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  1. I remeber a couple of years ago when he said that Norwich was the only club that he felt at home at. The only club where the fans really did like him, and he would definantly like to return towards the end of his career. If we can make a deal with Man City to maybe pay half of his wages for a season-long loan. I would love to have him here, especially due to the lack of strikers at the club
  2. Position - 1st Points - 91 Goals - 84 Clean Sheets - 12 POTS - Surman Top Scorer - C.Martin = 19 Red Cards - Hughes and C.Martin
  3. In the first half i would have to say Askou was our best palyer, we made no chances at all. However Drmola was very good at holding the ball up for layers to make the runs and he looked like he had a fair bit of pace on him aswell. Matthews made an absolutely fantastic save in the second half. Tudur Jones didn''t do too bad when he came on. Kept the ball on floor and just played it about. Gill doesn''t even look comfortable against Lynn. He kept misplacing his passes and was not really getting the ball and making chances. Remy Gordon really did get stuck in when he came on as captain. Was a dull game but there were a lot of players that showed some potential, but after that game it looks like Gill really will have a hard job of breaking into the team this season
  4. He didn''t defend well in the Premiership, none of our team defended well n the Premiership. We conceded 77 goals !!! He is very good at League 1 level, but at Championship level, he just is not good enough. Lambert has made great decisions so far while he has been manager and i expect he must have some ideas of defenders that he can expect to get. We''ve all heard enough rumours, including Alex Bruce, Jay McEvely and my personal favourite which i heard today, Sol Campbell. However i feel that one may be a little bit of an exaggeration.
  5. Just saw one saying that Otsemobor is coming back to Norwich on a free, also Scott Loach and Lloyd Doyley joining on a free from Watford. Someone else says that it''s war between Ipswicth and Norwich for the signature of Jay McEverly. Also saw one saying that Robbie Savage is coming to Norwich also. Also saw somebody saying that Fraser Forster will sign for Notts County for £2 million.
  6. [quote user="First Wazzock"]...and today''s installment... Having developed a good relationship with Newcastle following the loan of Fraser Forster and arranging a pre–season friendly, Norwich are set to announce a quadruple loan signing from the Geordies for the coming season. Fraser Forster will be coming back for another season long loan, with Nile Ranger, Tamas Kadar and Kazenga Lua Lua joining on loan deals until January with a view to extend them to the end of the season. OTBC [/quote] I actually heard this on Radio Norfolk, i can''t rememeber if it was yesterday or the day before though. They also had Nacho Novo''s agent on there who said that he was in talks with two clubs, being us and middlesbrough, and that Norwich looked the more likely destination because of a faling out between Novo and Gordon Strachan once before. But that type of player has got to be on a high salary surely.
  7. No. I do not go to more games when we are winning. It is rare that i get a chance to go to a game. I work 4 days a week at the least and iv only just turned 17 so i am still unable to get there. I have been to a couple of games this season and because i have had no holidays left, i have had to be unpaid to go and watch Norwich. Obviously people will not want to spend their hard earned money watching us if we lose about 5 games in a row, but they will when we are winning. When you have to pay for yourself to go to Norwich games, you will understand why the attendances get higher when teams are winning
  8. Of course more poeple will be going if we are doing well and winning games. That''s football. If Man United got relgated, do you still think they would get 70,000 people going to watch them at Old Trafford against Plymouth or Sunthorpe ? People can''t go to every game. People have to work, have morgages to pay, but that does not make them any less of a fan than you, just because you go to every game becuase you have a season ticket. When you get to about 18 years old and you''re Dad doesn''t buy your season ticket, are you still going to have enought money to go to every game ? Just face it that becuase people are wanting to watch us at the moment while we are top of the league, and we deserve it after what we have had to watch after the last few seasons.
  9. I know the game on Saturday is not on tv, but i was wondering if some weekend games get postponed, do you think Colchester may approach to get the game put on tv ? I know that Leicester rang Sky Sports up the day before the game because the Sunday Premier League games got called off.
  10. My best team on paper would be Green Helveg Mackay Dublin Drury Bentley Parker Etuhu Huckerby Ashton Bellamy But my best team in terms of games for Norwich would have to be : Green Spillane Mackay Shackell Drury McVeigh Gary Holt Huckerby Roberts Earnshaw Dublin
  11. He was on GMTV this morning with a load of mates talking about how Olly Murs is going to win the X Factor. Wonder how he got the day off training
  12. A real shame to see my local club finished, but i''ll be hoping we can see a new King''s Lynn side soon.
  13. Leeds have looked good all season and their defence is what is really helping them win the games. They were extremelylucky to have beaten us. To say that Leeds never really got going, and that they played rubbish is quite unfiar on the Norwich team. They never got going because we didn''t let them. We deserved a point, if not 3. I feel that Leeds and Norwich will be in the top 2 come the end of the seaon. However i am unsure of what team will be where. I think that if we beat Leeds when they come to Carrow Road then i don''t see any reason why we can''t push them all the way for 1st place. Even though Leeds are getting the points at the minute, they are not playing anywhere as good as they were at the start of the seson, and eventually will begin to drop points. And i don''t see them being able to beat us at our own ground, which we are now turning into a fortress after a long time of trying. Altogether, i think that the season will finish very closely between us and Leeds and i think the winner of the game at Carrow Road will be at the top of the league at the end of the season. Come on City !!!
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