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  1. doesn''t sound too happy does he?Perhaps its Alan Brazil!
  2. http://www.greenun24.co.uk/ipswich-town/drury_signs_for_ipswich_1_788387
  3. "We sold Bell and Eventguard yet I didn''t see us putting in any kid of bids like that"Think about it B Y and G .Loans cost as much as transfers these days when you take into account the following:-Loan feesAgents feesLegal FeesFees charged by Football League for loan deal to be agreed.VATPlayers wages whilst on loanPossible signing on feesPlayers (and his family) travel and hotel expensesthe list goes on and on......So all of that money received for Bell and eventguard and more has been well and truly spent.If we wanted to sign players, with the money we have got we would have signed one player (Cody is an exception - he''s was clearly dirt cheap)We needed several players, so loans are the answer. It''s a sad fact of life NCFC spends more than it receives in income. When that happens you go over drawn. If that keeps happening the bank asks you to repay your overdraft back to zero. This is when Delia and others put their own hands in their own pockets to make up the shortfall. If they didn''t we would be in League 2 or worse or your season ticket would need to be £1500 a year. Accept it, get over it and then go and support your team. OTBC !!
  4. No better than Grant, Time''s up Mr Roeder oh and take your attitude with you.
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