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  1. Hello as a Norwich fan living in Italy, I have always had trouble watching games, especially as I don''t have Pay TV and I''m usually busy on weekends, I had managed to watch 5 games so far, four draws and one loss (last year, Leeds away) Today, I wanted to watch the match at all costs, and I was rewarded by what I''d call a marvellous performance, rarely have I seen such an intense game... Norwich scored 4 times but they could have scored seven or eight and I doubt anyone would have argued about it. Plus, referee didn''t concede what I thought was a blatant penalty. Well, perhaps I''m accustomed to italian referees who whistle every two seconds, but... I don''t know if this is worth a thread, but I just wanted to write how happy I am, after watching my favourite english team win for the first time. In the derby! Just curious, what were you singing with the melody of "Volare" at one point? Wonderful, wonderful to see a crowded stadium cheering for this team, while here in my town we have about 5000 people attending Serie B matches (which is supposed to be the italian equivalent of the Championship, but doesn''t even come close) So, thank all the Canaries on my behalf and, next time I come to England I hope to make a short trip to Norwich to see a match at Carrow Road Bye Luca
  2. [quote user="WeAreYellows49"][quote user="Luca Pacchiarini"]Hi everyone :) This has probably already been asked, but I can''t find any informations about this on the board. Living in Italy, I have some problems watching Canaries games... so.... any live streams for tonight? Thank you in advance and good luck![/quote] You have a PM [/quote] well... no
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