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  1. Pity to see negative comments on here still. I think that Gunn has sold the players who didn''t want to be here. The problem last season was too many players who couldn''t be bothered - most of those have now gone. Bringing in the number of players that Gunn has before the start of the season is something that we have not achieved before - even back in the promotion year. The mix of players looks OK and should not be criticised before you have even seen them play. I think Gunn will motivate these people a lot more than Grant or Roeder ever did and with a winning mentality we should have a good chance of being in a strong postiton to get back up again next May. What won''t help is all of the negative comments even before a ball has been kicked in league one. We all know the board has made mistakes over the past few years, but lets see what the new regime does before we write them off.
  2. The really sad thing is Otsemobor can be good if he can be bothered to try. On Monday night against Reading he was too busy telling the bench he wanted to come off during the second half to be concentrating on defending. He might have picked up a slight knock, but wanted the easy option of coming off.  He didn''t even challenge for the ball when we conceded at Charlton. He simply does not have the passion we need.  Time for him to go - the perfect example of why we have been relegated.  
  3. I was also advised by the Ticket Office that there would be tickets available Wednesday and ''not to worry'' about getting a written application in as they had over 800 spare tickets.  It would be good to know where those 800 actually went and whether written applications were still being processed after Monday 13th
  4. Brixworth here too - will look out for another yellow shirt in the Village!
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