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  1. That was the play off semi final in 2003/04. Wolves were 1 nil and cruising the mark rivers and McVeigh scored and big malky at the river end in the last minute
  2. In a 1 nil win 1983 ish if I remember
  3. Neither of them are in the same class as Alan Lee, Chris brown or Chris killen
  4. Wasn't aware there is a WhatsApp group. Is this just for the elite....
  5. Neil Adams will take over until Eddie Howe is appointed
  6. Lemon chicken special fried rice and prawn balls please
  7. On the train tomorrow easier than spending 4 hours trying to get petrol
  8. I can remember a shop in the town that sold programmes and limited kit
  9. Id say losing at home 7-1 to the mighty Colchester was a pretty bad start to the season too
  10. And on another positive note I've just noticed declan rudd wife come into bat in the hundred
  11. Well as crowded house once said there's a small boat made of China
  12. Reality check needed by all. Bring back siberski, Fotheringham, Hughes, otsembor, etc........
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