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  1. Gunn has left a lovely tribute too! Another Gent in football who seems to have respect from fans whoever they support.
  2. Great tributes! Rivalry goes out of the window when it comes to this. Norwich fans are fantastic when it comes to acknowledging football for what it is and full respect to the posts. Best of luck for next season and I hope you bulldoze league 1
  3. Would you be happy with a boring mid table finish next season?
  4. [quote user="Dictator Smith"][quote user="mockystickwell"] But when was the last time shearer got asked about your club? How much for Clingan by the way????[:D] [/quote] Yes and you will be all over the news and press when he fails and walks out , face it Evans is getting restless for his profit and if Keane fails which is very likely Evans will pull out and your club will be finished. A very good match though one of the scummiest human beings in football to one of the scummiest clubs in the country . [/quote] Oh well, we can be a scummy team which is going forward, whilst norwich can be the most well liked team in the whole of league 1!  
  5. But when was the last time shearer got asked about your club? How much for Clingan by the way????[:D]
  6. P.s I hope you boys stay up by the way!!!!!!! I couldn''t stand another season like this without a derby
  7. A new man will be in place by the next game I''m led to believe!!!! It will give him a couple of games and a bit of time with the players in training to see which ones he wants to keep for a promotion season 2009/10! Why wait until it goes completely tits up ala norwich to change the boss :) You lot all knew way before the sackings of Worthy, grant and rodent that a change of personel was needed! Its amazing that some of you think its crazy to sack Jim now when you have experinced what rubish managers can do when left in place to long!
  8. That he made himself! I do think that Gunny''s best advice to whoever is marking him would be to give him the hardest kick within the first 5 mins or he could have a  field day against the Doc! He plays on the right but likes to come inside. His goal against Burnley was first class.
  9. Not sure it would work for Delia though! She might like it!!and i''m sure MWJ has a tiddler.
  10. [quote user="ryan85k"] [quote user="Lord Flashheart"]To whom are you suggesting that the board "hand over" the club to exactly? [8-)] [/quote] My point exactly, spun, spun, spun, spun. Delias asking price was £16m for shares, £20m for debt. Im saying that she gives away her shares or sell them for £1, and that would be sufficient to attract an investor that would be willing to invest a few million into the club.The price of £56m would scare away any investor. And how the hell do you all think we got Chase out? I stood there proud and loud amongst thousands of other fans as we forced Chase out through protests week after week outside of the city stand. Alas, he sold his shares at a low price to Watling, who in turn sold to Delia. Do you think any of those protestors even suspected that Watling would come in? Because none of them had a clue, but it turned out good. Its called stakeholder power. As the customers we are the single biggest and most important stakeholders, more important than any other. That includes the shareholders. Thats before taking into consideration that many of us are both.   [/quote] So you got Chase out by showing him your erection?????In front of thousands of fans as well
  11. You can watch Hucks in action if you have an account! And if you don''t its easy to set one up.
  12. When you play us!!! We are shocking at the moment! The worst thing that could happen for you is that we sack mad madge and get a new man in just before the derby.New manager syndrome an all that.
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