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  1. Haha Typical Norfolk Reed Suckers..... Years behind everybody else! 1st was Alan Partridge then Jeremy Clarkson and finally 2 Jags. I wonder who will be next?
  2. Can''t see what all the fuss is about! You lot are just as bad! PS: He is not from Hull, he moved there from Wales!  
  3. First and foremost you need a bit of muscle in there, a couple of seasoned hardmen. Some teams will see Norwich as a soft touch, an ex Premier League side on hard times. Secondly, you need to be professional and stay cool, plenty of meaty challenges come from these no-nonsense defenders. The home support needs to be partisan, the times I have been to Carrow Rd it''s been very quiet, alot of the smaller clubs relish playing in front of capacity crowds, especially if they are getting on your backs. Good Luck.
  4. Yep.... Can see you struggling next year as well, look how cocky L**ds went on, and they are still struggling now!
  5. I would type in Scunthorpe, Northampton, Walsall, Yeovil into your sat nav!
  6. Thing is in the past I would watch Norwich and had a soft spot for them, I was constantly getting jibes thrown at me when you were in the Premier League and we were in League 2(Division 4) and now it''s my turn to gloat! Hull City 3 times bigger club than Norwich!
  7. It''s not Division 1 it''s Division 3. Believe me it will test your patience!
  8. Yep , Division 3 is looking very likely now..........and I''m loving it, really loving it.
  9. Jealous??? Smaller club??? Oh dear like I said deluded! If you need directions to the aforementioned don''t hesitate to email me!
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