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  2. That''s probably a good thing, Pboro_Canary - it''s barely even lunch time.
  3. Quite like it. Looks like late-80s Saint Etienne (except for the sponsor of course): http://www.classicfootballshirts.co.uk/european-clubs/french-clubs/saint-etienne/dd1987-88-saint-etienne-l-s-home-shirt-as-new-xs.html
  4. Reading finished 8th in 2007 without any Premiership experience at all in their team.
  5. Obviously a quality player but for some reason Worthington refused to play him in his proper position until it was too late.
  6. Why the current obsession with the Asics kit? It was a bit sh;t, really (and I still have one). Is it something to do with the ''twenty year trend cycle''? (Google it, kids)
  7. AS IF. There is more chance of us signing Holly Johnson.
  8. Cureton and Sheron are definitely up there. And throughout the club''s entire history, Deehan and Grant probably have the worst record of spunking our money on dodgy transfers.
  9. 1. Player - Eadie, Fox, Hux 2. Goal - Safri v Newcastle, Libbra v Man City, Goss v Bayern/Leeds 3. Match you''ve been to - Bayern Munich 4. Manager - Paul Lambert, until he does something to spoil it 5. Captain - Grant Holt 6. Kit - Hummel (both of them), Adidas or Pony
  10. Agree with Zipper that Stoke won''t struggle at all. Blackburn deserve to struggle. QPR and Swansea will finish below us. Newcastle and Sunderland will struggle. Villa could implode. Will be interesting to see how Fulham get on under Jol.
  11. 1. Player - Fotheringham, Sherwood, Otsemobor, Andy Marshall... somehow Danny Mills wins. 2. Goal - So many to choose from, Gunn vs scum is hard to beat. 3. Match you''ve been to - Sunderland was bad but ultimately it was only the FA Cup, Brum on pens was excruciating but just bad luck, Colchester was shocking but acted as a catalyst for our subsequent success, so the worst has to be Fulham which was completely inexcusable. 4. Manager - Roeder, who is also inexcusable. 5. Captain - Fotheringham – how did it happen? 6. Kit - the blue tartan one – whose sick idea was that???
  12. Banana mate, do something about your ''mixing with the big boys'' signature – it''s even more embarrassing than our goal music
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