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  1. 20 million in debt and set to lose 2 to 3 million for next 2 years that came from the club.
  2. delia has to work again to find 3 million this month iam trying to find the interview she had.
  3. morning fans iam in blustery dereham this morning . just  want fans to know the how bad the fianances our,.
  4. i bet u dont even know where carrow road is . i will meet u in the woolpack on sunday and u see if iam a scummer.
  5. all i here from on here is were linked with so many poeple . i dont think poeple realise hw much trouble were in money wise.
  6. our we close to administration sources to close to the club say we have got to find 2. 5 million pound to pay rbs this month . read rick waghorns article.
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