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  1. Someone mentioned using streams, yes I could do but I want to support the club, it's so annoying, there isn't even a link on the site anymore it seems to report problems.
  2. I am so had it, I missed all of the first 3 games because the clubs website refused to allow me to register as an international member, I get to today and it now refuses to let be listen to the commentary and wants me to buy a membership. It seems international membership only gives home game commentary, last season I could watch every single game, this season I can it seems only hear the home ones. In some ways I can not wait for us to be back in the Champs so I can follow them again.
  3. Quick update, thanks to the PMs from people, turns out since I was using a non-UK credit card it wasn't being processed - since this is for an international membership for someone living abroad you can figure out how useful that is. I 'borrowed' a local UK card and all is now sorted - for one year at least.
  4. Quick Q, does anyone know of a surefire way of contacting the club?, specifically whoever deals with membership I've been trying to take out an international membership for 2 weeks now but because iFollow which I used for the last few years and was pretty good has stopped. The website is useless in that when I try to get the membership it then comes back with rhe message at the payment stage saying its blocked. I've tried to phone the ticket office number 9 times during their working hours but no-one answers. Thanks
  5. Can't even access the canaries site at the moment
  6. Watched the replays for various angles, I don't think he looks particularly good when the goal goes in but I think lots of factors where against him, the deflection changed it's direction, then it looks like it bounces just before him and skids so the height isn't what you'd predict at those point. I think he would have done better to come off the line and just welly it up the field but it is what it is. He's our 2nd keeper and he's done well, looking forward to Krul coming back in but we're lucky to have a MM standard keeper as backup to the big guy.
  7. He did pretty much all he could tonight in order to get us back into the game. I think it's a great addition to the team.
  8. I finally got to watch a game via espn360.com on Sunday and a couple of things about Doc really stand out.The back header in the last few minutes was not too brilliant but on the other side these two really show the grit of the man.i) Ips player goes for one-on-one with Marshy, in the replay you can see that Ozzie just stands there and watches the Ippy dude run, Doc on the other hand seeing it and starts running as well, in fact by the time the shot is taken Doc is only a yard behind whereas Ozzie is only just starting to realise he should be running too.ii) Doc makes a fantastic block in the last 8 mins, but the ball is then played to a ippy chap on the edge of the box, two of our players are in front of him between the ball and the hoal but both stand there and make no effort to close him down, Doc gets up from the block and immedietly charges at the ippy chap so much that the chap in order to miss Doc has to put it over the bar and you can even see Doc jumping to head it over if he could reach it. By this point Doc is now in front of the our two players, neither of whome have made any effort to close the ippy player down.He may not be a class player but he gets the job done and is as determined as they come, honestly I think that Doc is the type of player we need at this point.Taipei Canary.
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