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  1. 6 million will be buying us 4 - 6 players, not 1.
  2. Can anybody actually see Klose joining another Championship club? I''m sure he''ll get better offers next summer when he''s available on a free.
  3. Binners let him go as a kid and have been regretting it ever since. I''d obviously want him but as others have said. £££££
  4. it''s popped up 3 times whilst responding to this post. lol
  5. Most of the squad underperformed. On their day they were good enough to beat most of the top sides, yet we finished in the bottom half.
  6. It''s too late, I''m afraid.It''s also impossible for obviously under performing players'' form to improve next season.
  7. [quote user="Big O"]Whilst I’m fully behind the sale as it didn’t work out here it will still be interesting to see how he gets on next season. If (and it’s a big if) he goes onto score 10+ and looks dangerous then we surely have to ask the question why Farke couldn’t get sod all out of him.[/quote]Not really. He''s a hassling and harrying ball over the top type player, not fit or what Farke is trying to do imo. Despite the fact his first touch was pretty awful I don''t doubt that he could do well elsewhere. Not better than any of our strikers or wingers last season so it''s not surprising he couldn''t find a place in the team. Shame it didn''t work out for him but it looks like there''s been a small profit made on him. Could have been worse. 
  8. I assumed he won them over with his attitude but then they saw him play a few games.
  9. No. chance.Even if we were in the black we''d sell. Standing in a players way when thwre''s a good offer on the table goes against a lot of the ''plan'' Webber has set out.
  10. Pretty sure we have already had some of that from Naismith.
  11. [quote user="Jim Smith"]That said the general view on there seems to be that we will have a £20m gap every season which assumes that our wage bill is not decreasing to a sustainable level which is fairly moronic.[/quote]Yup, it''s weird. All but one of the big earners (Nelson) drop off the wagebill next summer.
  12. Clubs and players can work out deals on those sort of things but players like Naismith and Jarvis will obviously run down their last big contracts. I think we all would.
  13. I''d imagine that the two creative midfielders we already have coming into the squad might play a part. Like every summer we''re going to have to wait and see!
  14. Josh is a year older and didn''t have as an impressive league season. I''d imagine it''ll be a good few million less than Jacob''s fee if he were to move this summer.
  15. 4d underwater backgammon. Media speculation that the player will see might hep turn his head.
  16. Somewhat surprised considering how patchy his season was. Could possibly be an agent (or even Norwich) trying to stir up some interest.
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