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  1. On that video, didn''t he miss a brilliant chance? But good goal jamie, glad to see he''s rebuilding his confidence [Y]
  2. [quote user="kevin brighton"] Could one of the posters who appear to have the answer i.e. The Board must go, provide an insight on how this will happen. Do you expect Delia to walk away and give up her investment? Its very easy to post but its not so easy to come up with the mechanics of how your desires will be achieved. If its the manager then what do you suggest pay him off along with the rest of his appointed back room staff when we are already in debt, appoint who and invest what? And before anyone responds I am not saying do nothing I am just interested in how all of the Delia and Roeder haters believe these things can be achieved or maybe some will admit that they don''t think at all. And before some say I have posted this on another thread I know I have so don''t bother. I would like to see just how many fans can provide an answer an alternative solution and something constructive rather than the same old ranting. If there are investors within the fan base that have a desire to pump money into the club why are they so elusive. Fans that sit near us continually call for Delia and the board to go but I never here them provide any alternative names other than Mr Cullum who in his defence states that Delia version of events surrounding any dialogue he had with the club were accurate so neither party told lies.  Negativity breeds negativity and most would rather hide behind negativity because if all goes wrong they can say well I told you so. Perhaps we should all wave the white flag and walk away that would solve everything and we would all feel much better.   [/quote]   I keep saying this, but no-one will liste, it seems to be we dont have the money to sack roeder, let alone buy a GOOD striker, nor do i see why delia would just give up her investment, but eh... They dont listen...[*-)]
  3. Ohwell, Roeder isn''t going, as we cant afford it, even if we could, I''d rather us spend the money on getting a few more decent players, even though i woud like to see DION manage us, as he''s the only guy who I''ve seen bring up such morale in a team, and confidence... Also there''s no-one else who we could afford...-.-...
  4. So... Croft, marshall, docherty, clingan, lita, etc... All theese players playing well, and 4 playing badly, this is all to do with how bad of a manager roeder is, if you want to criticise, please do it from both veiws, he''s made some players play brilliant, along with some bad...
  5. [quote user="We Want Worthy Back"]Delia has done far more than you or I ever will for this football club, for goodness sake give her a break.[/quote]   .... Thank-you, saved me writing that...
  6. Rather than f''ing and blinding, try singing and cheering, and supporting your club, then maybe they may get some confidence, play of this confidence, score... And then! Maybe, we could get some points! Huh? :)
  7. I''m still going to go to everygame, im a loyal supporter, i dont boo or anything :) go me?
  8. [quote user="blinded by the story"][quote user="max"] [quote user="1st Wizard"]Against us will he?[/quote] Ofcourse he wont, if he did and scored, he''d know he wouldn''t play for us ever again....!   P.S. contract would obviously say he cant >.< [/quote] After his recent treatment here would he ever want to play for us again, especially as it appears our spineless Board will not be sacking Rodent. [/quote] Yes, he would... He loves ncfc :)
  9. [quote user="1st Wizard"]Against us will he?[/quote] Ofcourse he wont, if he did and scored, he''d know he wouldn''t play for us ever again....!   P.S. contract would obviously say he cant >.<
  10. [quote user="BlueJam"][quote user="Beaker"] Why doesnt Hoolahan get arrested and put in jail so we dont have to put up with his weak, inept performances? [/quote] Hoolahan had a poor game yesterday, but was terrific before that (after a dodgy start to the season)....MOST on here were complaining when he was ill thinking Roeder had dropped him!!! Fickle bunch on here aren''t you? [/quote]   Exactly, but still... He made a few superb passes, he set crofty up but crofty missed, you guys seem to forget what good he did, and just look for a reason to moan, yes he didn''t have his BEST performance, but he played better than quite a few players, but i guess you always need a scapegoat...[:#]
  11. [quote user="jas the barclay king"][quote user="Whats a right winger"] It might not make sense to Reading who want to sell, but it would make sense to Leroy as he would be a free agent in the summer and able to negotiate a decent signing on fee(may be the same with Crofty?). Leroy does not have to sign for anyone its his choice even if Reading agree a fee. Under those circumstances maybe Reading would take a (smallish ) fee of us to effectively have him on a five month contract. Total guesswork but a certain logic to it [/quote] of course Norwich and Reading are the only 2 clubs in existence and its all that straight forward.. as soon as another club comes in with a TRANSFER FEE and a decent wage packet then reading will all of a sudden forget about the road to Norwich..... jas :) [/quote]   We''ve got a small chance, but still a chance [Y]
  12. I dont care what happens, i support norwich and therefore i will go to everygame i can, i dont care whats going on, i give my support 100% of the way, and well... If you dont, then think to yourself, do you really support norwich?
  13. [quote user="grantroederdisaster"][quote user="max"][quote user="grantroederdisaster"] [quote user="max"]Only one i can think of is dublin, but hey we got no money, the fans are going to scare managers away when they boo, so face it, we''ve got a chance in hell.[/quote] Dublin would no doubt command more respect than Roedernowhere and would also make better decisions! You expect fans to cheer while watching sh*te like we had to put up with today?   In fact I thought the Barclay gave the team good support today but when the gameplan went to bits they rightfully vented their anger at whats happening to our great club! [/quote]   Im a fan, a very loyal one, i expect myself not to boo my own team, and if you like booing your OWN team, then i''d rather think you dont support norwich. [/quote] Myself: Best part of 30 years following NCFC, regularly going to games and been to about 600 official games and many other friendlies. I''ve seen Norwich play at over 90 different grounds, been on 5 overseas tours and was going when we struggled to average 13,000 in the top flight. - This suggests that I indeed am a very loyal supporter of Norwich City!   If you can beat that you''ve done well, but I suspect I''ve forgotton more games than what you''ve been to!   If your happy with our current slide to possible 3rd tier football for the 1st time in nearly 49 years then your easily pleased! [/quote]     I underestimated you, and im glad to see that you''ll keep on supporting us, i miss the days of us being unbeaten at our fortress of carrow road, the games when i was thinking how MUCH we would WIN by, not whether we would win or loose, but we cant have that all the time :(...
  14. Elo, sorry about yesterday ncfcstar, was rather pissed off, but i still stick to my point, you want your team to do well. When a team is loosing and getting bood they make mistakes etc, which will lead to another goal, they are then boo''d even more, which will make them NOT want the ball, and hide as they dont want to make mistakes, then the team just score at will. Which is then ended by boo''s, "sack the manager", "delia out" and all that shit, that is the deadly circle of booing, in the end your causing the loss, and yes players SHOULD be able to take it, but they cant, therefore it''s pointless and a waste of time, if you REALLY want to, boo at the end followed by the pointless chants, but please, i beg you DONT BOO WHILST THE TEAM IS PLAYING... Thank-you, you''ll notice the difference :)
  15. [quote user="ncfcstar"]Oh my god, do you know what bigot means. I''m talking about the disgusting words you were using, to describe people. Words that I can''t believe aren''t blocked on here. I have flipping pride in my club you imbecile, don''t question that. I am well within my rights to boo if I want, because I cheered for the first 45 minutes, but they were so shockingly rubbish they deserved to be booed. I''ve explained that. Yes it might make them upset, whatever, it couldn''t make them much worse than they were. They were terrible today, and I''ll support them through thick and thin, and cheer 99% of the time, but that 1% was today, and they deserved the boos. Don''t ever question my pride again you fool.[/quote]   Oh well, im young with the world and its words to explore, im sorry for offending you ma'' deary'', im just utterly disgraced by the team and some of the supporters, and i guess i took that out on you, but anyways, can you try not too boo the next game, see if it helps the players, one less booer could help...     Lets try the nice approach?
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