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  1. The Young One, get your bet laid off at betfair to lock in a profit. Currently available at evens there, so lay off £500 to hedge your bets. You''ll still make a £1200 profit if Adams gets it, and £500 if he doesn''t!
  2. crab

    Gonna be malky

    The Lennon odds are just bookies ripping people off.

    Betfair is the best guide. Nearly a thousand staked in last hour or so. Paddy power slashed odds now to evens, skybet the best out there at 11/8. Like I said stan James seem to have suspended the market- something''s happening!
  3. crab

    Gonna be malky

    Price being driven steadily down at betfair for malkay, now odds on! Can still get 7/4 at paddy power, so lump on there before they cut the odds! Unfortunately my PP account is frozen, but if you want a freebie lay the bet off at betfair....

    Be quick!
  4. crab

    Are the fans to blame for relegation?

    We as fans are absolutely to blame for relegation, but for the exact opposite reasons suggested by the OP. At any other club in the league, Hootun would have been hounded out by the fans mid way through last season after the consistent dross he served up. Humiliation after humiliation without the crowd turning on him. The board were happy so sit on their hands up until the West Brom game when finally the Hootun Out chant got a proper airing. No coincidence that he promptly gets sacked. This is how football clubs often work; it takes popular unrest to force those in power to act. Our problem is the thousands of plastic (for want of a better word) fans who tolerated the garbage on the pitch, and wouldn''t dissent. Witness for example the morons applauding players on the pitch after the latest no-show today! We are tin-pot I''m afraid, and the lack of pressure applied on the board means we have got exactly what we deserve. I love the club, but am hugely embarrassed by a huge number of our ''fans''.
  5. Calderwood and Trollope get the blame because they''re easy targets. They''re not Chris Hughton. Hughton is a really nice guy! Everyone in football likes Chrissy. Highly rated by any pundit you care to name ( except the much maligned Adrian Durham, who seemed to have his number from day one). And its rubbed off onto too many City fans. Rather than blame quiet Chris, pick on the pantomime villians stood next to him.

  6. crab

    The Hughton Era

    KG, that''s a great  post.

    It''s truly baffling that anyone continues to support him, or can even contemplate that he should be given ''one more game''. I''m increasingly sceptical about whether he even deserves much credit for his transfer dealings; first the Becchio fiasco, and more latterly spending £15m on strikers that he is clueless about how to deploy.

    He certainly doesn''t deserve any credit for keeping us up at the cost of 15 months of mind-numbing tedium!

    At the moment,  the atmosphere against West Ham will be poisonous, and I only hope that it doesn''t get that far. Hootun, and unfortunately the players,  will be lambasted for the smallest mistakes during that game, and that will happen because fans are angry and frustrated that the situation is being allowed to continue. And it really won''t help that fans will be at war amongst themselves, but that is entirely inevitable, given the insistance of a sizeable minority in burying their heads in the sand. I can already hear the mindless ''Hughton''s yellow army'' chant! If we go into that game without a managerial change, fans will be angry from the start. Things shouldn''t need to get this ugly to get him out. 

  7. What did Mcnally say yesterday? Must’ve missed that!

  8. Hi, looking for new outfield players for Loddon Grasshoppers Under 13s. Need to be 12, turning 13 this school year. We''re a Charter Standard club, playing in the Macron Norfolk and Suffolk Youth League, division 2. Train Tuesday evenings, matches Sunday morning/lunchtimes.

    We have a great nucleus of a team, but are short on numbers. Tear yourself away from the X-box and come and join us!

    PM me, or phone Jason on 07812 034625.

  9. crab

    A question for the Hughton Out brigade

    Even if we were to somehow win the next six on the bounce, I''d still want him Out. Results aren''t the be all and end all. If all i was bothered about was results, i''d pick a top six team to support. I love this club, but the 13 months of anti-football under Hughton is destroying my enthusiasm for going to games, home and away. He''s demonstrated that he''s incapable of changing his outlook on the game.

    And as for those who bleat on that ''there''s no-one better out there'', well, there''s always someone better out there, the trick is identifying them. But you can''t just stick with one man, no matter how tiresome and tedious he is, just because the next manager might turn out to be a flop as well!

  10. Sorry, where did the name calling start? What was it i said that so offended you? I''ll take it that you resorting to abuse means i''ve touched a nerve???
  11. Seems to me that all you happy clappers are in danger of turning into pantwetters yourselves....

    Oh, and why would i want to bet on Villa winning, or us getting relegated. Do you think some financial benefit would soften the blow? No real supporter would think like that. Says more about your outlook than mine i think.

  12. Ah, that''s not ire. More a case of pity, as you can''t seem to see the wood for the trees, and feel the need to bully anyone who goes against your mantra of supporting the manager.

    Interesting that Nutty admits to backing Worthy until the end as well! Even when it was clear that he''d lost the dressing room!? So is it just that you don''t like getting rid of managers and will blindly support whoever happens to be in charge? Were you unhappy that Gunn got sacked as well?

  13. Some breathtaking arrogance on this thread from all the usual Hughton apologists. Of course no-one wants Villa/Lambert to beat us. I''ve wanted Hughton out for months, but am desperate to win and stay up, because i''m a Norwich fan, regardless of how poor or boring we''ve been this season, and regardless of the fact that survival will mean Hughton staying. Are you all just expressing some kind of defence mechanism? If we lose to Villa you can turn your ire on the negative fans and blame them? The fact is Saturday''s game sees an in form team with a positive manager, visiting an out of form team with a desperately negative manager. Doesn''t take a genius to figure out which way this one will go does it? Just because i recognise what''s likely to happen, doesn''t mean i want it to happen does it?
  14. crab

    Am I The Only One

    Wigan will be my 9th away game this season, but i almost go there reluctantly. The fact is only once have i travelled back this season pleased by what i''ve seen. We are desperately dull to watch, and although a draw would be a decent result on Saturday, there is very little entertainment value to be had, so you can''t blame anyone who doesn''t fancy wasting another day on the road. Hopefully my luck changes this weekend, and i witness one of the few entertaining games this season.
  15. Trust me, i was at Charlton! I wouldn''t dispute that was the lowest point in our history. My argument isn''t that our team is anywhere near as poor as that side. We were a joke team that season with joke managers. But even Gunn and Roeder weren''t anywhere near as negative and tedious as Hughton. Incompetent maybe, but not as boring.

    What irritates me is the way all of you Hughton apologists are starting to make things up. Pretending that PL wasn''t as good as he was. Pretending that Hughton doesn''t have any attacking options. The tools are there, Lambert proved it. Hughton chooses not to use them.

    And yes there were some poor performances last season. It was our first year in the Premier League, of course we would take some beatings. But not once did PL send a team out with the negative mindset that we see week in, week out this season. How many entertaining games have there been this season? Five maybe? And as for the asserton that Hughton is not an inherently negative manager, that made me almost fall off the sofa! The evidence of the last 9 months suggests otherwise!



  16. ''It just goes to show that you have to fit tactics around the players at your disposal.''


    ''Managers have to shape tactics around their squad''s strengths and weaknesses and find the method that they believe is best suited to earning the most points.''


    Well Paul Lambert managed to produce both better results and infinitely better entertainment with those players. To suggest that we didn''t, or don''t have the players to produce a more expansive style of play is utter rubbish. Who exactly did we lose from the squad who has cost us so dearly? Aaron Wilbraham perhaps?


    ''I suspect we''ll seen a more expansive style next season.''


    Where exactly is the evidence for this? Hughton has barely come under any pressure at all despite the dross he continues to serve up. What makes anyone think he''ll change?

  17. crab

    CH must go

    There''s comments on this thread about how poor we were in the second half of last season, and how that poor form justifies Hughton''s approach this season. Some even suggest that history is being revised. The facts are, however, that we won 7 games, (not including some impressive cup wins as well), after New Year last season. We didn''t quite suffer the loss of form being suggested. Those results over the course of the whole season would have seen us survive comfortably. And our players weren''t ''pig''s ears''. They were decent hard working players, who were at the top of their game and were given the confidence to go out and express themselves by our manager.

    This season, since New Year, we''ve won once. And we were lucky. Hughton looked the most surprised man in the ground when Holt scored against Everton. We haven''t been unlucky. We haven''t deserved any better than our current results (1 win in 12 games!). The one 45 minutes of quality football that we''ve managed in that period (first half v Tottenham) was undone by a complete tactical retreat and the surrender of two crucial points. I know the season isn''t finshed yet, but how many more games are we realistically going to win. Reading at home maybe? I challenge even the most ardent Hughton apologist to argue that we''ll do any better than that. We have a much better squad of players this season. Some of Hughton''s signings have been excellent (although Yellow Wall- wasn''t Butterfield a Hughton signing? You can''t blame Lambert for that as well!), but this is the only positive thing i can say about our manager. We have much better players who seem terrified to go out and play. They are clearly given no license to go out and express themselves by the coaching team. Our only tactic seems to be to draw free kicks aroud the box, and we rarely score from open play. In fact we rarely score full stop. Take out the freak match v 10 man Man City, and the lucky win against Everton, and we''ve scored 3 times since Wigan at home in mid December. Barely any of our players look like they are enjoying their football.

    Yes, we crashed and burned on a few occasions last season. But the poor performances were a sprinkling across the whole season. This season is game after game of turgid rubbish. Whilst last season there were a handful of really poor showings, this season there''s only been a handful of enjoyable games. Last season we went to Old Trafford, gave it a real go, and left with our heads high. This season Hughton masterminded the most negative display i''ve ever seen from a City manager. I was embarrassed to walk out of Old Trafford with a Norwich shirt on! And that''s at a club which has made an empire out of having embarrassing fans. Our away support is ebbing away, and much more of this and our home support will follow suit.

    It amazes me that Hughton has not, to date, been under the slightest bit of pressure. It amazes me that so many fans are prepared to tolerate this rubbish. We are watching football which is more negative than it was under Worthy in the dog days of his reign. I hope the booing after the final whistle on Saturday is a long overdue turning point. Perhaps our supporters are finally tired of putting up with this. There is no evidence to suggest that Hughton is capable of transforming our tactics over the summer, and no reason to think that he''d want to do so.

    Hughton MUST go in the summer. We will not produce a freak ten game run every season to save ourelves.

  18. Like the OP, I too am bored with the football of this season. Like the OP, i will miss the game tomorrow, and although this isn''t out of choice, for the first time in years im not disappoited at having to ''miss out''.

    Unfortunately on this board, it seems that if you voice the sightest bit of dissent, you''re accused of not being a ''true fan'', and ridiculed by the usual suspects.

    I''ve followed City for over 30 years, so i know very well not to expect success every season. Nor do i expect us to win every match, or for our manager to get his decisions right  in every single game. But is it really so ridiculous to make objections about having to watch such dire, boring football? I don''t want to go into every season with the sole aim of finishing 17th. Staying up is not worth sacrificing any enjoyment in watching our games. Some posters seem to think that claiming the pot of gold on offer for Premier League survival this season will solve all our problems, and justifies what we have had to watch this season. Doesn''t EVERY club that stays up get the same? How will we be any better off than anybody else? If we scrape survival this season, we will face the same prospect next season under Hughton. Only next season, don''t count on having a ten game run to save us (we''ve only accumulated seven points outside of that run).

    I don''t think we''ll survive this season. I don''t see who we''re going to beat, and there aren''t enough games left to do it by drawing games. I desperately hope i''m shown to be wrong; like any fan i will be absolutely gutted if we go down. But i''d rather have an entertaining yo-yo   existence than a turgid annual slog to stay up year after year under Hughton.


  19. crab

    Why SHOULDNT we gloat?

    I really don''t get how any comparison can be made between Paul Lambert and Clingan.


    One was the most successful and entertaining manager in our history; the other a talentless clogger who starred in the worst team we''ve had for half a century.

    And yes its funny when a giant killing happens. But Lambert is a legend. Perhaps if Millwall beat Villa, and Luton turn us over at the weekend, the dream scenario takes place and Lambert returns to us. Because if Villa come to us in early May in a relegation play off, i suspect we all know who''ll come out on top...

  20. crab


    Well, that free kick....

    Am i the only one who thinks that the defender kicks or stans on the heel of Morison''s standing leg, causing him to air-kick with the other foot?

    And even if i''m wrong, that decision doesn''t nearly make up for all the injustice we''ve suffered over the years at the hands of those cheats!

  21. GP, he was on the pitch for about THREE minutes! What do you want from him?! Surely you''ve figured out by now that Hughton doesn''t make substitutions early in the game? That''s not Moro''s fault, that''s the way we operate now.

    And you say that he needs more game time, but isn''t doing enough to get time on the pitch. A classic chicken and egg situation isn''t it? Or do you have some kind of insight into his lack of performance on the training pitch as well?

    Finally, you seem to indicate that if he''s been impressing, Hughton would have brought him on earlier. Does that apply to all our subs? Doesn''t say much for Elliot Bennet does it?  


  22. Some pretty shameful comments on here re Morison!

    What on earth has he done to deserve such a pasting? The poor bloke has barely played this season. He may have featured in most games, but he''s usually being brought on in the last ten minutes ffs. You may as well say all the same things about Jackson, he''s had a similar impact from the bench.

    When he has come on this season, i can''t once remember thinking that he''s not been good enough. Was excellent on saturday, and certainly earned us a point at spurs in a game that was slipping away until Moro came on. He''s still being judged for lack of goals in second half of last season. Just a thought, but maybe the dogs abuse he was getting from some of our ''fans'' didn''t help lift his form? He''s looked keen all season, and at some point this season he will get his chance. I just hope that come that time he hasn''t had the confidence knocked out of him again by all the internet bitching and sniping.

    As for Graham...Yes please!

  23. Shack, the trouble is, everybody (especially the scousers) is so precious and easily offended nowadays. Unless singing and chanting is banned altogether, this will never stop, because somebody somewhere is going to have a lower threshhold at which they ''take offence''.

    Scousers are victims, Man Utd fans gloryhunters, Ipswich are scum, and we are apparently all inbred. Football fans, for years have taken part in a very basic level of social commentary. Mocking disasters is out of order, but the pathetic whimpering from Liverpool fans over sunday''s events just enhancesthe argument that they''re perpetual victims.

    Yes it can be childish, yes we could all ''grow up'', but the game will be a lot less interesting. And if you''re arguing that its the media/authorities which have created the whole victim image, well its the same media and authorities which are now whitewashing Hillsborough the other way around.

  24. crab

    Bradley Johnson.

    Yes, he''s been good this season. Always likely to shine given Hughton''s uber-defensive approach.

    Ironic that this thread is created after the Newcastle game though! He was poor, constantly caught in possession and lucky not to have cost us goals. I''d lucky to see what Tettey can do after that performance.

  25. I think, on balance, that we probably shouldn''t sing this song on saturday, if only to avoid the subsequent hand-wringing of the media.

    Last season, it certainly wasn''t sung as a reference to Hillsborough, but, as mentioned above, a reference to the whole scouse mentality. But it raises the question of where does all this stop. Man Utd fans have been lambasted in the national media for singing "United, United..." in an attempt to drown out "You''ll never walk alone" before their game on Sunday. Were they supposed to just let their biggest rivals sing their club song with no interruption? Is no-one ever allowed to respond to their sacred song ever again? Will it be disrespectful to respond with "You''ll never get a job"? I suspect it would be given the current climate.


    As for the point that those who sung it last year were ''morons'', that''s just nonsense. Has it really been proved that the sentiment of the ''always the victim'' song is wrong? The findings of the panel might suggest so, but have a look at some of the evidence in the report. Read some of the statements made by witnesses at the time. Look at the reports made by individual police officers outside and inside the ground. Conveniently the panel seemed to overlook a lot of evidence in their desperate attempts to reach the ''right'' conclusion.