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  1. No offensive to you wycombe canary this is aimed at you little pathetic fans after yesterdays abuse. They must have been brough up in these trees you mention. Not sure I want to visit Norfolk you all tak funny and drive tractors. 50 miles for a derby is awful though thats probably why its pretty small time.
  2. Lee Clark is our new manager and by the looks of it we now have a better management setup than you do. And looks like Huddersfield is a better place to live than Norwich. Well done on the result last night by the way. Back to your usual shite after your fluke result over ipswich which isnt really a derby because you are about 50 miles apart!!!
  3. dont be silly lincoln terrier rip me to shreds with what your nails. by the way being a norwich supporter must be so boring because this looks like the longest thread ever and most views. I will make a weekly appearance if you like keep your members interested.
  4. well done canary see you do know who they are. are you sure you are not a terrier yourself. you seem to have big mouth for a little man a bit like ween
  5. and this all started from Lee Clark he has already caused trouble. Calm down now norwich fans you seem very bitter to say you keep telling everyone you aint bothered.   New rumour is you have now approached our under 11 teams physio to become your new assistant manager. Also a note to your board if there not all pi**ed up. Communicate with your manager so he doesnt end up looking a tit.
  6. No need for apologises lads. I did tell you though and it will happen in next few days.   Good luck tonight against Watford.
  7. A few weeks ago you all wernt bothered if he left anyway one win against Ipswich changes things does it????
  8. We will see you inbreds. Tonight will be his last game give me a wave goodbye.    
  9. I am a huddersfield fan thats why first post fella.   Take a look at link. Wonder what he said to Roeder when he went for his two interviews???   http://www.examiner.co.uk/huddersfield-town-fc/huddersfield-town-news/2008/12/10/weds-am-huddersfield-town-approach-lee-clark-86081-22445316/
  10. Its official we have approached your assistant should be wrapped up within next couple of days. Looks like Roeder should get his facts right before mouthing off.
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