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  1. [quote user="pbtc"]Good omen - we had some fantastic results last season when we were featured! Carlisle (a) W 1-0 Colchester (a) W 5-0 Leeds (h) W 1-0 Charlton (a) W 1-0 [/quote]Wycombe (h) W 5-2
  2. Ebanks-Blake,proven at championship level for a good couple of seasons and doesn''t seem to be able to push on at PL level,looks to be struggling with a lack of confidence and out of favour maybe needs a new lease of life at a level more suited to him,don''t know what his contract sittuation is?  
  3. And yes he really has decide to climb out off the sewer the roedent is on soccer am tomorrow[:S]
  4. Keep up the league form and i see no reason why we can''t top the table.Wasn''t Russel Martin talking about Peterboro being 10pts of MK Dons last year at the same stage of the season with fewer points,yet finished above them by 2pts in the 2nd auto spot.Also hinting that we have a far superior squad.   
  5. I was more worried he would pick up his 5th yellow in the Tramere game and miss the away game at St Marys,where we will need his presence on the pitch to keep the good league form going,will be a battle of the big hitters Holty V''s Lambert.
  6. He''s already played under trappatoni last year,sent a lovely ball through to set up what i think was robbie keane to score which was frustraitng to see at the time as he wasn''t producing at carra rud.
  7. [quote user="canarywales"]i think that a lot of the problems getting some o the players to sign is geographical  and transport related and that would probably have a bearing on the decision that some investors make , the major problem being transport and now living out of the area i also know that a lot of people see us as a smallish club and a bit of a backwater town[/quote] This happens far to often [:@]
  8. Look out we''ve got another expecting Ronaldo on a freebie.
  9. [quote user="Mr. Bump"]Highest goalscorers in the league [:O][/quote]Thought i heard on ssn highest in the country.
  10. I''m beginning to think thats where Roeders hiding out.
  11.  If your at a loose end since there doesn''t seem to be much to talk about at the moment check this page out maybe someone can tell me whats wrong with Marlon Harewoods ear?[8-)] Think he must have grew up on a nuculer power site or something.   http://www.skysports.com/story/0,19528,11661_5537855,00.html
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