best, isnt cut out for the championship physically any longer or whatever. But what you cant deny is his desire for the club to succeed and commitment to give 110%.Having this kind of player in the dressing room is imperative to a successful team. Dion was the same, maybe didnt have the same love but was totally committed.This season weve replaced Hucks passion and desire with lazy money grabbers like Siberski, and numerous other loan players, with the exeption of Lee, that couldnt give a toss about Norwich City, and were here to get fit or use us a shop window for the summer sales.To those who say its the boards fault, lack of money, Grant, Gunn etc, its all rubbish. Its 50% Roeder and the loan policy and 50% no Huckerby. His influence on and off the pitch has been sorely missed and the decision to let him go has been catastrophic. Letting Hucks go was like ripping the heart and soul out of Norwich City.[/quote] [8]memories like the corners of my mind[8]  [:D][:D][:D]
  9. [quote]I don''t feel we, as City supporters, are in any position to take the p*ss out of any other club! Our club is poorly run, shows NO ambition, we have next to no decent players of our own and we are in League 1! [:(][/quote] You said it!! [:D][:D][:D]
  10. [quote user="shyster"]Seriously you lot, how embarrassing. [:$] You do realise Ipsh*t fans and neutrals will be looking in on this site and p*ssing themselves laughing.It''s an inconsequential, Daily Mail poll ffs![/quote] You better believe it!!!  [:D][:D][:D][:D][:D]
  11. I have read this thread through and shyster is an incredibly funny man [:D]
  12. [quote user="hogesar"]For the record im not gay. But Asteroid, you are the biggest prick i''ve seen on this message board recently, so well done there.[/quote]  * thank you. you think me a star! I accept compliment  [:D] for somebody who not gay you must not be talking about big pricks.
  13. [quote user="hogesar"][quote user="Asteroid"][quote user="hogesar"][quote user="Asteroid"][quote user="canarytom"]Are you totally nuts?[/quote] no canarytom I do not think canari francais is nuts. but yes it would be impossible to get Iwelumo and Lisbie on loan for charlton game. [/quote][:|][/quote] is that you in your user picture hogesar? if so you are very pretty lady.[/quote]I do try my hardest, especially for such intelligent and classy guys as you [;)][/quote] I have looked closer at your picture and see that you are a boy. are you a ladyboy? [:$] I am not homosexual so do not try to hard to chat me up. all homosexuals should be stoned to death! [:@]
  14. [quote user="AJ"][quote user="Asteroid"]you must remove post that say bacon. I do not like bacon.[/quote]You must remove all your posts. I do not like asteroids.I''m more of a comet or meteoroid guy.[/quote] you sound more like a Haemorrhoids kind of person.
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